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Bad Habits of a Call Center Agent

June 20, 2022 Category :Call Center Companies 0

Working in a call center industry is not just a job for some now. A lot of people have subconsciously turned it into a lifestyle, and some have even considered it a culture. Because there are certain things that shout …

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Call Center Agent Must Haves

June 18, 2022 Category :Call Center Basics 0

If you have been working in the call center industry for quite a while now, you would probably smile to yourself as you read along this article. Not because what you would be reading is funny or anything, but because …

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Brands that Shout Call Center

April 5, 2022 Category :Articles 0

Not all may agree on this, but somehow, if you have been a call center agent for a while, you would notice certain brands are so famous in the call center environment that whenever you see these brands, call center

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Risks of Working Night Shift

August 15, 2021 Category :Articles 0

With the boom of the call center and BPO industry in the Philippines, millions of Filipinos work a permanent night shift or regularly rotate in and out of night shifts. This work routine exposes them to the risk of working

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The Call of Coffee

June 11, 2021 Category :Articles 0

Coffee, the drink of choice of office workers, security personnel, telephone operators and, in recent years, call center agents. From the big bosses on the penthouse to the ordinary employees in the basement, they say coffee keeps them on …

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Healthy Coffee for Call Center Agents

June 9, 2021 Category :Articles 0

Coffee helps in sharpening our senses and makes one feel stirred precisely because of the caffeine content which is a stimulant. This is helpful when preparing for an exam or finishing a project whose deadline is tomorrow. But when coffee …

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Oversleeping VS Undersleeping

August 16, 2017 Category :Articles 0

After eight to ten hours of working, our body needs to take a rest. Drinking coffee is not enough to redeem the weariness that one has acquired for a day. Everybody has to sleep in order to regain strength for …

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Practical Tips for Newbies in BPO

October 11, 2016 Category :Articles 0

Are you one of the thousands of employees who just got hired in a BPO company? Are you a fresh graduate whose first job is in BPO? Well, you are in a good place only if you will try to …

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