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ePLDT Ventus

May 3, 2021 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Fort Bonifacio| Call Centers in Iloilo| Call Centers in Makati| Call Centers in Mandaluyong| Call Centers in Ortigas Center| Call Centers in Quezon City 3

ePLDT Ventus is the former name of SPi CRM, a subsidiary of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), the biggest and most dominant telecommunications provider in the Philippines. Founded in 2001, the company operates eight customer contact centers serving …

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Xborder Outsourcing

October 28, 2020 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Cebu| Call Centers in Makati 0

Servicing the world, Xborder Outsourcing is a subsidiary of Gulliver Inc., a business process outsourcing firm established in 2002 by Yoshihiro Hirayama and is affiliated with Rakuten, Yahoo!, DeNa, and Fuji Film. Xborder Outsourcing provides quality and cost-effective services in …

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PriMetrica Asia Pacific

October 1, 2019 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Makati 0

Established in in 2002, Primetrica is a California based market research company that delivers market intelligence, analytics, and strategic consultancy. It offers a set of analytic services including basic descriptive studies and metrics as well as forecast modeling. PriMetrica Asia

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GMO GlobalSign

September 28, 2019 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Makati 0

Formed in 1996, GMO GlobalSign one of the pioneering trust service providers in the internet usually referred to as Certificate Authorities. Despite its impersonal and virtual nature, people from all over the world had gradually learned to trust and get …

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SVI Connect

July 29, 2019 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Ortigas Center 0

SVI Connect is the customer support service for all SVI clients providing technical support, customer relations management, and customer service to the users of SVI produced software. With its extensive expertise in systems development, SVI Connect Philippines also extends technical …

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Callserv Corporation

March 29, 2015 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Manila| Call Centers in Ortigas Center 0

Established in 2006, Callserv Corporation is a Philippine-based contact center and customer support service provider dedicated in assisting international and local companies to realize maximum productivity with minimum investments. Its expertise in cutting edge technology and motivated and dedicated staff …

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