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Teradyne is a leading supplier of automation solutions for test and industrial applications. The Teradyne‘s ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) is the test which is being used to examine semiconductors, data storage, wireless products and complex electronic systems. These automations will be used by consumer, industrial, communication and government customers. The company’s industrial automation solutions are consisted of collaborative robots. These collaborative robots are also used by light industrial and global manufacturing customers in order to enhance the quality and increase the efficiency in manufacturing.

The company had revenue of $1.65 billion in 2014. As of today, it has approximately 4,000 employees across the globe. The company is composed of four divisions – the Semiconductor Test Division, System Test Group, Wireless Test and Collaborative Robots. These divisions are prearranged by products they create and deliver.

Teradyne’s test business for semiconductors concentrates on logic, RF, analog, mixed-signal, power and memory devices – the same materials which are found as building blocks of innovative gadgets like computer, gaming systems, smartphones, tablets and many others. J750, FLEX, UltraFLEX, Magnum and eagle are all included in the company’s semiconductor test line-up.

As chips are merged into complex electronic systems, Teradyne Philippines system test business works for the next level of electronics production. Teradyne also assists electronic manufacturers – computing, communications, data storage, defense, aerospace and scores of other applications, in guaranteeing the quality, as well as the integrity of their products. Teststation, Hi-Speed Subsystem, Spectrum, Neptune and Saturn are included in the company’s major product families in its system test business.

The company also offers solutions for the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics and wireless modules through is wireless test business called the LitePoint. To verify performance, LitePoint products are used by product designers and chipset along with their contract manufacturers, as the LitePoint serves the fast growing demand for wireless communications. Furthermore, this process also lowers the cost of wireless test and decreases time-to-market. From Bluetooth, to WiFi to 4G LTE, Teradyne speeds new products to market as the company presents industry-leading cost performance. IQxel, which is used for LitePoint connectivity is included in the products that Teradyne offers. The company’s wireless test business gives solutions for the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics and wireless solutions.

Headed up by Universal Robots, Teradyne’s collaborative robots business offers cost-efficient, simple to deploy and easy to program robots which perform side by side with the company’s production workers in enhancing the quality and increase manufacturing efficiency of each product.

Teradyne Philippines office location:

  • Teradyne Cebu
    Cebu Light Industrial Park
    Washington Road, Lapu-Lapu City
    Cebu, Philippines
    Tel: +63 32 340 5447

BPO24 Solutions

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BPO24 Solutions is a European-managed outsourcing company in the Philippines that help companies lower costs and increase productivity by providing highly skilled motivated staff who can match the performance of onshore staff at a fraction of the cost with a broad range of business process outsourcing services.

Topping the line of services of BPO24 Solutions is human resources services which included Recruitment & Pre–Screening, All HR and accounting Management, Office and IT infrastructure, Operational Management and Special project management, which are designed to help company create their offshore resource team in the Philippines easily and quickly. It offers function based outsourcing that allows companies access outside knowledge, experience or operational capacity to conduct a business function.

In line with this, BPO24 Philippines offers various domain expertise in Telesales, Customer Service, Website Production – web design, Mobile development, Online Marketing and E-commerce and Social media. For Back Office Solutions, it offers big data management including Data Management, Data scanning / research, Data Entry / coding, Data Analytics and Data Storage. For data processing for the healthcare industry, it offers Medical Transcription, Medical Billing and Coding, and Claims Adjudication.

The company also specializes in Finance and Accounting using the latest accounting and ERP software tools (Quickbooks, Briljant software,ExpertM, Exact Sage business, Oracle, SAP, JDE, Microsoft Dynamics). In line with this, it offers Financial Research & Analysis, Analysis of financial statements- monthly, quarterly, and annual management reports, Analysis of Portfolio structures, Analysis of Prospectus, Offer Documents, Ad-hoc reports, industry reports (fact books, competitor analysis), Creation and maintenance of databases and libraries, Ad-hoc reports, industry reports (fact books, competitor analysis). Financial ratio analysis, break-even analysis, NPV and IRR analysis, Company valuations and DCF models, and Board of Directors and audit committee presentations on financial results. It also offers Banking and Financial Services such as KYC and client account services
 Support for new clients, refresh and remediation, by leveraging best-in-class KYC platforms, Reference data management Integrated IT-KPO approach to provide data management solutions for instrument, pricing, market and client data services, Trade lifecycle management
 End-to-end trade lifecycle support for asset classes across trade capture and enrichment, confirmation, settlements, fails management, collateral management and reporting, Reconciliations
Support, Performance reporting and compliance, Fund accounting and Alternative investment support services.

BPO24 Solutions Philippines call center office location:

  • BPO24 Alabang
    9/F Filinvest One Building
    Northgate Cyberzone
    Alabang Zapote Road cor. Northgate Ave.
    Filinvest, Alabang
    Muntinlupa City, Philippines
    Tel: +639 32 629 4083


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Performance and Style through Science, FrontierGadget Inc. is a private company involved in the design, marketing and distribution of consumer gadgets particularly the Ekotek gadgets. These gadgets are comprise of electronic and home appliances, consumer electronics which are comparable to the best and most popular in terms of quality at less than half the price. FrontierGadget aims in allowing more people especially the ordinary people to enjoy the advantages of information technology without having the problem of affordability and without compromising quality

Among the major products of FrontierGadget included tablets in different models and features, speakers, and micro SD and the innovative power bank. The tablets are affordable hand help computer devices that can ideally be used by children for learning and study. The Ekotek speakers (Ekocube) are primarily portable speakers that allow consumers to enjoy quality music sound anywhere and anytime using their handheld portable music playing devices such as mp3 players and cellphones. The micro SD is a generic tiny data storage that can be used in cellphones, tablets and other devices. Finally the Eko power bank is a power storage that will help people to store electrical power for all their electronic devices such as phones, tablets. This power storage is equally portable and ideal to take in places where there is no electricity. It is also ideal for saving electrical power to charge phones and other devices in cases of brownouts which is apparently unpredictable

Aside from its products, FrontierGadget believes that providing quality after sales and customer services support to these products will enhance the enjoyment of customers to these products. It maintains a hotline available 24- that is ready to provide technical support for all the products of FrontierGadget.

FrontierGadget or Ekotek Gadgets is located in 1049 Gilmore twins 11th street Gilmore avenue, New Manila, Quezon city. It also has a branch along 33 San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City, Metro Manila. Telephone nos. (+63) 9189857301/ (+63) 02-696-2580.

International Data Solutions

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In service since 1986, the International Data Solutions, Inc. (IDSI) is US based business process outsourcing company specializing in providing data service solutions. International Data Solutions currently has one of the largest data service production capabilities in the world.

The company’s data service solution is comprised of a comprehensive range of customizable services that will address the individual and complete needs of a company including Document Scanning & Imaging, Data Capture, Document Indexing & Management, Medical Transcription, Incoming Mail Processing, and Compliance Support. Companies do not realize that more than half of the time spent by their personnel in business operation is on accessing and managing stored data. International Data Solutions provides a more systematic system for companies to save time, money and space by streamlining data storage and access.

What makes IDSI different is its reliability, capability, responsiveness and experience in the delivery of services which makes it the partner of choice when it come to data service solutions.

To ensure quality data service solutions, International Data Solutions Philippines develops relationships into partnerships. This means that the IDSI is not a mere third party outsider but a loyal and trusted lifetime associate with which company can have enduring relationships for a shared success.

In building relationship, International Data Solutions Philippines performs a three step approach in effectively and accurately delivering the right services need by its clients. This starts with a free test and assessment meant to decrease risk, provide schedule and quote. This is followed by the firm’s quote & schedule which among others describes scope of project and ensured delivery on time. Finally, the last step is personal attention which is achieved through regular communication which among others reflect the company’s commitment for its partner to succeed

International Data Solutions is headquarted in 510 SE Delaware Ave. Bartlesville, Oklahoma in the US. Its subsidiary in the Philippines is located in: