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Bluefrog Contents and Support

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The corporate world demands a lot of its talents. As much as possible, these businessmen need to reach out to the public in order to promote marketing and entertainment as well. However, some companies do not focus on the little things or paper works that they have to do. Hence, Bluefrog Contents and Support has generated outcomes that make everything profitable for their clients. From contents and support, Bluefrog services have surely created doors of opportunities for their employees as well. These professionals have experience when it comes to these game development services. Indeed, working with Bluefrog Philippines is an exclusive opportunity to be the best. Therefore, if companies need applications or games, they may seek assistance from these people.

Bluefrog Contents and Support has surely expanded their companies because of the excellent and compelling services and outputs that they have done. With their quality outcomes, they have produced the best for their clients. One of their outstanding services is the development of mobile and web platforms. These are made based on the latest Information Technology based research and software. This has made everything accessible for the clients of various companies. They are able to bring entertainment to public as well. Definitely, this is commendable and uplifting as well. In addition to this, they also have IT-related services. These are the contents that one needs in their website. Even the handling of website is made possible by this group of people. They can definitely bring the quality outcomes for themselves too.

Why Should You Work Here?
If you wish to indulge yourself with learning about quality gaming development and entertainment, then you should work here. Their company has been dealing with various clients for almost three years, as of this writing. Surely, this has grown so much from the typical small startup company. They always make sure to be produce quality software and gaming management outputs that make everything in order. Definitely, this is surely worth dealing with. Nonetheless, it has also generated only the best outcomes for their employees as well. Their compensation packages are surely one of a kind. They are able to sustain their employees’ lifestyle because of the benefits and packages that they offer. A number of perks are surely available that makes everything compelling. They have already expanded well. Hence, you can expect excellence for them in the future.

Bluefrog Contents & Support call center office address:

  • Bluefrog Cebu
    6/F Ebloc 4 Building
    IT Park, Lahug
    Cebu City, Philippines


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GameOps Inc. is a company that provides solutions which matches the corporate goals of Publishers, through services that are calculatedly targeted towards the Retention and Monetization of Online Communities. GameOps Philippines is committed in making the most out of the potential of every online game it supports through the use of its wide range experience in publishing online games and regarding every product as if it were its own. It also aims to be the leading solution provider for online games in the world, by focusing on every possible need when it comes to publishing.

Community Management Outsourcing – This service specializes on Community Retention and Monetization. GameOps utilizes a modernized approach to reassure revenue, as Monetization itself has transformed into an almost entirely separate exertion. The company also uses approaches from Retail and Merchandise Marketing, merged with Community Building and Game Development, to be able to produce and focus on the demand that will, in due course, require consumer spending.

Game Moderation Outsourcing – This service specializes on providing Players with superb experience. The Game Moderators of GameOps are the main manpower used order to get the operational support job done. From the performance examination and policy implementation, to enhancing the client’s Community Management and Customer Support efforts, Game Moderators will be able to get the tasks accomplished. However, like any work force, their duties and responsibilities need to be calculatedly planned and well organized in order to achieve high end results.

Customer Support Outsourcing – This service focuses on keeping the players in the game. In all of the supports operations, Customer Support affects retention the most directly, and GameOps acknowledges each communication as an opportunity to keep the customer, and give a lasting impression of high end quality customer service. The company handles Customer Support as the ultimate chance to keep the players that are most probably giving up on the game without turning back.

Online Marketing Services – GameOps uses both “Push” and “Pull” Online Media across a variety of channels to make the most out of effective reach and marketing. The company aims to determine and find the clients’ target audience, and when and where they are most interested to the clients’ offers and messages. The company guarantees to build awareness, build positioning and add up the share of voice through its media strategies and programs. This improves the clients’ campaign for the aimed performance metrics based on the clients’ goals in business.

GameOps Philippines call center office address:

  • GameOps Ortigas
    One San Miguel Building
    Shaw Blvd cor. One San Miguel ave.
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Transcosmos Asia Philippines

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Transcosmos Asia is the biggest contact center company in Japan that has and existing network of 22 delivery centers and IT support facilities in Japan, China, South Korea and Thailand that provides services to the world’s biggest blue-chip companies. It has been around since the 1960’s and offers business process outsourcing service, digital marketing services and analytics service, customer management solutions for technical support, communication, travel, health care, insurance, human resource and financial services. Transcosmos Philippines has also expanded into Information technology business processes outsourcing (IT-BPO) services, as development and operation services for smartphone Web sites and applications, game development, game design, web development and web design.

In the Philippines, Transcosmos Asia Philippines, Inc. (Transcosmos) was launched in 2014 and initially functions to provide English contact center services. However, it aims to expand areas such as e-commerce one-stop services and analytics services. For the English Contact center service known as the Sankei Online English, Transcosmos partnered Sankei Digital, and Human Holdings. However Sankei Online English is under Transcosmos Philippines Inc., which provides quality one-on-one English lessons to Japanese students via Skype whose tutors are either home-based or office-based.

Opening the world to Japanese People through English, Transcosmos Asia Philippines office address:

  • Transcosmos Makati
    5F Kingscourt Tower #2
    2129 Chino Roces Ave. corner Dela Rosa St.
    Makati City, Philippines

Negros First Cyber Center

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Negros First Cyber Center, a unique mixed technologies facility in the Philippine Visayan region particularly located at the Province of Negros Occidental under the leadership of Governor Alfredo Maranon, Jr. It is constituted of a three-storey IT-BPO Complex accredited by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), the government agency that promotes the establishment of economic zones in the Philippines for foreign investments.

Negros Cyber Center Bacolod aims to present the Business Case for the Development, Marketing, and Operation of the Negros First CyberCenter and pave the way for Bacolod-Negros Occidental to become an “emerging” Center of Excellence in IT-BPO, Game Development, and Animation. It aims in assisting the growing Information Technology-Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry in the country. At the moment, Bacolod City ranks 100th in the Tholons Top Cities of the World for Outsourcing while the Philippines ranks third among the Top Ten countries for Off-Shoring and Outsourcing.

The Negros Cyber Center Bacolod has three sections. The first section dubbed Information Technology is designed for large information technology-driven business process outsourcing activities that are ready for lease. It has Business Incubation Center for start-up IT companies under a provincial business incubation program. It has a Creative Processes Studios for training, incubation and outsourcing such as 3D animation, engineering design and graphics, and game development. It has Research and Data Facility for companies engaged in business development research and data. Finally, it has Virtual Office Spaces designed for a variety of global IT companies requiring physical presence in the Philippines. The second section of the Negros Cyber Center constitute of Commercial Support Facilities that directly or indirectly provide support to IT companies such as banks, food establishments, health and wellness, and dry goods among others. The third section would be common IT Facilities which included Conferences and Exhibitions Hall, Investors Lounge, and CyberCenter Management.

The Negros Cyber Center Bacolod is located along Lacson Cor. Hernaez Streets, right in the heart of downtown Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Philippines.

Bobcat Outsourcing Solutions

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Also known as International Staffing Solutions, Bobcat Outsourcing Solutions is a Philippine based Staff Outsourcing company that provides low cost high quality staffing solution mainly for Australian, UK and US Companies and Corporations.

Bobcat Outsourcing Solutions provides staffing solutions from Data Entry Operators to Software Engineers. In the ICT & Internet fields, it offers staff for Web and software Development including Mobile Application and Game Development, Search Engine Optimization, marketing social medial marketing and technical support. For its Creative Services KPO services, Bobcat Outsourcing Philippines provides designers for web, graphic, ad, print and pre-press, flash development, animation 3d modelling and game. For English language services, it provides staff for Customer Support, Telemarketing, Copywriting, Proofing and Editing, Transcription, Content, game and community Moderation. Finally for Back Office services, it provides staff for Data Entry and processing, HR & Recruitment, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Personal Assistants and Medical Encoding.

With Bobcat Outsourcing Solutions, companies doesn’t need to hire their own employees under a full-time or part-time contract. With its offshore staffing services, it will allow corporations to establish their own professional team in the Philippines comprised of employees who will work exclusively and full-time for their business operations. This will help companies save at least 70% on direct personnel costs as well as the unquantifiable hassles and worry of having to provide your offshore staff with office space, workstations, connectivity, and other facilities.

International Staffing Solutions/Bobcat Outsourcing Solutions is located at Rabaya St., Tabunok, Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines.

Ignited Game Services Philippines

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Ignited Game Services Philippines (IGSP) is a team of global online game developers and publishers based in Los Angeles, California and established in 2010. With superb community management, extensive global marketing experience and top-notch localization, Ignited Game Philippines has worked with Game Publishers in various genres, ranging from Massively Multiplayer Online, Shooting Games, Casual, Mobile, Console and Social Networking Games.

Committed to achieving a fun and unique online gaming experience for its players, Ignited Games aims in providing its clients with unprecedented superior quality of services, and supports by strengthening and developing innovative game services and marketing solutions to achieve a harmony of game development and design with fun and unique online experiences for the community. It envisions itself to be the No. 1 Game Management and Online Marketing Service Provider in the World.

Ignited Game Services Philippines BPO specializes in Customer Service, Game Operations, Quality Assurance, Online Marketing, Localization, and Community Management, by means of excellent Outsourcing Service on a yet cost-effective solution. It specializes in Online & Mobile Game CS Outsourcing, Quality Assurance Outsourcing, Game Management & Operations, Translation and Localization. It also provides Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) solutions to clients worldwide. Ignited Game Services provides a wide array of services including IT, Graphic Design, SEO & Online Marketing, Customer Services, Back Office Support and Online Game Management for foreign companies across the globe.

Ignited Game Services Philippines office location:

  • Ignited Game Ortigas
    8/F #D Suntree Tower
    13 Meralco Ave.
    Brgy. San Antonio, Ortigas
    Pasig City, Philippines