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Ascentri Inc.

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Ascentri Inc. is a company known as a support center catering the Australian business, Coinopsolutions. Coinopsolutions was founded in 1999 and has expanded, and currently, the company is recognized as the largest operator of crane/claw amusement machines in Australia. Ascentri Philippines also has commissions with a number of major shopping center groups, apart from providing support and services to the Koalakrane franchise business. It has been over two years ago when the Ascentri Inc.’s office in Cebu was established. This office was founded to provide support services to the Australian business, and is considered an integral part of the business.


Ascentri Inc. provides Australian businesses the following services:
– Customer service
– Accounting
– IT

Why Work at Ascentri Inc.
The opportunity to work with an Australian company is just one of the many advantages of working at Ascentri. Being able to work with a multinational company can be a crucial part of your professional growth, especially if you have plans to take further steps in the professional field. This is one of the main reasons why employees choose to stay and work in the company, apart from the competitive salary that it offers. Furthermore, it is distinctively inspiring to work at Ascentri, because, although it is known to be a business process outsourcing company, it is not a call center so you will not be required to take calls. Also, since you will be working with Australian clients, there is no way that you would be assigned to a graveyard shift – work is dayshift. In addition to that, the company also provides free lunch, coffee and additional non-work holidays with pay.

Job Opportunities

The company is continuously looking for talented professionals who can be part of the team. If you are the kind of individual that is driven by passion of providing ultimate customer satisfaction and is enthusiastic about positive results, then you can be one of them. Application process takes a week and successful candidates are entitled to the following benefits:
– Miscellaneous allowance
– Medical, dental benefits
– Incentive programs
– Company outings
– Regular working hours: day shift, Mondays-Fridays

Visit the Ascentri now, take advantage of the opportunity to work with a multinational company and boost up your career growth.

Ascentri Philippines call center office address:

  • Ascentri Cebu
    2/F Crown 7 Building
    Pope John Paul II Ave.
    Kasambagan, Cebu

Red Sky Comms

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In this market filled with lots of business process outsourcing companies, Red Sky Comms surely stands out with their transforming ways of connecting to their clients and employees. RedSky Philippines has created a strategy that allows their clients to attain their best sales, too. They also provide good training to their employees that keep their employees professionally developed.

Red Sky Comms, unlike other BPO companies, is taking its pride to take the global solutions to the next level. It is surely beyond one’s imagination because they deliver cutting-edge and best results. They develop techniques which contribute to the betterment of a company. They also believe that through proper training and professional development within their employees is the only way towards excellence.

Red Sky Comms offers wide range of service. One of these services is their customer service assistance. They take global solutions seriously. From sales to marketing up to dealing with technical support, name it and they can provide it. Their clients all over the world have managed to work with them when it comes to inbound and outbound calls. Basically, this is an assistance from all types of work. Whether it is just a basic inquiry or a follow up call, the call is made by agents proper and short. They are able to deal with their clients seriously, too. Definitely, their services have been assisting a lot of companies who wish to improve their profile as well. Now, with the strategic solutions that this company has made, their outsourcing 2.0 has made them possible to be one of the best BPO companies.

Why Should You Work Here?
Working here has a lot of perks. One of the perks is professional development endowed to its employees. This professional training shows enhancements of one’s skills. Definitely, they are meant to deliver best solutions and innovative ideas for every training that they have. Seminars are freely given to their professionals, too. They also provide two rest days. The employees can work on graveyard shift as well. They have medical incentives, and dental benefits as well. Their compensation stands out because it allows employees to have a grand lifestyle as well. They surely value their employees’ welfare for they believe that it is the secret towards success.

Red Sky Comms Philippines call center office address:

  • RedSky Makati
    14/F The Peak Tower
    L.P Leviste Street, Salcedo Village
    Makati City, Philippines

Usual Call Center Perks

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Call center companies, just like the huge firms in the metro, also provide incentives and perks to their employees. You must be well aware of this, if you have been working in the industry for a considerable amount of time now. These perks and incentives are often bigger and much more beneficial, and also, being offered mostly to those who already have a good tenure in the office.

Car loan. Although, not all call center companies offer this incentive, a few good names in the industry have been offering this to their employees. Basically, the company backs up these employees in getting a car loan through banks. Others would pay for it and deducts a reasonable amount from the employees’ salaries. Although, this incentive is only offered to those employees who have supervisory and managerial positions.

Student loan. Is there any corporate company that is willing to pay for your educational expense? There are several call center companies that offer student loan to their employees who haven’t finished schooling and wish to go back to school. These employees are then given the opportunity to finish studies and eventually step up the career ladder where in the higher position requires college degree. What could be cooler than that?

Monthly supply of health and wellness. This might be a little thing for some, but being provided with a monthly supply of health and wellness items is huge for employees who are exposed to every kind of diseases being in the graveyard shift and all. This health and wellness package usually includes a month’s worth of food supplements. In other companies, they also offer a free and whole body massage once a month in a designated spa. All you have to do is present a valid ID and you can enjoy a few hours of relaxation.

Free meals. Hooray to those who love food. Some call center companies also provide free meals to their employees. It could be a complete set of lunch, or a freebie from the fast food nearest the office location. Apart from that rice subsidy allowance you’d see on your pay slip every payday, your company might still be offering you this. What else can you possibly ask for?

Despite the demanding tasks, yes, there are still companies who seek to compensate their employees for their hard work. After all, anyone would agree that their employees are their biggest asset.

What Every Call Center Agent Should Know?

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Working in a call center industry has opened lots of opportunities for some people. It has paved the way to success because of its competitive compensation and benefits. Through its compelling efforts for its employee, it has given them more reason to pursue their career in this industry. However, there are some cases that agents do not get inspired to work. Some of them remained stagnant, or worst, some of them decided to resign already. Hence, here are some facts or tips on how to keep every agent going in their career. Nothing is too hard to achieve once people know these things:

Manage your time very well. Basically, this pertains to the time management. If you are one of the people who work in graveyard shift, you should be more vigilant in managing your time very well. This means that people should still be productive even if they work at night. There are still some activities that are done better in the morning.

Keep an eye on your health. Sitting and answering calls for too long can surely make you sick physically. Hence, make sure that you still have proper exercise in between your job. There are some exercises that you can still do while sitting down. At home, you may do certain exercises that certainly improve your physical aspects.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to this, be mindful of the food you eat. Your lifestyle should still include eating of fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating too much in fast food chains. It will just make you fat and unhealthy. Make sure to have a balanced diet so you will not worry about your future. Keep yourself hydrated and always drink plenty of water as well.

These are just some of the facts that you need to know once you work in a BPO industry. Always assure yourself to have healthy body and sound mind. Of course, stress is inevitable in any work places. Therefore, keep yourself professional. Always mind your own business. Sharing is nice, as long as it will not keep you down. Moreover, when the time comes that you are totally tired of what you are doing, looking for a new career path is suggested. Who knows? You might be able to look for the job that you really long for once you step out of your comfort zone.

Neungyule Eduphone

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Neungyule Eduphone is a learning center that is known in providing quality online English classes to Korean students. The classes are done over the phone and video. Being an online English learning center, Neungyule Philippines intends to be the lead in the ESL industry through delivering online English classes of exceptional quality utilizing the learning tools designed by Neungyule Education, its mother company in Korea.

As Neungyule Eduphone aims to provide top quality English lessons to Korean students, the company has designed programs for its instructors. These programs are intended to further hone the expertise and equip the instructors to become more proficient in teaching online English lessons. This development process also helps the employees to better understand the company culture, the work environment as well as the new job. The process is as follows:

– New Hire Training
– In-service Training
– Coaching
– SKILLS Training
– Leadership seminars
– TESOL Seminars
– HR training
– Seminars of government and company benefits

Neungyule Eduphone continuous to grow as a company, since there are many people who want to learn English in Korea, aside from the students. This is why the company is in constant search of passionate individuals who could be part of the company’s pool of talented professionals as instructors to their clients who are Koreans who want to speak in English. Successful candidates are guaranteed to enjoy the following:

– 13th month pay, paid vacation and sick leave, maternity and/or paternity leave
– Statutory benefits (SSS, Pag-Ibig and PhilHealth)
– Free shelter (depending on the shift schedule)
– Incentives and bonuses based on performance
– Report to work five days a week with no graveyard shift
– Salary increase upon regularization
– Health card
– Referral bonus

Employees at Neungyule Eduphone Inc. are treated with value as the company believes that its primary asset is its people.

Neungyule Eduphone Philippines call center office address:

  • Neungyule Eastwood
    24/F IBM Plaza Bldg.
    Eastweood City, Bagumbayan
    Quezon City, Philippines

3 Steps to Healthy Life in Graveyard Shift

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Working in a call center company definitely challenges its employees with lifestyle, work attitude, and most especially their schedule. Since clients are working across another country, there is a great need that the BPO workers should work at midnight here in the Philippines. They need to answer calls no matter how sleepy they are. For this reason, some employees of BPO companies face health conditions. Getting low immune system is one side effect of staying up late at night.

Do you work in grave yard shift? If yes, then here are some useful insights on how to keep yourself healthy.

  1. You should always take care of yourself by taking vitamins that is suited for you. There should be always a way on how to identify which vitamin suits you. Keeping your immune system strong shall keep you away from diseases and infection. Moreover, always remember that prevention is better than cure. It protects your body from all forms of diseases.
  2. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is definitely a big help. Be used to eating fruits and vegetables. Including this in your balanced diet and meals shall keep you strong as well. This shall bring lots of things for you as well. Do not forget to take nutritious food only. These food shall sustain you and your body’s needs. You may also try eating less beef and pork for it is quite hard to digest. Hence, you may seek other alternatives for this. What are you waiting for? Set your diet as soon as possible.
  3. Lastly, be mindful of what you do. Never smoke. Cigarette smoking has been one of the hobbies of every agent I know. Therefore, never try to imitate what they do. Never smell smoke as well. In addition to this, adding exercise time and workout shall give you the proper burning of calories, too. This has bene very effective in maintaining a healthy body.

These are the three main steps in surviving the grave yard shift. You may also see your doctor at the most convenient time. Their advice assures you that you are capable enough to deal with the stress due to your work. This type of work has been very challenging for some. But when you try to balance your health and work life. Never forget to secure your health for health is wealth as well.

Maintain Healthy Lifestyle on Graveyard Shift

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Working in a call center can pose a lot of health risk, especially when you are assigned in the graveyard shift. The physical, mental and emotional stress brought about by the job itself and your schedule can make your health deteriorate if you do not watch out for it.

Graveyard shift can be hard and you be conscious about your health lifestyle. Here are a few pointers.

Get enough sleep. It’s hard to get through the day if you didn’t have enough sleep, much more if you are working at night. Make sure you always have that eight-hour sleep everyday. Have your windows draped with heavy curtain or something that would darken your room and sleep with fan or air conditioner to trick your body into sleeping at night until your body clock has adjusted.

Bring packed lunch. As much as possible, bring your own food to work, instead of spoiling yourself in fastfood and ready to eat meals available in convenience stores. They are all proven unhealthy especially if taken regularly and much more expensive.

Avoid smoking areas. Some agents have explained that smoking actually helps them calm down after a stressful call (especially if was an irate customer). Though this could be true, you know there are other ways and means of getting proper stress buster. Besides, you wouldn’t want the numerous risk posed by cigarette smoking to your health, so you better stay away from the smoking areas.

Drink lots of water. This is important, with or without graveyard shift to bust. Hydrating yourself is the most basic way to keep your health at bay, so make sure to keep your tumbler filled with water. It is also recommended not to drink cold water when you’re taking calls because that might bring you sore throat.

Food supplements are necessary. You don’t get to eat the right foods during graveyard shift, because this shift is much more tiring that you might not be able to prepare the meal for work. Food supplements come in handy in this, so that you still get the nourishment you skip from the food you eat. Some companies offer allowance for this, but if you happen to be in a company that does not have it, then just include it in your budget. Food supplements are far cheaper compared to antibiotics and other medicines you might be prescribed to take if you get sick.

Cynet Virtual Advantage

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Cynet Virtual Advantage is the company based in the Philippines which is known as the reliable business partner of a topnotch financial consulting firm that is based in Sydney Australia. Cynet Virtual Advantage is currently collaborating with its affiliates located in Cebu, Bacolod, Pampanga and also, Bulacan.

Products and Services
Cynet Virtual Advantage offers the following services:
– Market research
– Financial consultancy
– Mortgage optimizers

Why Join the Team at Cynet Virtual Advantage
There are lots of reasons why you would want to join the pool of talented professionals that consists this company. Here are some of them.

Nontraditional Bonus. The company offers bonuses to its employees, but it is not like what everyone who has experience in the BPO industry is accustomed to. Cynet Virtual Advantage offers a bigger bonus as compared to the offers of other known BPO companies.

Competitive Salary Package and Incentives. Aside from the big bonuses, the company also provides bigger salary package, higher than the rates you usually hear from other centers. Cynet Virtual Advantage also provides medical allowances and other miscellaneous allowances.

Comfortable Working Environment. If you are tired of the usual office set up, then you will be delighted to work Cynet Virtual Advantage. The company not only provides a comfortable working environment, it also gives the air of being treated like a family member rather than an employee.

Your Hard Work is Rewarded. Your hard work will; never go unnoticed in this company. At Cynet Virtual Advantage, the success of every employee is considered as the success of the company, thus, reward is given. Not only through allowances and bonuses, but also trough recognition as the company’s Star of the Month.

Regular Hours. Most of the BPO and call center companies you know of offer shifting schedules and graveyard shifts. With Cynet Virtual Advantage you will be having a regular nine to five job since the only available schedule is the regular office hours, Mondays through Fridays.

Cynet Virtual Advantage call center office address:

  • Cynet Bulacan
    4/F Cabanas Pavillion
    Malolos City, Bulacan

How to Keep Your Health at Bay

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There are a lot of studies lately that show most of the people who work in a call center tend to suffer from lifestyle diseases, and some even claim that those who work in the call center are the ones who would die early. Well, as scary as it may seem, there might be a little truth behind it, the way call center agents tend to live their life while in the BPO. Graveyard shifts cause lack of sleep, irate customers cause stress, excessive smoking and drinking tend to keep stress at bay and working in the wee hours force them to eat as much fast food as possible – clearly, these practices are not healthy. If you want to be a part of this dynamic industry but still want to keep your health at bay, here are a few tips.

1) Get enough sleep. Being in the graveyard shift is no excuse for you not to be able to get the rest you need. Your body clock would eventually adjust to your normal working hours. Set you room to be conducive enough to sleep in during the day, and make sure to put curtains or drapes. Also, talk to your family members about your sleep routine.

2) Bring packed lunch. As much as possible, bring your own food to avoid eating fast food and meals from convenience stores. Keep in mind that what you eat will certainly affect your health.

3) Drink lots of water. This is very important, not only because your job is to talk over the phone for your entire shift. Water is good to lubricate your throat from hours of talking. Also, your blood circulation become poor as well from hours of sitting, and water will help in your blood circulation a lot.

4) Avoid the smoking areas. If you are thinking of smoking, don’t. If you are already an excessive smoker, then maybe it’s time for you to reconsider your stress buster. You are working in an air conditioned environment in the middle of the night, add the artificial light radiation which can certainly affect your lungs. Lessening or totally quitting from smoking is a huge step towards the healthier you.

These are just simple tips on how to keep your health at bay. Remember that it is essential that you are fit and healthy so that you could come to work every day and earn. Be conscious health wise.

Ways to Surpass Your Call Center Training

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If you are just landed your call center job, you might be worried of what awaits you at the operations floor. Will your very first customer ask you to transfer him to a supervisor? Or maybe the customer will yell at you at the top of her lungs while demanding why the bill is so high. Before you worry about how to handle these kinds of calls, let yourself relax a bit, and maybe, worry about something that should be on the top of your priority list now that you’re finally hired.

How to survive your training.
You see, not all people survive the training stage in call centers, may it be speech training or product training. Here are some tips on how to survive both.

Always be on time. If you are prohibited to be late on your actual work, in trainings this is one serious offense. You will miss a lot of learning if you arrive late on your training sessions. What’s more, it’s going to reflect against you as an employee. Remember that during your training days, you are already a hired employee, and therefore, you are expected to go to work on time.

Never skip a class. There is a major impact in your overall performance if you skip even just one session of your training. There are a lot of things that you will miss regarding what you should know, and you cannot expect your trainers to review them for you. Sure, you can review, but you will be very behind when it comes to system navigation.

Make sure you are well rested before going to the class. Just like when you were in school, training sessions are actually a classroom setup. In order for you to function well, make sure that you are properly rested, especially if you trainings are held during the graveyard shift (which normally happens). You don’t want to be caught snoring in the middle of the class, do you.

Read your manuals and review them before each assessment quizzes. All of these quizzes count, so make sure you ace all of the exam. Training sessions are crucial, because the results will determine if you are qualified to hit the floor or not.

Call center training sessions are most probably the most fun part of being a call center employee. Enjoy it, while taking it seriously as well, because that could make or break your budding career in the call center industry.