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Top 5 Call Center Interview Questions

March 26, 2018 Category :Articles 0

Do you have an upcoming job interview for a particular call center company? Are you feeling nervous already because you don’t have any idea what are the usual questions being asked by hiring managers? Do you have a call center …

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Call Center Attrition Rate

March 26, 2018 Category :Call Center Basics 1

While the call center industry is continuously growing, the employee turn over or attrition rate remained consistently high, which reflects unhealthy employment in the industry that companies still are unable to address. Every year, there are many people entering the …

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How to get to Sykes Ortigas?

September 18, 2017 Category :Call Centers in Mandaluyong| Call Centers in Ortigas Center 1

Question: How to get to Sykes Ortigas?

Answer: Sykes Asia has many call center branches here in the Philippines. Sykes Ortigas is currently located in One San Miguel Building in Ortigas CBD.

If you are coming from south area (Paranaque, …

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