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Global Headstart Specialist

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Global Headstart Specialist is a BPO company that specializes in providing human resources outsourcing solutions to different company especially those in the contact services industry. As its name implies, Global Headstart Specialist aims in providing its partner clients a head start in their operations against their rivals by providing the most important asset in a BPO company – the human resources. Global Headstart Specialist has a team of veteran HR professionals as well as experts both locally and abroad who will bring in their extensive experience in people management to its clients.

Global Headstart Specialist recognizes the rising human resource needs of contact centers and various company from different industries. With the standardization of information technology, the human resources is critical in creating the competitive difference among companies. Global Headstart Specialist ensures to ease its partners’ manpower demands and requirement to help them attain their objectives. Global Headstart methodically works with it partners to deliver services beyond their expectations and provide the best candidate that will primarily provide their services. To do this, the company customizes its qualification processes to match the specific requirements, needs, and standards set by them with utmost confidentiality and professionalism.

Topping the services offered by Global Headstart Specialist is sourcing and recruitment which aims in searching for the best and most qualified manpower to address the urgent requirements of expanding BPO companies.

Global Headstart Specialist Recruitment office is located in:

What is Non-Voice Back Office Support?

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Any business is not complete without a back office support. Basically, this works as the structure of all the branches of a company. It is the main root where people grow their business. Without this, anything in a company is definitely hard to accomplish. Aside from that, back office support assists the companies in their strategic management activities. Specifically, non-voice back office support aims to provide the questions and answer the queries that could enhance a company’s growth.

The following are the main objectives and purposes of every back office.

Strategic Management – As mentioned earlier, this refers to the strategic management and planning of every company. In a back office, managers do stay, plan, and team up with the other members of the company. Aside from that, it also communicates in behalf of the company. Hence, this is definitely the main goal of the back office—to manage behind the working force.

Trainers and Human Resource Group – Aside from the management, the back office serves as the training department of a company. It serves as a refresher for every company. It trains people to work for their own betterment, gearing them up to be ready for any challenge.

Stable Structure and Decision Makers – It refers to a group of people who are working with the management. This makes decision for the entire company. They do know when and where to work on the company’s concerns. Aside from that, it also creates policies which are geared towards the betterment of any company.

Asset Allocations – This refers to the asset allocations of the main back office for its branches. It aims to provide the fair and just allocations of budget to the members of the community as well.

Back Office is definitely an important aspect in every call center company. This enables the firm to be ready for the challenge as well. Without this, it is definitely hard for them to achieve their goals as a firm. Aside from that, back office helps their employees to be focused on what they are doing. They create activities that would make their employees motivated and interested. They also train people to be in their best mood whenever they are working. Benefits and other compensations are also discussed in the back office. Besides these objectives, the non-voice back office complements work done by the agents as well.

Empyrean Benefit Solutions

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Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc. is the leading human resource technology and services firm that provide businesses’ needs to provide health and welfare benefits for their employees. The company uses cutting-edge technology and best HR domain expertise for a cost-effective service to employees. Empyrean experience allows the company to have greater insight into how best to leverage technology to transform HR processes, create higher levels of quality and create a more flexible delivery model across a larger market segment.

Today, Empyrean serves over 400 employers across multiple industry verticals and over 1,500,000 lives.

– Employee benefit enrollment
– Employee benefit administration
– Configuration
– Compliance
– Connectivity
– Hi-touch support
– Carrier partnerships

At Empyrean, they are dedicated to learning and growing together as a team. They want to give the best service and solutions for their clients, participants and team members. Ideas from each of the team members are recognized and are made sure that everyone’s welcome. Empyrean also gives encouragements for all the team members so they can succeed in every task.

Aside from these, they also continue to find more ways on how to improve their service and give impact to millions of their patrons every day.


Empyrean Benefit solutions call center office address:

  • Empyrean Texas
    9009 West Loop South
    Suite 600, Houston
    Texas, Philippines

Minion Solutions

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Minion Solutions is a company that was established in January 2012. It has been recognized as one of the most reliable sources of information technology staff for business process outsourcing companies. Minion Solutions Philippines is composed of a dynamic team waiting to work with other businesses and organizations with their software as well as their web design projects. The company started offering non-IT related services in 2014 and was able to expand since then. Minion Solutions has gone global and now provides different IT and non-IT services to its clients across the globe.

Products and Services
Minion Solutions provide IT Staff that can perform the following services:
– Web design graphics
– E-commerce management
– Branding and Storytelling
– Online Corporate Portfolio
– Social Media Management
– Software Development
– Analytics Data

Other Outsourced Services:
– Legal advice
– Contracts
– Government Compliance
– Visa Processing Payroll and Leaves
– Tax Compliance

Why Work at Minion Solutions
Minion Solutions aims to make the recruitment process easier for individuals who are in search for the right career path for them. Successful applicants are guaranteed to land the job that will suit their skills and qualifications. This is to guarantee the employee’s tenure and job security.

Career Opportunities
As a known recruitment agency, Minion Solutions are in a constant search of talented individuals that can be helped in achieving their goals of landing their dream job. There are various job opportunities in different businesses from different industries that job seekers can choose from. Minion Solutions offer jobs in the following fields:
– Finance and Accounting
– Corporate Functions
– Information Technology
– Sales and Retail
– Medical
– Customer Service
– Health and Wellness
– Human Resource
Minion Solutions Philippines call center office address:

  • Minion Solutions Ortigas
    32/F Antel Global Corporate Center
    Julia Vargas, Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines

OffSourcing Philippines

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There are times that the job that suit you could not be easily found. Job mismatch happens because of the inappropriateness of the job to a graduate. This happens because of the unavailability of job postings. For this reason, OffSourcing Philippines Inc. has come to existence. Its main headquarters in Los Angeles and its branch in the Philippines is in Davao City. Through this, several jobs are posted online. Wishful applicants can easily upload their resume and wait for the call. This serves as an alternative way to applying for a job. Instead of falling in line, the applicant just needs to post online.

Products and Services
Animation – This makes a business’ goals come into life. Through animation, a business is able to express their ideals. It can also be used as a form of marketing or advertising.
Graphic Design – This serves as the brand of the product. This refers to the way how a business communicates to its market through images. It is through effective communication that makes the product and service of a company visible. People also understand well through images.
Copywriting – Writing an article is not enough. There is a great need for business to communicate to their client through writing an effective message. Copywriting is the answer for this concern. Through this, one is able to effectively express their ideas.
3D Rendering – 2D drawings, sometimes, are not enough. There is a need to create a close-to-reality design that would allow people to picture out a certain project. All sides of the project could be seen because of the visible dimensions. Hence, this truly gives a clearer picture.

Offsourcing Philippines has been active in the search of competent individuals that fit a certain job posts. Through this, they are able to provide consistent and hard working individual for businesses.

Why Should You Work Here
Compared to other companies, the process here is easier to grasp and follow. In other words, the applicant has to upload the resume online. Then, this resume should be comprehensible to the website visitors as well. This resume is evaluated and reviewed by the human resource staff. When the applicant’s qualified, then he could work instantly. Aside from this, some job posts could be done at home. Being home-based is a big gift for people. With this, they can easily choose their time and schedule. They can work anytime, anywhere.

OffSourcing Philippines call center office address:

  • Offsourcing Davao
    238 Araullo corner Jacinto Ext.
    Davao City, Philippines

People Worldwide

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People Worldwide Group is a company that focuses in workforce solutions. It is an Asian-centric human capital solution company and has also been recognized as the leader when it comes to advanced workforce solutions, as it connects human capital to the world of prospects and opportunities. The firm provides services to both small and large businesses and organizations across all sectors in various industries. People Worldwide functions in an Asian-wide network of offices across 9 countries and territories with central markets in Singapore, Japan and Malaysia. Using its world-wide ideas and local proficiency and capability, the firm and its partners formulate ways on how to lessen the complications in manpower in everyday business, delivering local and foreign recruitment solution on an endwise basis.

People Worldwide offers assistance to clients in increasing the quality, productivity and efficiency of their workforce as a whole. The company provides services such as the following:
– Recruitment and Assessment
– Psychometric Assessment
– Training and Development
– Workforce Consulting
– Outsourcing
– Career Management

The company also offers web and mobile application solutions that would allow job seekers to be connected, employers and employment mediators in the manpower industry.

People Worldwide is committed to authorize integral members within the job marketplace by utilizing the workforce management tools and solutions, and also with the use of both online and offline services. The company is capable of endorsing better opportunities for job matches, talent acquisition, management, training and motivation. This is with the use of redefinition of interactivities and relationships among the members.

Furthermore, the company is also dedicated to make efficient human resource exchanges in the human capital marketplace. People Worldwide intends to endorse best practices and standards by means of supplying education and training for human resources so that more people will become qualified for employment. The firm also intends to improve and to connect Asian human capital across the globe. It aims to be the leader when it comes to providing human capital and managing company in Asia. In further addition to these, the company also highlights in the enhancement as well as management of people to become more values as contributors to the society while at the same time enhancing their life and career choices that will allow them to take a job in international contexts and to connect these people to the paths of a better future.

Global Fusion

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Global Fusion is a human resource outsourcing company the specialized in providing companies with all the tech talent you need without the hassles of managing in-house staff and at affordable costs. The company transitioned from a project-based payment model to a staffing only model. This allowed the company to better coordinate projects because it basically involved providing companies with remote staff that will actualized the ideas of clients and loose project requirements into reality. The staffing model allowed for flexibility that helps Global Fusion Philippines to easily adapt to changing business priorities of clients. In a nutshell, it allows clients to be the boss, allowed 100% resources dedicated to client, close relationship with team members, better retention, less time training new people, flexibility to the constraints and is more cost effective. Global Fusion provides team support to its U.S.-based team composed of developers and systems experts every step of the way.

Global Fusion provides custom applications whether it is new functionality to an existing site, a manual process that is begging for automation, or a full-blown enterprise application. It develops integrated shopping cart solution critical to any successful e-commerce site. It also provides content management system solutions that can make quick and routine changes to site. To further reduce costs in technology, it optimizes technical infrastructure by embracing cloud-based solutions to host and maintain applications. For Mobile applications, the company creates custom mobile applications for IOS/ Android mobile devices including getting submitted, approved, and listed on the iTunes Appstore and Google Play. It provides Responsive web design for optimal viewing and navigating experience. It also provides gaming services. It builds apps in different platforms including new technologies like PhoneGap and Titanium. Finally, the company also provides marketing assets such as Online banners, emailers, social media ads using Flash to HTML5, as well as graphic design services for digital and print media such as logo & brand identity, professional business presentations, newsletter design, business cards, promotional banners & flyers, and any other print materials.

Global Fusion Philippines call center recruitment office:

  • Global Fusion Greenhills
    2/f Madison Square Ortigas
    Ortigas Ave. cor Madison St.
    North Greenhills, San Juan


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Servicore is a human resource company which is composed of exceptionally talented and skilled individuals. The company was set up with the goal to take action to the constantly growing number of Filipinos looking for jobs, and also to their clients who are looking for new employees and fresh faces with the minimal burdens when it comes to the administrative matters. As a company that is oriented to be of high class quality service, Servicore Philippines is dedicated to give excellent service and of high standard quality to all of its clients. The company’s core value has always been undisputed high standard quality service.

Although its headquarters is located in Manila, Servicore believes that there is no client too big, too small or too far to be provided of their service. This is why the company has also become the head hunter agency of various company located in the provinces in the country. Various job openings have been offered by Servicore for Filipinos looking for jobs in places like Batangas, Bulacan, Bataan and Rizal.

Here are some of the job postings that Servicore has announced recently:
– Safety officer – Must be male; 21-35 years of age and with at least 1 year experience.
– Encoder / Dispatcher – This can be male or female; 21-30 years of age; with or without experience but must possess at least a Bachelor’s or College degree in any field.
– Truck/ Trailer driver – Must be male; 21-55 years of age; with experience 123 or 1238 driver’s license restrictions
– Cashier / Encoder – This can be male or female; 18-25 years of age; at least college level; knowledgeable and experienced in Microsoft Office tools

Servicore continues to strive to be the outstanding human resource company by ensuring that the candidates they refer to the companies are of high quality and with exceptional skills in their respective fields. The pool of experienced professionals who works for the company carefully scrutinizes and investigates each candidate’s experiences and capabilities and matches these experiences and expertise with the requirements needed for a certain job post. This way, the companies are guaranteed to acquire the perfect candidate to fill up the vacant job post.

Servicore headquarters can be located at 5th floor SCC Bldg. CFA Compound #4427 Old Sta. Mesa Road, Sta. Mesa Manila.

InventAsia Philippines

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InventAsia Philippines is a company that focuses in the industry of business process outsourcing BPO). With a mixture of services, administration and managing capabilities from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the Philippines and Hong Kong, the company has the capability to assemble the right people, skills and technologies to work as an extension of its clients’ businesses and strategic partners in their administration.

The company is comprised of a group of people who have significant and exceptional experience in Project Management for impressive clients and business that are located across the globe. Because of this, InventAsia Philippines also acknowledges the needs and the requirements of its customers around the world.

InventAsia offers services to enterprises in both the private and public sectors with a variety of deliverables in business process outsourcing and support services. The firm’s list of capabilities and procedure assist its customers enhance and align their business plans and strategies so that they can make the most outstanding possible managing conditions.

InventAsia provides an all-inclusive package for outsourcing that would cover all features, demands and requirements from BPO of the UK and European markets.

Here are some of the services offered by the company:

  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Banking
  • Legal
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities
  • Retail Business
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Public Authorities
  • Engineering

At InventAsia, people operate with high ethical standards. The company’s core objective is to deliver cost effective and ethical business process outsourcing solutions to its customers, not only in the UK and in Europe but around the world. The firm believes that by doing this, it will be capable of producing a net gain in both ways – to the client and to the outsourcing country. The firm’s BPO service is a corporation between the client and the firm itself, and it is acquired by through the use of human resources as an extension of the client’s own department. Furthermore, the company also retains a fair balance between the interests of the client, InventAsia and its overseas resources, making this a vital aspect and always being kept clear and in focus.

The company also stands by all the legal frameworks of employment of the countries where it operates. In addition to that, InventAsia also aims to continue making a company that acquires the fragile balance of profitability, a sense of generosity and social conscience.

InventAsia Philippines call center office location:

  • InventAsia Ortigas
    12/F Orient Square Bldg.
    Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines

Konsum Tech Philippines

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Konsum Technologies is a BPO (Business process outsource) and VAS (Value-Added Service) company that is dedicated on web development, software and mobile applications development. The company was established in 2009, and through the years, Konsum Philippines was able to extend its service to include IP Network and System Integrated Solutions, Security Solutions together with IP VPN. This is a part of DCIP (Department of Education’s Internet Connectivity Program), a program which intends to connect all the public schools in the Philippines to the Internet.

Ashima. Ashima is an all-inclusive HRIS (Human Resource Information System) that provides further capabilities not only to the business owners, but also to the human resource personnel and employees as well. Ashima allows its users to easily manage the employee on boarding and benefits, payroll processing, work schedules, timekeeping, centralized panel of information, Employee Self Service Portal and a whole lot more.

DEPED INTERNET CONNECTIVITY PROJECT (DICP). Konsum Technologies is an active participant in the DICP. This project was instated by the Department of Education in May of 2009 which intends to allow all public high schools all throughout the Philippines internet connectivity. The department also has plans to extend this project to include grade schools as well. Konsum Technologies has targeted the schools which are far flung – schools that were disregarded by other internet providers participating in the DICP. Furthermore, the company also has launched its own private network for the project, for it to be able to offer online applications and contents to the schools it serves.

HOTEL AND RESTAURANT RESERVATION AND INVENTORY SYSTEMS. There are three platforms that the company offers that can help those who are in the hotel and restaurant business – the Konsum Hotel Reservation System, Restaurant Reservation System and the Restaurant Inventory System. These systems are created for business owners who are in the hotel and restaurant industries to allow them easy administration when it comes to creating their own settings, from reservations to booking cancellations, tracking of housekeeping tasks, determining rates for both peak and non-peak seasons, creating and posting of menus, setting of waiting lists and more.

Konsum Technologies is currently in search of individuals who are professionally experienced, especially when it comes to software development, information technology and telecommunications. Exciting compensation packages await those successful applicants.

Konsum Technologies Philippines call center office address:

  • Konsum Cebu
    Bigfoot Center
    F. Ramos St., Cogon Central
    Cebu City, Philippines