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Calibehr is made in order to produce a nationwide solution for the human resources space. This has been built as a product of their commitment in giving their solutions across the country. Since 2006, Calibehr never ceases to strive in giving their excellent services to their clients. Calibehr provides complete manpower services required by their clients. The company surely values integrity, honest, team spirit, and commitment to excellence. They have the withstanding passion for customer service, community and technology.

Payroll Outsourcing. This solution is much-needed for the small and medium enterprises who seek guidance and expertise in this field. This service is given and offered by people who are experienced in making payroll. All information is certainly accurate and it does not need to be worried about by the businessman.

Temporary Staffing. Basically, whenever there is a need for temporary staff, then it is easily given and provided by Calibehr. Since this company is composed of pool of workers who are diligent enough in providing services, they never disappoint their employers.

Permanent Recruitment. This has been given for companies which are certainly needing a permanent staff. Of course, these people are surely qualified for they have been screened well by the board of human resources management. Indeed, it is worthy enough to hire people who are professional, experienced, and expert in whatever they are doing.

Why Should You Work Here?
If you are into human resources department, then you are the right fit here. Aside from that, if you can give valuable services for various businesses, then you should work here. You are free to do what you want when it comes to screening the right people as long as that activity is helpful for the betterment of the company. Furthermore, Calibehr makes sure that their company never ceases to provide the most satisfying benefits and compensation for their employees. They are surely willing to assist them anytime.

Premier BPO

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Are you ready to take the next step? Premier BPO, Inc. is a business process outsourcing firm that offers a wide array of back end outsourcing services designed to increase the profitability and productivity of business through a strategic partnership. With over a hundred years of combined experience in providing offshore outsourcing and global network that spans Asia, Premier BPO Philippines delivers on the promise of superior services that will definitely allow its partners to focus on their core competencies.

Among the services offered by Premier BPO included IT support which included web based and software development using leading software applications such as PERL scripts and MicroSoft ASP as well as .NET development suites. It also provides Client Maintenance, Registration Navigation Maintenance, Website Presentation Maintenance, Office Automation Technical Support, Data Analysis, and Business Intelligence Tools among others as part of its IT support. In lieu of the above, Premier BPO Philippines also provides help desk support and system support to all its IT projects 24-7 from Server administration and management, Installations and upgrades, reporting and resolutions. Premier BPO also provides contact center services including cold and warm telemarketing support, customer relationship management, warranty registration and field service management. It helps companies develop and maintain e commerce which including supplying and maintaining electronic catalog, Procurement: Indirect- Direct Purchasing, Order Management and Custom Product Sourcing.

Premier BPO also provides Finance, Accounting, and Administration which included Billing, Collections/Accounts Receivable management, Fixed Asset Management, Cost Accounting, Accounts Payable management, Project Accounting, Treasury, Budget and Forecasting, General Ledger, Financial Reporting, Human Resources management such as preparation of Payroll and Commissions.

Premier BPO is headquartered in 102 Country Lane, Suite B,Clarksville, TN37043 Phone: +1 931-551-8888 Fax: +1 931-551-8121.

Premier BPO Philippines call center office address:

  • Premier BPO Eastwood
    30/F Cyber One
    Eastwood City Cyberpark
    Libis, Quezon City
    Tel: + 63 2-440-7339


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Eastern Talent, Western Management. OwensBPO or Owens Online is a business process outsourcing company established in 1986 in Tampa, Florida by Mark Owens. Owens BPO Philippines originally functioned as an international credit and background check agency for exporters, insurance, banks, government agencies, and other companies that required background investigation of clients.

OwensBPO in the Philippines was founded in 2007 by Mark and Todd Owens and operated in the Clark Freeport Zone in support of Owens OnLine business processes. The company specializes in human resource process management, due diligence, and administrative and business-to-business credit research. The company also offers back and front office outsourcing solution for the management of global resources, business process outsourcing systems, intelligence and expertise through comprehensive technology based solutions. Among the services offered by OwensBPO Philippines included innovative Software Development, Human Resources management (recruitment, management and others), IT Support Services (helpdesk support, infrastructure support), support services (Accounting, payables and receivables management, payroll preparation, etc.), customer service relationship management (outbound and inbound call center services) and Offshore Office Setup (facilitation of offshore branch for international companies to avail of the benefits of the outsourcing).

At the core of OwensBPO services are its people which deliver the quality services that the company had since been known. To ensure this, the company attracts and retains only the top calibre local professionals with its most competitive remuneration packages. Meanwhile to ensure a culture of international standards, the company uses western management to ensure of quality control and to attain the global standards required by its demanding clients.

OwensBPO Philippines call center office location:

  • OwensBPO Clark
    Philexcel Business Center 3
    MA Roxas Highway
    Clark Freeport Zone
    Pampanga 2009
    Phone:(045) 499 0950

Maestro Systemas Technologies

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Maestro Systemas Technologies is a BPO company that is primarily engaged in the development of customized IT solutions for different companies especially for the travel and hospitality industry. As a technology company, Maestro Systemas Technologies helps its clients in providing with cutting edge automation and control technology solution.

Among Maestro Systemas Philippines major services included Hotel/Resort Management Systems which involved a comprehensive management of hotel operations from, marketing, human resources management, revenue management and property management. Maestro Systemas Technologies also provides financial Accounting services which included financial reporting, plant accounting, reconciliation services, disbursements, payroll, and travel among others. Inventory Management services essentially provides process management for controlling the transfer of ineventory coming in and out. POS or point of sales services refers to the broad range of transaction administration to complete a purchase which included credit card processing and credit card services, debit card processing, and the use of the payment mechanisms such as check, gift card and loyalty cards. The DTR/Payroll Systems pertains to services pertaining to personnel monitoring and attendance, as well as the computation and distribution of salaries. Finally, web Applications pertains to a wide range of software systems and processes that entails technical support for is proper implementation.

Maestro Systemas Technologies was established in Batangas to further optimize its labor and administrative which makes its services more competitive world wide. As a first class province in the Philippines located on the southwestern part of Luzon (CALABARZON region), Batangas City is home to highly competitive and hardworking professionals at a price that is even cheaper in Manila.

Maestro Systemas Philippines call center office address:

  • Maestro Systemas Technologies Batangas
    YCP Business Center
    Ayala Avenue, Lipa City
    Batangas, Philippines