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Perks of Working in a BPO Company

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In this fast-paced world, there is a strong need for people to start working harder. After graduation, they tend to choose what job would be suited for them. For some reasons, they are not accepted in their dream job. Good thing is that there will be always companies who will accept these fresh graduates. Specifically, these graduates apply in business process outsourcing companies. For some, this could be unacceptable for it may not be related to their job. However, for some, it is the best option that they have. Here are the perks which you may need to know if you wish to work in a call center company.

Working in a call center company exposes you to another world. It introduces you to different culture and wider horizons in the corporate world. Most probably, a person learns new things, new techniques, and a lot of information about information technology.

BPO offers bigger compensation compared to other industry. Since your administrators are based abroad you can expect that they will be dealing with you with bigger compensation. Nonetheless, benefits and other bonuses shall be given if you perform well.

You will gain a unique experience in this field. For some, this could be challenging since they are new in the field. If you are open for new opportunities, you will be welcomed with new thrills here. Moreover, you will be working with new people who have different view point as well.

Lastly, these benefits and learnings help you to be a better influencer later on. You will be meeting more people. Surely, you are gaining more experience and later on, will contribute to the betterment of the society. Definitely, you should not miss this kind of opportunity.

These are just some of the things which you may know about working in a call center company. One of the agents even say that everyone should experience working in a call center. There are new viewpoints in life. Most probably, one will set a new perspective in this field. People who have tried working here have learned and gained a lot. They gained new learning and did new experiences. For this reason, you should also try working here. There is no harm in trying. As long as you know how things work, you are definitely in good hands. What are you waiting for? Try working here now.

Bluefrog Contents and Support

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The corporate world demands a lot of its talents. As much as possible, these businessmen need to reach out to the public in order to promote marketing and entertainment as well. However, some companies do not focus on the little things or paper works that they have to do. Hence, Bluefrog Contents and Support has generated outcomes that make everything profitable for their clients. From contents and support, Bluefrog services have surely created doors of opportunities for their employees as well. These professionals have experience when it comes to these game development services. Indeed, working with Bluefrog Philippines is an exclusive opportunity to be the best. Therefore, if companies need applications or games, they may seek assistance from these people.

Bluefrog Contents and Support has surely expanded their companies because of the excellent and compelling services and outputs that they have done. With their quality outcomes, they have produced the best for their clients. One of their outstanding services is the development of mobile and web platforms. These are made based on the latest Information Technology based research and software. This has made everything accessible for the clients of various companies. They are able to bring entertainment to public as well. Definitely, this is commendable and uplifting as well. In addition to this, they also have IT-related services. These are the contents that one needs in their website. Even the handling of website is made possible by this group of people. They can definitely bring the quality outcomes for themselves too.

Why Should You Work Here?
If you wish to indulge yourself with learning about quality gaming development and entertainment, then you should work here. Their company has been dealing with various clients for almost three years, as of this writing. Surely, this has grown so much from the typical small startup company. They always make sure to be produce quality software and gaming management outputs that make everything in order. Definitely, this is surely worth dealing with. Nonetheless, it has also generated only the best outcomes for their employees as well. Their compensation packages are surely one of a kind. They are able to sustain their employees’ lifestyle because of the benefits and packages that they offer. A number of perks are surely available that makes everything compelling. They have already expanded well. Hence, you can expect excellence for them in the future.

Bluefrog Contents & Support call center office address:

  • Bluefrog Cebu
    6/F Ebloc 4 Building
    IT Park, Lahug
    Cebu City, Philippines

Leekie Enterprises

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Leekie Enterprises is established in the Philippines with their goals about providing support for Information Technology companies. Before, it has only a few number of workers, but then, with its management and some developments, Leekie Philippines has increased its employees with 200 staff and still growing. Basically, this company is made as an online gaming provider that is licensed to make transactions in the Philippines.

Leekie Enterprises also provides the most updated technological needs of the companies as well. They are continuously committing themselves in providing quality assistance needed by their clients. Moreover, the company also offers what is the best and latest for their gaming environment using the best and most updated technology.

This company has grown that much because of its goal in surpassing the typical technological services. It only offers the most recent, reliable, and cost-cut services in the region.

Leekie Enterprises provides the best customer service services to their clients. Therefore, they assign themselves in providing quality responses and communication to their client’s callers. All transactions needed to be dealt with are also processed through them. Moreover, they are filled with motivated and passion-driven workers. Hence, they are definitely geared and ready to deal with various tasks.

Aside from this, Leekie Enterprises also make the businesses transactions easy to deal with. They create technologies that make the system and process of every business worthwhile. Moreover, they continuously provide programs that allow its clients to be more productive and efficient. This service has been patronized by a lot of big companies. Hence, aspiring clients can always assure that what will they receive are just the best from the rest. Lastly, they offer this for an affordable and just price. There is totally lots of benefits in working with these people.

Why Should You Work Here
This is one of the most-sought after companies. It provides supplemental monthly and yearly compensation to its employees. Basically, this is complemented with healthcare benefits as well. They also provide an assisting service incentive leave. This works for employees who are into travelling. Moreover, they give fair and relevant training and hone their employees for their professional development as well. Lastly, there are also additional team building activities that promote a good environment to everyone. There are series of training given to their employees too. This definitely promotes a good team in the company. This is the secret in making the company grow even more.

Leekie Enterprises Philippines call center office address:

  • Leekie Makati
    24/F Burgundy Corporate Tower
    Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City

Smartcomp Solutions

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Smartcomp Solutions is a company that is recognized as one of the topnotch firms in the market when it comes to the delivery of IT-based solutions, equipped towards the branch management of banks and retailers. The company’s main objective is to do the job of improving the associated business and IT processes. What’s more, Smartcomp Philippines also aims to give its customers the capability to manage in efficient and customer-friendly manner as much as possible. Smartcomp Solutions is a nationwide and advanced arrangement of professionals who utilize their expertise in the field of information technology at the advantage of the customers.

Products and Services
– Self-Service Products
– Hardware
– Automated Teller Machine
– Point of Sales
– Interactive Transactional Terminals (Kiosks)
– Printers/Fax machines/Copier
– Networking Cabling/Structured
– Computer Services
– Customized Programming
– IT Solutions For Branch Operatuons of Banks and Retailers
– Efficient User-Friendly Solutions for Branch Operations of Banks and Retailers

Why Work at Smartcomp Solutions
Smartcomp Solutions is a company that values its associates by providing them with competitive salary and impressive packages of compensation and benefits. Not only that, the company also believes that people would naturally want continuous learning, thus, it offers various kinds of trainings that would enhance the employees both in the professional and personal level. It also upholds the value of working closely, as well as balancing life and work. It provides its employees a fun work environment, so everyone enjoys work without sacrificing professionalism and productivity. What’s more, it recognizes all the hard work of its team members, and make them proud of their efforts in contributing to the success of the company.

Job Opportunities
The company is currently in search of qualified individuals who could work alongside with it. Various job postings are available that require various qualifications. If you think that you have all the necessary traits and skills to be part of a growing IT company, then you might be the one that Smartcomp is looking for. All successful candidates will be entitled to the following perks and benefits:
– Regular hours of work, Mondays to Fridays
– Medical and Dental benefits
– Loans
– Insurance

Smartcomp Solutions call center office address:

  • Smartcomp Manila
    6/f Royal Plaza Twin Tower
    648 Remedios Cor. Ma. Orasa St.
    Malate, Manila

Lemontech Solutions

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Lemontech Solutions provides the most accessible services and technology-related materials. In the field of information technology, they are definitely one of the best and finest when it comes to quality. Moreover, this company is composed of committed members who establish the most innovative services throughout the world. Lemontech Philippines strives to conform to the extraordinary demands of the information technology world. They never cease and get tired in providing quality products and services because they believe that these are the secrets in meeting the world class system of information technology.

Lemontech Solutions is an online shopping store made for those who are technologically advanced. This caters the needs of those internet-savvy people as well. With its various products, it has generated truly invaluable contribution to the information technology-based world. Some of its commendable services are the following:

Android Tablets – Tablets of different kinds are certainly of big help for those millennials who wish to have their own access to internet everywhere. It also allows its users to be more related and updated to what is latest.

Electronic Gadgets – This refers to the gadgets which are definitely of big help to the society. Whether it is the latest Android phone, or Apple phone, there will be always variations to these gadgets.

Wearable Devices – More people are getting health-conscious. For this very main reason, they tend to do workouts. There are also gadgets which are also assisting the owners in their preferred workouts, like jogging, running, or simple walking.

Computer Accessories – No matter what the accessories are, these are always available accessories for someone. In addition to this, everything is assured to be free from any defects. Compared to other computer accessories, these accessories are highly made of quality products. Hence, you should avail your needs here.

Why Should You Work Here?
If you wish to work in a BPO company which demands the typical portion of your time, then you should apply and work here. This company demands your Mondays to Fridays schedule only. You do not need to worry about your weekends, because your weekdays satisfy their workloads already. They also demand their employees to work with their casual clothes, like their shirts and jeans only. As long as it is decent, it is very fine. Lastly, Lemontech Solutions provides medical assistance to their employees. This definitely is a great help for their employees for whatever happens, assistance for their medicine is always provided. On the other hand, some athletic workers will enjoy their sports benefits like having privileges in the gym.

Lemontech Solutions call center office address:

  • Lemontech Fort Bonifacio
    10/F Fort Legend Tower
    31st St. cor. 3rd Ave.
    Bonifacio Global City
    Taguig, Philippines

Carrera Contact Center

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Carrera Contact Center or CCC is known as a business process outsourcing (BPO) company located in the Philippines. It provides different kinds of services which include information technology as well as outsourcing. Carrera Philippines is also composed of exceptionally talented individuals which can ensure the reliable services that it guarantees its clients when it comes to its outsourcing services.

Carrera Call Center Core Values
PANGARAP. This Filipino word has a deep meaning for the company. Like most Filipinos, Carrera Call Center also aspires a lot. It seeks to be the company that delivers distinction by means of providing services of exceptional quality to its clients. Furthermore, it also aims to provide its employees with great opportunities that will help them hone their skills in their respective fields of expertise.

BAHAY. The company also aims to provide the kind of work environment that is totally similar with the comfort of their own home without, of course, sacrificing the productivity obtained in an office setting. Thus, the Carrera Call Center offers “work from home” jobs.

Why Work At Carrera Call Center
Pioneering Company. Great opportunities await to those who are about to be part of this company. Since the company is just pioneering newly established, chances of getting promoted into higher positions are higher.

Work from Home. The company also provides “work from home” jobs, so the employees no longer has to leave the comfort of their homes, provided that the productivity is not compromised. These days, working from home has a lot of advantages which includes the following:
– You don’t need to expose yourself to heavy traffic and the bustling streets of the metro.
– You don’t need to include transportation allowance in your budget.
– You’ll have more time with family.
– You earn money while in the comfort of your own home.

Professionalism of the highest standards. Even if the company offers work from home jobs, the culture of professionalism in its office working environment meet international standards and this is what attracts client the most.

Join Carrera Call Center Now
As a pioneering company, Carrera Call Center is in search of talented individuals who can be part of its growing team. Competitive salary as well great compensation and benefits await those who would successfully pass the employment assessments.

Carrera Contact Center office address:

  • Carrera Quezon City
    West Trade Building
    West Avenue, Quezon City

Outsource Tech Asia

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In this fast-pace world, people need to utilize the workforce in order to be productive. Employers should consider looking for competent and efficient workforce so that they will meet their objectives and expectations for their business. This is needed because delayed turnover of outputs from the staff is not good for one’s company. For these reasons, Outsource Tech Asia has come to existence.

Outsource Tech Asia has been diligent in offering high quality staffing solutions for their clients. Their workforce is definitely skilled and competent in the field of web development, accounting, online marketing, web design and other IT/technology-related fields.

Products and Services

Virtual Assistance Service – This refers to the person who will take care of your business even if you are not online. This service has come to existence because it assists the owner in handling websites and business-related concerns.

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing Services – Because of the latest trends in the field of technology, these services have assisted business owner to promote an intimate relationship to their clients. This service includes the following:

Inbound – This refers to the people who are in-charge of answering calls to hear the concerns raised by their clients.

Outbound – This refers to the communication initiated by the company towards their clients to promote and follow up certain concerns regarding to their services.

Sales Representatives – This type of service refers to the marketing strategy of a business that would definitely promote the products and services made by the company. This is crucial because this serves as the heart of a company. Without sales, the rest is nothing.

Why Should You Work Here
People work here because of the compensation given by this business. In addition to that, this has given a chance to Filipinos who are longing to their dream job. Since Filipinos are fond of speaking English with Westernized accent, they can easily cope with requirements in this company whether it is through writing or speaking. Moreover, Filipinos are basically suited for this job position because they are qualified with the standards set by this business.
One can expect training and good benefits from the seasoned management that would help you promote your career in the field of Information Technology. Aside from that, this company will surely widen your horizon in the field of information technology. You will be geared with new updates and trends once you work in this institution.

Outsource Tech Asia call center office address:

  • Outsource Tech Taguig
    3/F Trade & Financial Tower
    7th Ave corner 32nd St
    Bonifacio Global City
    Taguig, Philippines

BDSC Int-Support

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BDSC Int-Support Inc. the extension office of Benco’s Information Technology Division.. It has been collaborating with the I.T. managers in personnel for over four years, with the aim to enhance larger and multifaceted branded software projects. Benco Dental is known to be the largest, family-owned company that focuses on dental distribution throughout the United States. The company currently employs more than 400 people, all belonging to the sales team, who cater the more than 30,000 customers that are based in the U.S. The company believes that its success was made possible by its associates and also, the people who are working very hard to make it on a day-to-day basis. Benco Dental is both aggressive and progressive, and believes that if the people are not working too hard, then that means that they are going downhill.

Why Work with BDSC Int-Support
BDSC Int-Support Inc. is a company that not only does business. It also acts through values and principles that the company believes in. The company holds these certain values that other IT companies may not possess.

Environment Friendly. LEED Silver Certification is a federal program that identifies companies that are environmentally conscious. BDSC Int-Support Inc. has a facility called CenterPoint, which has been qualified for the said certification. In addition to this, the company also company also aims to decrease its waste products by 50% thru implementing programs for recycling paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, batteries and cellphones.

Strive for Continues Improvement. The company also has a division dedicated to the improvements of its processes as well as the employees. Benco Continuous Improvement is in charge of conducting seminars improvement events and other initiatives that will help the company’s processes and employees get better.

Sharing its Profits to the Needy. Furthermore, BDSC Int-Support has been involved in some charitable activities where in it shares its profit. Some of these charity works include United Way, Headstart, Habitat for Humanity, Carbofund, Dental Trade Alliance, Globe Smile Foundation and national Foundation of Dentistry and Handicapped, just to name a few.

BDSC Int-Support call center office address:

  • BDSC Makati
    4/f Coherco Corporate Center
    116 V.A Rufino St.
    Legazpi Village, Makati City

Accent Micro Technologies

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In this information technology-based world, there is a strong need for all businesses to adjust their procedure in transacting to their clients. Companies or businesses should also cater the needs in the field of information technology in order to cope with what is essential to the world. For this reason, AMTI or Accent Micro Technologies Philippines has been created in order to provide the complete systems integration and business solutions. Whether it is hardware solution until cloud computing, AMTI never fails to give its clients the best business experience that they can ever have. Moreover, they will surely make their business partners successful because they know how to do such things for them. Because of their effective services, they have earned over 3,000 clients in the Philippines.

Being one of the leading business services company, here are some of their services.

Hardware Solutions – This refers to all the items needed for their computers, laptops, and other hardware needed.

Data Center Solutions – Because saving files in huge size is hard, this service is especially made for companies with big data base. This surely keeps all the details and information about them.

Network and Security Solutions – Since nothing is safe online, this service is created in order to secure the needs of people in the website. There is nothing to be anxious because of this service.

Virtualization Solutions – Having a virtual assistant is definitely helpful. It keeps your business going. Hence, if you wish to have your own visual assistant, then seek one from AMTI.

Collaboration and Unified Communications – This is communication form made more special.

Cloud Computing – Aside from collecting date from the cloud, this service also aims to compute what is needed for a week or a day.

Software Applications – Not everything can be found online. Never crack an application or software just because it is cheaper. Always seek help from this company.

Managed IT Services – It is a combined effort of people who are in the field of information technology. There is no dull moment because of the IT assistance.

Enterprise Services & IT Rental Services – If you wish to warn more, then see this service of them.

Why Should You Work Here?
You should work here because Accent Micro is fast-coping to the requirements of the world. Once you are in this company, you are bound to succeed.

DBP Data Center

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DBP Data Center, Inc. (DCI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the country’s pre-eminent development bank, Development Bank of the Philippines. DCI has its roots in the DBP Data Center as it has been founded in 1982. The company has been operating and maintaining the bank’s various IT systems in 30 years of committed IT service.

DCI is the only corporation that is owned and controlled by the government. It offers services such as IT Project Management and Consultancy, IT Procurement and BAC, Maintenance, Managed Services, ISSP Formulation and Implementation among others. DCI also offers it services and expertise in Information Technology not only to DBP, but also to the government and private sectors as well.

Project Management
DCI has a team that can handle any IT project virtually – from its initiation until its completion. With this, the company can provide project management services. DCI assists its clients to closely monitor and oversee the project through guiding in the short and long term planning, supervising and observing of the project components, giving status reports and making sure that the project will be completed.

Maintenance Services and Managed Services
DCI perfectly understand the challenge and the difficulty of the government when it comes to hiring and keeping excellent IT experts. Furthermore, one of the integral parts of sustaining an IT system is its maintenance, as well as the hardware and software. DCI is capable of providing the requirements of a certain government agency when it comes to staffing, in order to have a team that would take care of the maintenance of its systems.

DCI is also capable of providing services and collocation facilities for servers. Once the on-site maintenance has been taken care off, the agency no longer have to worry about it, thus, it can be more focused and dedicated in its core business processes. Maintenance cost can just be included in the agency’s operational expense (OpEx), since maintenance cost can be estimated in a monthly or even a yearly basis.

IT Trainings
For management and staff of government agencies, DCI offers to conduct IT trainings. This is to supply them with most of the basic knowledge and skills about the tools in Information Technology. These trainings are guaranteed to give the clients information on the latest innovation and developments in IT and other technologies related to it, which will make them capable of analyzing, formulating and implementing tactical, strategic and operational information technologies.