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Outbounders BPO

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Outbounders BPO is a recognized sister company of Global Sky Inc. It is a call center company known for its high quality standards, and has been founded for more than seven years now. Its founder, James Rick Stinson has more than a decade of experience working in the call center outsourcing industry. He was also the host and the founder of, a website which has become the number one source of tips for personal development. Likewise, the company’s CTO, Rob Rowson discovered internet marketing while he started his career as a doctor. He became a popular online marketer utilizing innovative technology and outsourcing staff in the Philippines.

Outbounders BPO aims to be the first company that business owners could think of whenever they require outbound telemarketing services. In addition to that, the company also has it in its goals to be the number one source for outbound telemarketing of exceptional quality. Thus, the company is trying to transform a multi-billion dollar industry. This is a great opportunity for thousands of people to work and earn from home without compromising the quality of service they provide to the clients at the lowest possible cost.

Why Work at BPO
“Work from home” has already become a trend these days. There are lots of advantages that you can benefit from it, which includes, but not limited to the following:

– Secure yourself from heavy traffic. Traffic, especially in Metro Manila is becoming more and more unbearable. Instead of constantly adjusting yourself in order to be at work on time, if you work from home, you are never late because you do not have to face the monstrous traffic.

– Save up more money. Since you do not have to commute or drive going to and from work, you save more money that could have been allotted for transportation expenses.

– More time to rest. Instead of spending time for travelling, you get more rest because there’s no need to travel.

– Quality time with family and friends. When you are constantly at home, then you have more time spent with your family and friends.

Job Opportunities
Lots of job opportunities await you at Outbounders BPO. Business owners tend to hire freelancers since it is much more inexpensive in their part.

One Planet Ops

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One Planet Ops has been established to provide all business needs of every companies. Innovation and Intention are the two main words that One Planet Ops upholds. The company is concerned with large internet-focused businesses. It also promotes investments which are mainly focused on online and technology-based businesses. One Planet Philippines caters to businesses which are totally dependent online. This company has been serving well-known companies. These companies are fully operational and earning as well. Therefore, One Planet Ops must be trusted by their aspiring clients.

Basically, this company offers several large Internet-focused businesses. One Planet Ops clients are assured that their business is truly operational as well. They have built their credibility by maintaining sites like and

In addition to this, they also represent a good diverse innovative technology that ensures quality products and solutions. Their goal is definitely to give a powerful tool to their clients.

One Planet Ops provides effort in spreading their vision about Universal Philanthropy. The company shares their passion in making clients profitable as well. Since this has been founded by reputable and respected founders, anyone can surely accept quality services on time.
Why Should You Work Here?
There’s definitely a lot of reasons why people should work here. The first one is the belief that people who are working here are generally professional. You can also acquire this professionalism by working with them. Most certainly, you can also assure yourself that you will receive proper compensation too. Generally, you can also receive the benefits like what other employees take home as well. These benefits are surely loved because it helps them to deal with their finances easily. The next one is because all employees here can surely receive what is the best for them. With proper training and leadership program, employees learn more.

One Planet Ops call center office address:

  • One Planet Ops Makati
    15/F BA Lepanto Building
    8747 Paseo de Roxas
    Makati City, Philippines


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Datablazers is one of the leading outsource company. The company’s team of professionals has been in the vanguard of designing, executing and distributing solutions driven into achieving its clients’ business goals. Its combined experiences in the field of Business Process Outsourcing, Project Management, Data Management and Customer Contact Solution for over 18 years, DataBlazers Philippines is also dedicated to forge a tough partnership within its worldwide networks.

The company has started with a few clients, and these clients who chose to trust it made the company their partner. These clients have delegated it with some of the essential functions in their own operations. As of today, DataBlazers is working with an extensive range of organizations and businesses coming from different market sectors from different countries like the United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Australia, India and the Philippines. The company is kept inspired and moved with the knowledge that it is capable of making a huge and significant difference through its products, services and projects that showcase the company’s expertise in the operations, innovative technology and knowledge in the industry.


DataBlazers offers the following kinds of services:

  • Online Lead Generation
  • Lead Generation through Marketing
  • Questionnaire
  • List Rental
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Broker
  • Outbound Call Center Campaigns
  • Bespoke Capmpaigns

DataBlazers is certain that the clients’ businesses as well as theirs are definitely off to a good start.

DataBlazers Philippines call center office location:

  • Datablazers Alabang
    Richville Corporate Tower
    Madrigal Business Park
    Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Headstrong Capital Markets

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Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets is a company of global consulting and IT services that generally focuses in capital markets. The company is recognized as the world’s leading technology services provider for the securities industries and financial services, with its exceptional experience for over 20 years. These years of experience allows Headstrong Philippines in helping capital markets business operation transform by utilizing a distinctive combination of its proprietary SEPSM performance benchmarks, development focus and expertise in innovative technology.

Headstrong was obtained by Genpact Ltd. In 2011. Genpact is recognized as the world leader in business process management and technology services, influences the power of smarter processes, smarter analytics and smarter technology to aid its clients urge intelligence across their enterprise. Determined by passion for process advancement and operational excellent established on its Lean and Six Sigma DNA and the heritage of working with GE for more than 15 years, the company’s professionals of more than 60,000 around the world provide service of excellent quality to the company’s more than 700 clients from network more than 70 delivery centers in 18 countries sustaining in more than 30 languages.

Headstrong is committed to the financial services industry. The company’s team experts specialize on the industry’s distinctive issues and deliver genuine value and design their clients’ competitive advantage. Headstrong Philippines also believes that it’s not what it does, but rather how the team does it. The methods of its people are calculated, researched, recognized, adaptable and aligned in the client’s business culture. Headstrong also believes in high-touch account management being in the center of the clients’ demands at all times, while the change happens, and also while the company’s growth and streamlining is happening.

Headstrong is currently in need of a talented individual to be added to its team of professional experts. The company has announced the job post for a Software QA Tester.

Headstrong Philippines office address:

  • Headstrong Makati
    17/F Export Bank Plaza
    Sen. Gil Puyat Ave.
    Makati City, Philippines


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Circuitronix is a company that focuses in the manufacture and distribution of printed circuit boards for different typed of application which includes industrial, automotive, security systems, lighting, and other areas of functional application. The company is using the first class factories in Guangdong Province in South China, which specializes in the production units and it also builds single sided, double sided and even multilayer printed circuit boards that reach up to 22 layers. Apart from the rigid boards, Circuitronix also formulates flexible printed circuit boards, rigid flex boards and metal clad circuit boards. All of these circuit boards are built to meet the universal standard worldwide such as ISO and TS.

Circuitronix provides services to 99% of PCB technologies that are commercially accessible. The company has over 3000 technicians and associates with distinctive expertise that has been acquired through years of experience. These experts are scattered all over the world, in their base offices in North America, particularly in USA, Canada and Mexico, and in Asian countries like Hong Kong, China, India, Thailand and the Philippines.

The company is committed to listen to its customer in order to be able to equally develop plans and strategies which aim to achieve the innovative, advanced and market leading products. Circuitronix is also dedicated to innovative technology, high class quality, exceptional service and aggressive pricing. This dedication ensures that the company will have long term partnership which goes beyond the goals of its clients.

Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States of America adopted the final rules to execute reporting and disclosure requirements regarding the “Conflict of Minerals” as directed by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. Circuitronix is one of the companies which are traded publicly in the United States and it is required to release the information whether the products the company formulates or contract to formulate contain Conflict Minerals which is necessary to the utilization or manufacture of those products. The conflict minerals include tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold. The final rules are obliging the company to perform due diligence order to determine if the products contain the said minerals, however, the rules failed to define on how to perform due diligence. The proposed standard for due diligence is the framework which was established by the OECD, or Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which was also recommended by variety of industry groups.

Circuitronix Philippines office locations:

  • Circuitronix Laguna
    Unit Administration Building Industrial Park 2
    Business Center, km 54 National Highway
    Calamba City, Laguna
  • Circuitronix Cebu
    Cebu Light Industrial Park
    Basak, Lapu Lapu City
    Cebu, Philippines


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CONSISTEL is a company that provides leading global in-building wireless software solutions. It also offers system integrator for antenna systems with a track record, offering wide range experience in giving in-building wireless solutions across the globe. Consistel Philippines also creates and sets up the mobile networks that would allow people to still stay in touch even when they are inside a building – at work, at play and at home.

The company has three main areas in which they offer in-building solutions: products, services and integration. Each area matches each other, dragging on the company’s collective experiences to be able to give a world class service.

Products: The primary among the company’s products is Atrium. This product utilizes Consistel’s expertise and experience to be able to provide in-building services enterprise software suite that is both groundbreaking and revolutionary. This will allow endwise design, execution, management and certification of the project on the same software platform, and therefore changing much of the conventional pencil and paper work to a paperless or digital platform. Atrium will enable the clients to incorporate systems for mobile availability through well-organized planning and incorporation of wireless networks.

Services: Consistel brings technical and calculated expertise which has been acquired from many years of experience in the industry. The company’s business functions influences its clients revenues with the use of its consultancy and network solutions.

Integration: The company has already created and executed turnkey in-building disseminated antenna coverage solutions in more than 3000 buildings across the globe.

Through offering high value-added consultancy and state-of-the-art software applications, brand new opportunities are created by Consistel for mobile operators, vendors and partners to enhance performance, lessen costs and keep customers. The company’s consultants who are known to be on distinctive experience are always available to assist its clients to use the most current wireless telecommunications industry standards, organize strategies and utilize resources to reach high-end competitiveness and efficiency. The company aims to be the most outstanding class of wireless solutions provider in the area of voice and also of data through the use of its human capital, and acknowledging the latest technological advances in order to provide its clients with extraordinary choice and value.

Consistel is committed to be the best provider of wireless network solutions across the globe through pioneering and innovative technology. The company also aims to offer trustworthy and high quality service through customized and mountable wireless telecommunications network solutions.

Consistel Philippines office address:

  • Consistel Pasig
    2/F RFJ Building
    15 United Street
    Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Creative Crest

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Creative Crest is the company that manages the world’s first Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) center for PR-related services or PRKPO. The company is also considered to be one of the top communications consulting companies across the globe, which provides and innovation that incorporates technology and first-rate solutions in marketing communication. Creative Crest is located in the Philippines and is registered with PEZA or Philippine Economic Zone Authority.

Creative Crest Philippines has created a tactical approach with the use of digital space and worldwide communication channels to the advantage of its clients. The company is already established to utilize innovative technology to improve the reach and presence of its business partners.

Off-shore information-intensive services are being organized by PRKPO with the use of a specialized workforce. This aids the company in being capable of providing International PR at an amazingly but acceptable low cost. Furthermore, the company brings down the cost of PR while still keeping the distinctive quality of the services it offers, through its team of PR professionals whose expertise were all acquired through years and years of experience.

Through this, companies across the globe are given the opportunity to consolidate their PR initiatives, empower and give more emphasis to their respective brands. The brand new face of PR will make their brands more visible and renowned, and therefore able to manage for global brands.

With the company’s broad-ranged global visibility, partners and set of connections, PR solutions can be disseminated to any point in the world.

Creative Crest is capable of offering solutions to every challenge that its client has in the business, as the company is fully committed to provide answers to all of its clients’ needs. The company’s team of highly competitive experts is capable of addressing their clients as quickly as possible. These experts will provide guidance and assistance to the clients for any concern in the business that needs attending to. After that, they will suggest the most applicable actions and then they will execute the plan as soon as the clients give them the green light.

The company offers services in four areas: corporate and marketing communication or PR, social media marketing or ePR, CSR and some specialized services.

Corporate and marketing communication includes, but not limited to:

– Strategic Planning
– Campaign Management
– Release Production
– Strategic Distribution

ePR includes:
– Viral Campaign
– Online Newsroom
– Social Media Marketing

CSR includes:
– Impact Studies
– Stakeholder engagement
– Sustainability management

Denso Techno Co.

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As the company has been established in 1984, Denso Techno’s corporate philosophy and its spirit have shaped the very foundation of its business as it expanded both domestically and abroad, in wide ranging technological fields that include industrial equipment and information systems, with specific focus on automobile parts.

Particularly, it is the company’s technological expertise in areas that include original simulation analysis technology (CAE: Computer Aided Engineering) enhanced and designed for the bulk production of car electronics that has aided in developing the already exceptional competitiveness of the Denso Techno Group.

As the company face the persistent speed of market globalization and modification of customer’s needs, by expecting the evolution of electronics and mechatronics technology, it is committed to retain leading the industry by offering excellent added value that will go beyond the expectations of its clients and customers. As Denso Techno strives to reach this, the company guarantees that it will always remember the essence of providing exceptional value to its clients, and cultivating its employees with variety and deep expert technical strengths and brilliant creativity. The company’s team of highly-motivated, exceptionally talented and passion driven young engineers are always on the go to accept each and every challenge that they could possibly encounter every step of the way.

Denso Techno is always dedicated to always challenge possibilities, and provide innovative technology that its clients can ultimately trust. To be able to achieve this goal, it is very essential that the company gains the understanding and acknowledgement of future market demands in a timely manner, and remain in providing brand new and excellent added value that truly and ultimately pleases its clients. It is this new added value that will definitely guarantee that Denso Techno continues to be the company that its employees can be proud of, for the reason that the company inspires its clients and participate in the society development.

Business Domain
Denso Techno, as part of the Denso group, is primarily responsible for the management of process from specification development to bulk production for the enhancement and design of the bulk produced products for consumers. This covers a wide range of technical fields that includes software design, electronic circuit design and equipment design. Denso Techno is also determined in accepting the brand new technical areas as it also matures and evolves into a company that has the capacity of responding to hastening environmental changed and customer needs.

Diverse IT Innovation

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Diverse IT Innovation Inc. is a self-funded and an independent company. The company was established in 2007 and in 2010, it was incorporated under Philippine corporate law. Its clients have been expanding  and the company has already served more than 500,000 user databases. Diverse IT Philippines also builds the most distinctive and imaginative systems for all its clients, and makes it sure that the clients are being approached differently. Diverse IT Innovation is being pursued about the marketing industry and specialists in making sophisticated and strong web applications to do the job and grow relationships.

The team that consists of Diverse IT Innovation Inc. came from different aspects of life, and has worked in giant companies in the past years. Now that these people already have each other’s freelance works and traditional businesses, they are still after one common vision, which is creativity and technology. As professionals that are experts in different talents, it makes them keen to provide all types of services to their every client and business partners.

The people at Diverse IT Innovation are committed to providing excellent quality and efficient MLM Software and other IT related services with the purpose to improve the business processes of the companies of their clients. Upon doing this, they are devoted to keeping the exceptional standards of the reliability of the IT services to provide the needs of their clients. Furthermore, Diverse IT Philippines also aspires to be recognized widely and be in the lead of being the MLM System provider in the country. With its exceptionally competent and professional staff, along with the company’s innovative technology and IT services, it should be the number one choice when it comes to MLM software and any services that are IT related within the community. All of these are being aimed by the company to be delivered to the clients, while maintaining valued partnerships with its clients, making sure of improvements, best solutions for organizations and ensuring growth opportunities for the years to come.

Diverse IT Innovation is considered to be the home of the number one MLM software, Direct Selling software, Compensation Planning, Mixed and Hybrid programs among others. Its services include, although not limited to Business Website Development, web hosting, domain registration, content management system, (CMS), custom web design, web consultancy, internet marketing and outsourcing.
Recently, some of the company’s clients have been reported to have been part of DSAP (Direct Sales Association of the Philippines).

Diverse IT Innovation office location:

  • Diverse IT Quezon City
    2/F Francesca Tower
    Scout Boromeo St.
    GMA Kamuning, Quezon City
    +63 02 921 3124

Wimpex Philippines

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Believe in Best. Inspired by the latest Innovative technology and New Modern European Design and creating Ideas suitable for Modern Day Lifestyles, Wimpex is a home appliance manufacturing and distributing company that aims to making Life Easier for the people. The company was founded in 1968 in Hong Kong and supported by union of modern China factories to offer complete value added service package to its clients.

Wimpex believes that nothing is more important than a person’s convenience. Hence, from the Nation’s number one selling home appliance, Wimpex Philippines harnessed revolutionary ideas in home appliance technology, to create new products with well-being and budget in mind.

Wimpex aims to constantly dedicate itself to tender quality assured products with affordable prices to make customers’ life becomes easier and quality assured with WIMPEX Brands. It remains committed to give clients the best and latest models when it comes to household at a very reasonable selling price. Moreover, it also establishes a nourishing after sales service on the basis of sincerity and mutual benefit. It also has an open-door policy to interact and hear from customers including comments, suggestions, messages and ideas.

Among the most popular products under the Wimpex brand included Food Processor, Juice Extractor, Blender, Mill Mincer, Rice Cooker, Induction Cooker, Glass Top Cover, Gas Stove, Oven Toaster, Coffee Maker, Kettle, water dispenser, washing machines, spin dryer, aircooler, purifier and humidifier, electric fan, freezer and refrigerator, garment steamer, and iron among many others.

Wimpex Business Center is located at 18.5 KM West Service Rd., Sucat South Super Highway, Parañaque City Philippines 1700 with telephone 822-2942 loc 107 and fax 821-3131.