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10 Tips to Pass a Call Center Interview

December 13, 2017 Category :Call Center Basics 2

Online application is quite the norm nowadays, especially for the call center industry. If you submitted your resume to a call center company online, chances are you will be receiving a response either through your e-mail or telephone. If an …

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How to Rock that Call Center Interview

September 5, 2017 Category :Articles 0

You might be fretting about that call you just received, saying that you are asked to appear to that call center company where you applied, because you are listed for the final interview. This is one of the most crucial …

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Winning a BPO Job Post

June 20, 2017 Category :Articles 0

Working in BPO has a lot of perks. People are running after it because it allows them to be financially stable, physically fit, and emotionally independent. Through the impeccable training and assessments, BPO’s are able to sustain strong leaders of …

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Get Hired in BPO Using These Three Easy Steps

December 22, 2016 Category :Articles 0

Have you heard of people who seem satisfied in their life because of their job in BPO industry? Have you seen them well-off when it comes to providing their family’s needs? If yes, maybe it is the time for you …

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Ace that Call Center Interview!

December 11, 2016 Category :Call Center Basics 0

You might be too anxious after submitting your resume to that call center company where you wanted to work. There are lots of possibilities that could happen – what if your answers during the interview are not good enough for …

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How To Get Hired in Call Center Companies

November 29, 2016 Category :Articles 0

Working in a call center company has opened wide range of opportunities for people. These companies become the cradle for people who seek challenge in their career. Seasoned call center agents have found true haven when they started working there. …

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Call Center Application Tips

August 10, 2016 Category :Articles 0

High compensations and favorable benefits –What could you ask for? Call center industries have been booming nowadays because of these main things. However, getting hired in a call center company is quite challenging. There is series of unseeingly endless interviews …

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Things to Do Before Applying in a Call Center

March 6, 2016 Category :Articles 0

Here are lots of job fairs going on all over the country, and the jobs being offered in these fairs are primarily call center jobs. If you are looking for a job, and you think you could have what it …

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Tips to Pass Call Center Interview

January 10, 2016 Category :Articles 0

Apart from the substance or content of your responses to questions, one’s communication skills or the way a person speaks is also evaluated during a call center interview. An applicant’s communication skills is given weight in assessing if an applicant …

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Getting Hired In a Call Center

December 17, 2015 Category :Articles 0

Are you a college undergrad looking for a part-time job? Or maybe you already a graduate, but fresh from the academe and having a hard time getting that job which is in line of your education? No matter what you’ve …

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