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Job Hunting Tips for Call Center Agents

March 29, 2022 Category :Articles 0

Landing a job in which you yourself searched for might be one of the most fulfilling achievements in one’s career. Add to the fact that the job on which you landed on is in line with the one you really …

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How to Land a Job in a Call Center

March 28, 2022 Category :Call Center Basics 0

Just like any other job, applying as a call center agent requires a bunch of things that you should do such as job hunting, resume building, interviewing etc. All of these processes contribute to the slim chances of you being …

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Tips on Call Center Job Hunting

July 8, 2019 Category :Articles 0

While there are a great work opportunities available in the booming call center industry in the Philippines, it is nevertheless difficult to get a job because of the tough competition among applicants. People planning to build a career in the …

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Fortex Consulting

July 14, 2017 Category :Articles 0

Fortex Consulting leads the way for the recruitment in your company. We embrace the tedious process of narrowing down and eventually hiring deserving individuals for your companies. Fortex aims to be a matchmaker for companies and potential employees in terms …