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Remote Staff Philippines

September 13, 2021 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Makati 0

Remote Staff Philippines is an Australian owned contracting enterprise founded in 2007 that provides work from home jobs for Filipinos through offshoring. Like a traditional recruitment agency, Remote Staff Philippines specializes in attracting quality international clients to work with home-based …

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Does Job Security Still Exist?

October 25, 2019 Category :Articles 0

Years ago, our parents and grandparents found stable jobs, worked continuously for 20 or so years, and retired at the ripe old age of 60. Employees only needed to work diligently and they were assured of tenure. Meanwhile, employers didn’t …

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Transform Manpower & Allied Services

June 26, 2017 Category :Articles 0

Transform Manpower & Allied Services is a recruitment company that provides manpower to different kinds of businesses coming from various industries. The company makes a distinct way towards standard shift in job placement. As the company search for the qualified …

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