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Better Compensation or Better Benefits?

July 4, 2020 Category :Articles 0

When evaluating a job, people usually focus on the salary, the pay, the remuneration or the compensation. While the pay is significant, it is not all that matters in taking a job. The salary is not the sole criterion …

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Professional Claims and Intervention Services

August 24, 2017 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Cebu 0

Professional Claims and Intervention Services, formerly known as Sussman consulting is a company that serves as an employer advocate that offers service for compensation claims management and claims interventions services for third party workers. It was established in the year …

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Top HMOs in the Philippines

May 27, 2017 Category :Articles 0

According to the most popular saying, “Health is wealth.” There is a need that people have to value their health because no one else does. Thus, in one’s employment it is a must that the applicant researches whether the company …


ValueCare Health Systems

May 28, 2016 Category :Information Technology IT Companies 0

ValueCare Health Systems is a company of managed care founded by a team of medical professionals and practitioners who are dedicated to deliver far-reaching health care by means of outpatient consultation and benefits for hospitalization packaged and accessed through its …


Monroe Consulting Group

April 15, 2016 Category :Articles 0

Monroe Consulting Group is a company which first began in 2007 as a provider of headhunting services in Manila Philippines. The company has already made a reputation as a trustworthy supplier of skilled-middle to senior-level executives. The company’s search teams …

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Intellicare Customer Service

November 6, 2015 Category :Articles 0

Asalus Corporation, or more popularly known as Intellicare, the brand name of its healthcare business, was established in 1995 to help group of companies provide the healthcare needs of their employees. Today, it has developed to be the fastest growing …

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