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Call Centers inside the Mall

March 26, 2018 Category :Call Center Basics 0

With shopping malls fast becoming small cities, many service businesses have opted to put up their business branches inside malls. Aside from the retail shops for clothing wear, sports and other retail goods that one usually sees in malls, people …

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Dressing Up In Call Centers

February 26, 2018 Category :Articles 0

Most call center companies do not impose a dress code. However some companies try to put up a dress code in order to maintain a business ambiance in the office. However, there are usually no prescribed uniforms that employees …

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E-way Business Philippines

August 27, 2015 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Makati 0

A current notion on call centers hold that one’s health is in danger due to the rampancy of night shifts to accommodate clients which are usually located in the US. Due to the large time difference between our country to …

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