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Sales Rain BPO

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Sales Rain BPO provides other outsourcing services and methods to help companies reach their objectives and attain success. First of, Sales Rain Philippines provides outbound services such as aggressive telemarketing and sales, lead generation, appointment setting and other outbound campaigns (i.e. collections) to target market, which is the primary key to generating profits.

Telemarketing is the most challenging yet one of the strongest competences of Sales Rain BPO. Sales Rain Philippines offers inbound services such as order taking, and customer support for organizing conventions and conferences, and events management. Sales Rain BPO provides live and dedicated Virtual Assistants which allows leaders and business professionals to allocate time consuming administrative works and devote their time in their core duties. Finally, Sales Rain also provides Call Center Seats Leasing Services.

Quality is at the core of Sales Rain’s services. Sales Rain Philippines is composed of professionals who are naturally warm, polite and hospitable. To allow its partners to effectively optimize their costs, Sales Rain provides the most competitive prices for its services because it has its own facilities.

Sales Rain BPO call centers are located in:

Starcall 88 BPO

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Guiding you to success. Star Call 88 is a novel and cutting-edge BPO firm based in the Philippines that provide a broad spectrum of services across all business models and markets. Through its services, Starcall 88 Philippines helps client companies reduce cost without compromising quality of service, increase sales and work productivity, attain smooth & rapid transition models with zero social impact, optimize contact center & business outsourcing processes, attain flexibility towards business trends and business continuity solutions, among others.

Starcall 88 BPO is founded by Nerissa Suelto who designed a business model and process that comprised of four simple steps eases macro level management while allowing specific and targeted processes to enhance performance and conversion on a micro level across all departments. The company is composed of a management team of seasoned and expert professionals in international outsourcing and off shoring business.

Star Call 88 Philippines provides an integrated suite of customized solutions that customer acquisition, sales, customer care, retention services and technical services, interactive voice response services for both Inbound and Outbound campaigns, receivables management services as well as other back office support services. At the heart of its services is its staff which is real asset of our company. Starcall 88 BPO maintains a team of naturally talented and intelligent people who treats each client, customer and account as an integral part of their success.

Starcall 88 BPO can be contacted at Tel # : +63 (02) 9418132

Data Quest Media Philippines

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The next generation of consumer lead generation. Data Quest is a UK based consumer lead generation agency which has over years of experience in its nature of service thus perfecting the delivery of 100% accurate, targeted data for market campaign. Data Quest Media Philippines has four key services namely, Survey Generated Consumer Data, Hot Key Transfer Campaigns, Outbound Sales Campaigns and Telecoms Call Center Reviews.

Data Quest Media Philippines has been the no. 1 choice for consumer lead generation because it is young, agile and responsive to great ideas. It works on exciting challenges and opportunity to learn and progress. It offers competitive salary, dependent on experience and provides opportunity for people to work with global brands. With a global network in India, Russia, South Africa and the Philippines, it also understands the dos and don’ts of success in the offshore world.

For its consumer Lead Generation services, Data Quest Media Philippines conduct mobile and landline surveys of UK consumers across a variety of services and products including Insurance, Telecoms, Accident Claims, PPI, Finance & Warranty, Charity, Home Improvements and Leisure. To ensure transparency, sales voice files will be produced for review. Hot Key Transfer Campaigns help ensure business optimises time and resources and focus on speaking to the right person, at the right time. Outbound campaigns pertain to cold calling, sales, telemarketing and sales acquisition. Finally, Telecoms Call Centre Review involves ensuring VOIP provider’s routes ensure clear calls, give a good rate for the calls, gives the maximum talk time and connectivity and campaign data are effective.

Data Quest Media is headquartered in Suite 1B, Bedford Business Centre, 61-63 St Peters Street, Bedford, London UK. Its service delivery center in the Philippines is located in Mandaluyong city Metro Manila.

Outbounders Philippines

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Launch your outbound campaign in 15 minutes. is an affiliate company of Global Sky Inc. a high quality call center company in the Philippines established James Rick Stinson and Dr. Rob Rawson. Both have seasoned experience in the BPO industry with Stinson as founder of, the no. 1 Non-boring Source for Personal development and Rawson as founder of TimeDoctor, a time monitoring and productivity tool.

Outbounders Philippines is a BPO firm that evolved out of the clamor of clients to have hands-on control to manage their campaigns which is critical especially in the early development stage. This outsourcing set allows give entrepreneurs the tools to control their campaign directly by themselves which can further bring the costs down and increase the campaigns chances for success. especially caters small medium size companies that are just starting a campaign. Its sister company Global Sky is then recommended in case the SME wanted to scale the growing campaign with established processes. is the go-to option for virtual, hands-on, low cost telemarketing campaigns for telemarketing and inbound support campaigns. In this set up, the company only provides recruiting, calling and monitoring technology while the client entrepreneurs provide the training and management of the campaign. Clients can search the database of workers, hire them directly and launch their campaign. Focusing on marketing campaigns, the company workers mostly specialize in telemarketing, appointment setting, insurance calling, training sales, B2B and B2C telemarketing, prospecting, surveying and other outbound activities. There are also virtual assistants that provide back end administrative works. Workers can be as low $3 per hour. This allows small business to directly manage their campaigns that further reduce entrepreneur’s start-up capital requirements in launching lucrative outbound campaigns.