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Complaint Rebuttals

November 3, 2019 Category :Call Center Basics 0

Rebuttals pertain to effective responses in handling difficult irate customers who are complaining. Complaints are common because are reflections of problems and imperfection. Two of the principal things that Call center agents should possess are patience and understanding in dealing …

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Amadeus Marketing Philippines

September 26, 2016 Category :Articles 0

Travelling—this is the main and very basic ideas on how to describe Amadeus Marketing. Through this company, their technology that keeps the travel sector moving, is definitely highlighted. There products and all solutions are far way better compared to other …

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Pursuing Your Passion in BPO Industry

September 25, 2016 Category :Articles 0

Some people think that working as a call center agent marks the end to pursue one’s dreams. Since every agent has to face computers, answer calls, and respond to queries, everybody thinks that there is no decent life with this. …

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Tips to Get Sales Calls Answered

August 1, 2016 Category :Articles 0

Cold calling and selling via phone to an unknown prospect is one of the most challenging tasks in a call center. However, there are ways through which one can improve the chances of getting a positive response from clients.


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Call Center Life

February 23, 2016 Category :Call Center Basics 0

If you have been working in the call center for a while now, you would know that there are lots of different comments from other people regarding your job. Some of them appreciate the fact that it is not easy …

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Being a Call Center Agent

January 8, 2016 Category :Articles 0

When you were in school, you did your best in order to get good grades, because you believe that good grades meant a good job once you stepped out of the academe. What you do not realize while you were …

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Qualities of a Good Call Center Company

August 29, 2015 Category :Articles 0

Aside from landing a good job, you should also be looking at company that is suitable for you. This not only applies to call center related jobs, but also for all types of jobs as well. Remember, the company does …

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