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Counter Objection in Outbound Call

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Outbound calls are more complex and vulnerable to objection and rejection especially because agents are involved in cold calling. Hereunder are some tips to counter objection in outbound call.

Objections vs. Concerns. While there is a thin line between objection and concern, an agent must be able to clearly determine whether a customer raises an objection or a concern. An objection is clearly an opposition of a customer to a call which can be further reinforced by a rude talk or an angry voice. A concern on the other hand is a doubt on the part of the customer about one’s products or call.

A clear cut objection would definitely mean that the agent needs to drop the call right away while maintaining courtesy and politeness to the customer in closing the call. If it’s a concern, an agents must clearly identify the concern of the customer and address it. For instance, if the price is too high or expensive, agent must either try to rationalize why the price is high or find a way to discount the price to fit the customer’s budget.
On the other hand, if a customer asks why he/ she should go with you or choose you over other products, that agent must rationalize what makes their products better by discussing more in detail the product and how it perfect addresses solutions to the customer’s specific needs. If for instance the client says that they don’t have money or budget for your product, then the agent should focus on the product’s critical necessity and show its potential to save money for the person or company as replacement for the products or services currently in used by the customer.

Research. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Instead of focusing on countering an objection, concentrate instead of how to prevent objections on the first place. This can be done by conducting a thorough research on your prospective client before conducting a call. The idea here is for one to better understand the specific needs of a specific customer and better tailorfit the products to the needs of the prospective customer.

Good communication. Good communication is comprised by moderate talking, actively listening to clients, asking open ended questions, sounding and talking comfortably, positively and enthusiastically, and consistently showing politeness and manners. Moreover, good communication is also about timing. Make sure that you are talking to a client in his/ her most convenient time else your call would ultimately be treated as a nuisance or disturbance.


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C360 boasts a software that’s engineered to optimize your company’s customer relationship management. Through years of development, C360 has successfully ironed out the kinks of its program to make it foolproof against the ever-evolving business world. C360 is built to last for the long haul and will provide the needed support for your company’s customer relationship management.

2011 was a busy year for C360 as it was acquired by one of the giants in the CRM industry. The company become a part of 360 Vertical Solutions and has flourished in becoming one of the leading providers of CRM support through its software. As a testament to its success, C360 has become partners with Microsoft which played a part in extending its field of coverage.

Communication is the key to a successful business. C360 will provide its clients a great boost in their customer relations. C360 will improve your company’s reach without breaking a sweat as it brings you closer to your prospective clients with its unique features and straightforward approach. The boost it provides will be a game-changer in terms of fortifying the relationship between clients and customers.

Dynamic CRM services are what C360 is all about. Through its software and other productivity add-ons, C360 will shake up the way you interact with audiences while garnering more interest in the process. C360’s system is made in such a way that it’ll transcend time and will still be useful years from now. C360 is money well-spent for your company as it expedites your growth while enhancing the notoriety of your brand.

Extended CRM services such as Dynamic Virtual Bench, Customization & Migration, Dynamics Marketing Automation and Dynamics Support & Training are also provided by C360 which can be tailor-made to accord to your company’s needs and preferences while keeping your target audience in mind.

C360 is hell-bent on shaking up the usual CRM services for companies. It wants to implement a change in the industry that’ll both beneficial for the business and the company it serves.

C360 office address:

  • C360 USA
    581 Village Trace NE
    Suite 12
    Marietta, GA
    United States

Virtual Office Philippines

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Virtual Office Philippines (VOffice) offers an unconventional take on office solutions for growing businesses. The company has veered away from the confines of the usual offices and the cost that comes with running a business in it. With Virtual Office Philippines, a lot of companies have expedited their growth and cut back their expenses without sacrificing the overall quality of their operations.

The main goal for Virtual Office Philippines is phase out the traditional business setup. The company wants its clients to do away from pricey offices spaces and replace it with a more convenient virtual office. The services Virtual Office Philippines provides are more than just its novelty. These services aid the companies in terms of optimizing their operations and enhancing the level of comfortability its employees will have throughout the process.

Comfort and convenience are the trademarks for VOffice Philippines. With its virtual offices, the company can boost its clients’ overall work comfortability as they can work and meet with co-workers anywhere they are. Virtual Offices Philippines also lessens the cost of meeting in locations with future customers for deals with its virtual office system.

Conversely, Virtual Office Philippines offers Serviced Office where its clients’ businesses can reside or just rent rooms for meetings. These Serviced Offices are as beautiful as it is affordable which gives future tenants a great edge when it comes to enticing prospective clients and employees.

Additional services for Virtual Office Philippines include Accounting, Tax Services, and Bookkeeping for optimizing the back-office process of the clients’ business so they can focus more on taking the right strides towards the bigger picture.

Virtual Office Philippines believes that a harmonious workplace makes for a successful business. That being said, Virtual Office Philippines will work double hard to provide your companies with the best possible virtual office solutions and support for an uninterrupted business process.

VOffice Philippines call center office address:

  • VOffice Fort Bonifacio
    10/F One Global Place
    5th Ave. corner 25th St.
    Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


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Telexpress puts the express in telemarketing. With its vast amount of services and employees that provides immediate client support, Telexpress Philippines provides its customer a brand of service that sets itself apart from other agencies.

Since its inception in 2001, Telexpress has met great success in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry. In its early days, the company secured a partnership with CitiBank to lead its loan banking telemarketing. Also, Telexpress has been heralded quite a few times by technological giants such as Yahoo and Microsoft for the quality of its service and approval rating of clients.

As a testament to its growth, Telexpress currently has branches in Taipei, Taiwan, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen and the Philippines. All six branches are equally providing supreme quality of customer service for its clients. With a greater amount of workforce, Telexpress covers a lot of ground when it comes to catering to more clients without sacrificing the quality of support.

Telexpress’ aims to be the bridge that connects its clients to their customers while providing excellent quality of customer care service. We want to provide boundless service to our clients for the best possible customer care experience.

Through the company’s elite recruitment program, Telexperess Philippines carefully selects its future employees from a pool of talented individuals that are willing to carry our vision in their daily lives. Our agents here at Telexpress are more than ready to take on the challenge of receiving your calls and guiding you every step of the way until every issue is solved.

Aside from the usual customer care service, Telexpress also provides solutions for E-commercial branding & digital services and marketing services. Through our innovative marketing plans, your companies are sure to enjoy a deluge of interest from prospective clients.

The company’s mission is to be the number one choice when it comes to telecommunications. Telexpress won’t stop until every client has experienced the quality of its service. It’s the company’s duty to answer every query and stay on the other line until we find the solution for your queries.

Telexpress Philippines call center office address:

  • Telexpress Makati
    7/F Trafalgar Plaza
    H.V. Dela Costa
    Makati City, Philippines

DNA Micro Outsourcing

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Currently known as Drumbi, DNA Micro Outsourcing is a synergy of business, design and technology focused people working to transform the way people communicate. At its core is the belief that mobile devices, smartphones, mobile web, social media and location-based interactions have created a new metaphor for communications. Drumbi Philippines is passionate about building products that delight users and address consumer and business pain points. It allows teams to answer phone calls with significantly more customer information providing insights that will help agents better interact with callers.

Drumbi or DNA Micro Outsourcing essentially provides Valuable Caller Insights to help sales or telemarketing team possess all information they need to help close deals. It provides Context Behind a Call by delivering powerful data about callers. DNA Micro Outsourcing Philippines also provides Super Caller-ID which captures and delivers customer’s name, email address, even account number to allow agents to know prospective clients before they are connected. Insights included the device they are using, operating system, browser type, which help agent focus on helping customer. The software it provides is built for integration which means that it automatically turns calls into tickets.

Drumbi or DNA Micro Outsourcing believes that the consumer’s experience comes first hence solutions are built to delight them. It aims to be an enduring business partner. It can create opportunities for many in the ecosystem, through open systems, open source, open protocols, and active community advocacy. It maintains the highest level of work ethics and standards. It leads through example. Drumbi Philippines is aware of its environment, internal organization and external communities. It provides compensation based on merit, dedication and performance. It encourages open communications for participative management. It empowers its people to do what is right and it rewards and appreciates agility and innovation over adherence to process.

Drumbi or DNA Micro Outsourcing call center office location:

  • DNA Micro Cebu
    3/F MIT Building
    Gorordo Ave., Lahug
    Cebu, Philippines

Sample Spiels for Education Plan

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Spiels are especially important for telemarketing outbound calls. An effective opening spiel will make or break the start of a conversation with a prospective client. While there are generic spiels that one can use in introducing oneself, preparing spiels for a particular product entails certain innovativeness and creativity to make the product interesting. Here are some sample spiels for selling an educational plan:

  • It’s every parents dream to see their children attain their fullest potential. And for our children to reach this, it starts with a good foundation – a good education.
  • Save for your child’s education to help your child be the best that he can be.
  • Education is the most important legacy we can give our children. Let us ensure this legacy by investing on an educational plan.
  • Saving for your child’s education is one of the best ways to ensure his or her future.
  • If you want to give your child the tools to succeed in life, you should ensure that he gets the best education.
  • Saving for education today is guaranteeing for the future of your child.
  • Everything begins with a good education that is why investing on it is a matter of necessity.
  • Sending your children to school is a challenging task which become even more challenging each year.

Aside from the opening spiel, the script should also include a quick and brief intro of the advantages of an educational plan including Flexible payment terms, additional protection, transferability and other related benefits.