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Customer Satisfaction Spiels

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Spiels are scripts of customer service representatives that are used to manage, deliver and express quality service to customers. In the call center industry where services are principally delivered through verbal communications, spiels are a source of customer satisfaction, which in turn reveals if customer needs are fulfilled or successfully addressed. While spiels are customarily useful, they can also backfire against a customer service agent especially if an irritated customer find the spiel an obvious script and deems the service impersonal, mechanistic and insincere. Thus, agents should very well learned how to prepare and deliver customer satisfaction spiels.

One of the first things that an agent must realize is to know difference between a customer service spiel and an operating procedure. A spiel essentially is delivered as a conversation between the agent and a customer while an operating procedure is a list of guidelines or instructions that a customer service representative ought to perform. A spiel is a script of exactly what to say while an SOP does not tell you exactly what to say. Thus, a big difference lies on delivery. Spiels are exact lines to be delivered while SOPs are guidelines of what to say. An agent is hence, expected to create spiels out of the guidelines to be spontaneously conversational. If an agent uses the SOPs or reads the SOPs as they are, he/ she will sound robotic, programmed and insincere.

Aside from the spontaneous and sincere delivery of a spiel in order to be effective, another important element of a customer service spiel is its optimism. In order for a spiel to sound optimistic, it should contain words that reinforces positive attitude especially in terms of addressing the concerns of the client. For instance, instead of simply saying it will help you, the spiel increases its enthusiasm by saying it will definitely or surely help you.
Finally, a customer satisfaction spiel starts and ends with a greeting. The agent starts and ends the dialogue with the customer with a positive note.


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A subsidiary of Western Union, PetNet has successfully solidified the connection of its mother company to the network of people that need its services. Since its inception in 1998, PetNet has provided the needed third party help for transferring money anywhere around the globe. With outlets across a handful of countries, PetNet has ushered in an easier and more accessible way of transferring money whenever it’s needed.

Growth has been inevitable for PetNet. The company was able to capitalize on the money transferring market and has built an empire of outlets in 3,000 locations. Branches in banks, pawnshops, business centers, money-changers, supermarkets among other easily accessible locations help the overall process of transferring money to those who are in need at the fastest possible time.

Through the credibility its mother company has built throughout the years, PetNet has the proper foundation in terms of providing quality services for its clients. With an impressive background that spans through decades of service, PetNet will surely provide a quality of money transferring service that’ll be the standard for years to come.

Aside from its usual money transferring services, PetNet also provides the highest exchange rate for dollars. With such denomination for international remittances, PetNet clients and Western Union clients will surely be provided with better money valuation.

PetNet also provides DEPED salary loans that aim to help teachers solve their monetary problems. Powered by CitySavings Bank, PetNet’s DEPED salary loan program will make it easier for teachers to loan money for their immediate personal needs or funding for their classroom.

The company’s goal is to bring the convenience of money transferring back to its clients. PetNet hates long queues and enduring processes that can hamper the immediacy of the money that needs to be transferred. With branches that are easily accessible across the country, PetNet has definitely delivered on its lofty promise.

QQ International Services

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Retirement, immigration and property management. These are the services that QQ International Services has built its reputation around. QQ Manila deals with the legalities and other intricacies of the services it provides. The company has specific teams for accounting, legal consulting and logistics among others which assure you that every ground will be covered as QQ International Services delivers its services.

QQ International Services takes care of your future and provides you with a variety of options for your plans. The company will take the burden of planning for the future off of you, and the same time, deliver much confidence through the services it provides. QQ Manila allows you to relax and bask in the moment while taking care of the rest of your retirement plans, immigration or property.

QQ International Services will lead you to a better life after work through its retirement packages. The company is serious about giving you the rest and comfort you deserve for all of your hard work and sacrifices. QQ Manila’s Immigration service will help you find the perfect place for residence minus the hassle of going through the extensive planning and other trivial procedures. With its Property Management service, QQ International Services will be in-charge of gauging the value of your estate in the market and finding the right buyers for it.

The company’s vision is to provide quality service to its clients. Through the vast amount of options and plans QQ International Services provides, the company hopes that its clients find the perfect package and support to suit their needs. Client satisfaction is what QQ International Services is all about. The company works hand in hand with the customer to come up with the best possible service for their specific needs.

From the basic framework of “People, Partners, and Productivity”, QQ Manila aims to complete its mission of helping people plan their future while garnering partners along the way and maintaining the quality of its production.

QQ International Services call center office address:

  • QQ Services Makati
    The World Center
    Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave.
    Makati City Philippines


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Ingenuiti serves all clients through helping them achieve their goals. It is their pleasure to provide the quality services that their clients need.

Ingenuiti team is highly multicultural. Hence, various people from different countries are collaborating their best in keeping the company’s success as well. Ingenuiti promotes diversity among their people. Hence, they can manage how to work perfectly and supplement their clients’ needs.

If you are a company that seeks excellence in building the perfect image for their business, then Ingenuiti is just right for you. Here are the services of Ingenuiti

eLearning Development – For companies that train their employees, then this eLearning development is such a big help for them. The cost in hiring people and renting place is lessen. In fact, people just need to learn the lessons on their own pace.

Content Conversion – This applies to companies who need content for their websites. These days, websites are certainly an important aspect of one’s business. It dictates what the business is all about. It also contains all the details about the company and its services.

Translation and Layout – In this diversified world, there is a need for translation in order to understand how certain system works. People from other countries do not really know one language that makes them understand everything. Hence, it is important to translate.

Video Animation – In promoting one’s business, there is a need for a visual and comprehensive videos that make the explanations possible. It completes a business goal, too.

Why Should You Work Here?
If you seek the best and perfect atmosphere for professional development, then Ingenuiti is just right for you. It keeps people to grow and to continuously learn their profession. Moreover, they also let their people feel how they value them as well. Aside from these, they also provide satisfying compensation that makes their people feel satisfied. Of course, nothing beats the feeling of getting compensated in doing the things they love. Definitely, these perks combined with medical and dental card, make everything safe and secured for them.

Ingenuiti main office location:

  • Ingenuiti USA
    2876 Guardian Lane
    Virginia Beach
    Virginia, United States

Ingenuiti Philippines call center office addresses:

  • Ingenuiti Dumaguete
    DBPI IT Plaza Bldg. 2
    South National Road
    Calindagan, Dumaguete City
    Negros Oriental, Philippines
  • Ingenuiti Cebu
    Chinabank Bldg
    Lot 2 Samar Loop
    Cebu City, Philippines

Internet Game Solution and Consulting Philippines

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IGS&C Philippines (Internet Game Solution and Consulting Philippines) is an international management consulting firm that caters to top notch businesses as well as government organizations. The company assists its clients to make durable enhancements to their performance as a company and achieve their business goals. Since the company’s launch in 2005, it has already created a firm that is distinctively prepared to meet and even go beyond the requirements of its clients.

The company has its main headquarters located in Seoul, South Korea, and one of its global offices is located in the Philippines. Thus, it is guaranteed to be the number one in the industry as an all-inclusive game operations company. What’s more, the company aims for the achievement as its main goal, and work harder to provide trustworthiness to its clients.

Here are the IGS&C’s major services offered:

Mobile/Online Gaming Operation – international support throughout the game based, on skilled Game Masters.
Mobile/Online Games Development Testing (QA) – the company examines and assesses the performance of the games in order to ensure the delivery of the highest quality service and satisfaction of clients towards the product.
Online Customer Service Operation – the company also provides customer service through web and online chat.
Various Games (Infrastructure) – create content according to the process in relation to users’ inquiries, a wide ranging combined management equipment that can play such an event in the game.

Why Work at IGS&C Philippines
IGS&C Philippines is interested in people who are passionate when it comes to work. If you want to be part of the exciting team that comprises this company, you are guaranteed to have an impressive experience of working and playing together. The company is keen to enhance your skills in order to provide the best services to the gamers across the globe. If you are an online game lover and has the dedication to provide assistance to other gamers with their concerns and challenges, and you have the initiative to improve the games launched by the company, then you belong to this company.

Job Opportunities
The company is currently in search for talented individuals to be one of its team members. If you love online games and you are willing to extend help to other games, passionate about your career, has the initiative and is hardworking, then you are encouraged to submit your resume for application.

IGS&C Philippines office address:

  • IGS&C Ortigas
    10/F AIC Burgundy Empire Tower
    ADB Ave., Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines

Oz Export Support Services

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Oz Export Support Services Corp. is a company recognized as a joint service division of a mobile phone service company based in Australia. The company aims to spread out its campaign in Manila in order to deliver support and services to both of its internal and external customers. Oz Export Philippines has always been eager in enhancing organizations that are also focused the same core values such as simplicity, empathy, reliability and agility. These are the same principles that Oz Export and its employees live by every working day.

Why Work at Oz Export Support Services Corp.
Oz Export is committed to deliver quality service to its clients. If you want to work in a company that has high regards when it comes to providing exceptional services to both its internal and external customers, then working at OZ Export could be your number one priority. At Oz Export, not only you will have a job that you’d love the most, you’d also the have the opportunity to work in a place where you are surrounded with like-minded professionals. Also, the company lives every day by its core principles – reliability, simplicity, agility and empathy. These are the company’s guidelines in operating as well as managing its people to ensure each employee’s career development and career growth. Oz Export also offers impressive salary package, as well as great packages for compensation and benefits.

Job Opportunities
The company is a known call center, IT enabled services and business process outsourcing organization. Though it already has 200 employees, Oz Export aims to expand on a regular basis, thus, it is always searching for the right people to be part in its pool of exceptionally skilled individuals. If you are passionate about work and dedicated to strive for excellence, then you have what it takes to be part of Oz Export Team.

Exciting compensation packages await the successful candidates that includes the following:
– Medical benefits
– Dental benefits
– Miscellaneous allowances
– Sports facilities (gym)
– Retention bonus
– Performance incentives
– Parking

Working at Oz Export can guarantee you a bright path towards career growth and personal development. Apply now and enjoy the perks of being an associate at the company whose priority is the welfare of its people.

OZ Export Support Services call center office address:

  • OZ Export Ortigas
    Prestige Tower
    F. Ortigas Jr. Ave.
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Techquora Inc.

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Techquora Inc. offers haven for people who are into IT-related field. The company offers collaboration, and a meaningful working experience among professionals in order to come up with better ideas and solutions than other companies. Moreover, Techquora Philippines considers itself as a community. They wish to create a haven for professionals in the field of information technology. The company acts a portal for professionals to create the best ideas and plans. They have learned through research and envisioned outcomes. Indeed, Techquora provides the best and seamless services for their clients.

Their professionalism is indeed commendable because they really practice creativity among their professionals. Thus, it assures their clients that their outputs are surely made to assist the best.

Techquora offers the most reliable and quality services for professionals in the said field.

Data Management. They have collated the most practical tips, technologies, and best practices in order to protect that data of every company. It provides a seamless collation and protection of data that one must consider.

Application management. Build applications which make their clients effective and practical for people as well. Indeed, they have been recommended through this suitable services.

Budget Management. Their research-based companies provides the best proposal when it comes to budgeting. Furthermore, this also creates an effective and commendable services that make their clients efficient.

Business Continuity. Basically, they have gathered enough resources which make them continue their business. The way how they treat clients reflect themselves as an effective company.

Why Should You Work Here?
If you wish to work in a dynamic IT Company, then work for Techquora. The company has generated observable results for their clients. Moreover, it also opened more opportunities not only to their clients but also to their employees. Because of this attitude, they have created the best working atmosphere for their employees. They compensate fair and just. Aside from these, Techquora also offers perks and endless opportunities for their employees. Working here is definitely a great experience!

Techquora Philippines office address:

  • Techquora Makati
    19/F Burgundy Corporate Tower
    Sen. Gil Puyat, Makati City

Energygold Corp

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EnergyGold Corporation’s main mission is to provide a quality service that gives their clients a satisfying feedback and experience. Moreover, this company is surely engaged in the personal improvement of the Filipino communities and society as well. Basically, this company’s goal is to continuously provide a quality trading experiences for both foreign and local companies and businesses. It provides them with the service that they need in order to build the best rapport for their clients.

Their focus is in communicating from local companies to foreign investors. Hence, these are the specific aims of EnergyGold.

They have partnered with the biggest trading agencies in the Philippines. One of this is LBC. This remittance and delivery company offers the various shipping couriers among the countries. Moreover, they also provide remittance services for their clients locally. Hence, Energygold Corp. provides this kind of service.

They also strive to advocate their social responsibility in the Philippines by providing good contribution to the community in the Philippines. With the trading services that they offer, they surely provide people only with the best transactions.

This company also partnered with Lazada. This company is known to be selling items and services online. Energygold Corp has generated valuable transactions among Lazada’s customer.

Lastly, they have partnered with PayPal Holdings. This company is an American-subsidized that offers online payment system. This is one proof how professionally Energold Corp. has provided services that are of quality, too.

Why Should You Work Here?
If you wish to work in a company that is globally-recognized and globally competitive, then work here. EnergyGold Philippines surely offers professional growth to their employees. How they take care of their clients only proof how careful they take care of their clients, too. Surely, they are definitely one of the best companies that you could work with. Moreover, you should always seek job for this because they can easily give you compensation that you will surely like. Moreover, they definitely offer the best compensation that anyone can receive. If you value your career, then working here can prove how you value it so much. EnergyGold Corporation has a lot to offer. Seek their job vacancies and you will grow.

Qavalo – Endeavor Medical Systems

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Endeavor Medical Systems is now officially called Qavalo. The company is founded to address the needs of Home Health Agencies through providing assistance in achieving quality documentation. This is made possible because Qavalo Philippines believes that a perfect documentation will bring advantage to the home health agency, as well as to the clients that they serve. Qavalo also lives and works by its three main areas of importance: People, Process and Technology. Its main goal is to provide assistance to home health agencies in enhancing the quality of their patient care by means of accurate documentation.

Qavalo provides various QA services that includes the following:
– Skilled Nursing Visit Notes
– Physical Therapy Visit Notes
– Occupational Therapy Visit Notes
– Speech-language Pathology Visit Notes
– Home Health Aide Visit Notes
– Medical Social Visit Notes

The company also understands and acknowledge the other needs of its clients. Thus, it also offers other services that the clients could add in their subscription package.

Why Work at Qavalo

Qavalo is a company that recognizes the hard work and excellence of its employees. As it hires skilled individuals to work for them, the company acknowledges that the exceptional skills of its employees are the key factors for it to provide quality service and achieve success in its own field of business. Apart from providing impressive salary packages, its employees also enjoys work-life balance. Thus they have the time to spend for work, as well as quality time with their family and friends. Furthermore, Qavalo also provides opportunity for growth among its employees – it gives employees the chance to grow both on the professional and personal level.

Job Opportunities

The company is currently on the lookout for the qualified individual who can fill the post of Business Development Officer. Successful candidate is expected to assume the following responsibilities:
– Lead generation
– Plan and implement client acquisition campaigns
– Operate effective productivity reporting system
– Handle sales and negotiations

Qavalo Philippines call center office address:

  • Qavalo Cebu
    Skyrise 1
    Inez Villa St. Apas
    Cebu City, Philippines

Newton Integrated Solutions

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Newton Scanning Systems Inc. was founded in the middle of 1994 under Newton Integrated Solutions, regulated by an expatriate engineer coming from Spectra-Physics. The company is dedicated in provided world class quality service by means of timely delivery of technologically innovative products, precise and receptive assessment through exceptionally professional and talented people, and therefore shares to global competence and productivity.

Newton Integrated Solutions product line is composed of a wide-ranging list of equipment from market leader, with reliable and reputable brand names and barcode label printers, thermal transfer, printing software, barcode verifier, scanners, labels, ribbons, and data collectors. By means of this variety of equipment, the company also delivers its clients the expediency of a one-stop solutions of all their system needs.

The company has founded a strong and reliable relationship with its suppliers and also, with other leading brands in the industry. Aside from this, the company’s Technical, Support and Sales Teams were perceptively updated both with local and overseas trainings that enabled them to deliver precise evaluation of the clients’ needs and succeeding solutions recommendation to innovate fresh, unique products; it will intend to improve a variety of applications for a continually changing market place.

Furthermore, the company also aims to deliver systems that enables the clients and businesses to save time and labor while keeping the rapid growing level of profitability and security. Newton Integrated Solutions owns label-converting factory. The raw materials that the company utilizes are coming from manufacturers overseas. The company customizes blank labels to match all types of barcode printers for different applications. Also, the company gives its clients barcode printing services.

Newton Integrated Solutions envisions to support its Market Leadership in the Automatic Identification Technology and Card Printing Devices by means of presenting advanced barcode equipment, data capturing solutions, card printers and others. In addition to this, the company also intends to be an essential part of every organization’s business solutions that will increase their productivity in the lively and stimulating trends of the IT technology.

The company’s objective also include establishing customer loyalty through the advancement of the provision of customer value and customer leadership quicker, better and more wholly than its competitors.

Currently, it seeks for talented individuals to hire, develop and train so that they can be part of a diverse team of professionals of the exceptional caliber.