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Remote Staff Philippines

September 13, 2021 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Makati 0

Remote Staff Philippines is an Australian owned contracting enterprise founded in 2007 that provides work from home jobs for Filipinos through offshoring. Like a traditional recruitment agency, Remote Staff Philippines specializes in attracting quality international clients to work with home-based …

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Aspire IT Philippines

August 20, 2021 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Makati 0

Aspire IT Philippines is a subsidiary of Aspire IT International Pty Ltd., an Australian based BPO firm specializing in recruitment and human resource outsourcing. As a recruitment Specialist for the full spectrum of IT professionals, Aspire IT solves the staffing …

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MediaLink Philippines Job Openings

December 8, 2020 Category :Call Center Jobs 0

MediaLink Philippines is acquiring an in-house call center in the Philippines. MediaLink Philippines is looking for:

International Sales Agents

Other MediaLink Philippines positions available:
Recruitment Specialist
Admin Assistant

Competitive package awaits successful applicants. Guaranteed salary increase upon regularization. paid …

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OneWorld Philippines Job Openings

August 3, 2019 Category :Call Center Jobs 0

Going nowhere with your call center job? It’s time to shift gears and Join us!

One World Connections Philippines is the industry leader in providing superior innovative business solutions in international trades. OneWorld Connections Philippines is currently in need of …

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