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TranzGlobal Call Center

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Tranz Global Call Center is one of the newest contact center and outsourcing solutions companies in the Philippines that specializes in different inbound and outbound BPO solutions in the Telecom Industry. With its opening in the Philippines, Tranzglobal Philippines has expanded its global service operations, which currently concentrates in the United States, Hong Kong, Canada and Indonesia.

Tranzglobal call center also provides professional administrative support services to its diverse clients. This included financial services such as accounting and payroll preparation, human resource administration, as well as Data Entry services. TranzGlobal call center closely integrates its services with the operations of the client to ensure that their objectives are sufficiently, comprehensively and effectively met by the company. Tranzglobal is also staffed with university graduate personnel that undergo continuing professional skills training regularly to ensure that they meet the demands of the clients’ standards.

While customer service and other support services are non-core activities of its partners, Tranzglobal Philippines makes sure that these services continue to reflect and create the goodwill that its partners have long established. Tranz Global Call Center allows companies to optimize their costs without compromising quality as well as permit partners to focus on their core activities.

TranzGlobal Philippines call center is located in:


Radix Systems Services

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Radix Systems Services Corporation is an IT outsourcing services company established in 1993 to provide technical and business application skills and service systems built especially on IBM AS/400 platform and the Windows environment. Its main product solution is the Dealer management systems or DMS, a comprehensive solution for the automotive dealers’ management. It is composed of complete module for managing operations of a dealer system including parts Reference Maintenance, Parts Sales Requisitions and Issuance, Demand or Stock Analysis, Purchase Order Preparation, Receipts from Deliveries or Inter-department Transfers, Stock Returns with Credit Memo or Parts Return Slip, Stock Adjustments and Physical Count, Service Operations, Service Reference Maintenance, Repair Estimate Preparation and Outstanding Repair Monitoring and Accounting Support. Other services provided by Radix Philippines included Systems Development (using the RADIX Systems Development Methodology system to ensure consistency in design and program standards), Staff Supplementation (Programmer Analyst, Senior Programmer, Regular Programmer and Junior Programmer), Training & Education (with courses such as AS/400 Basic Concepts and Utilities, CL Programming, RPG/400 Fundamentals, RPG/400 Advanced Progrramming, RPG III to RPG IV Migration Course, COBOL/400 Fundamentals, etc. ); Payroll Express (to Company, government or bank) and Web Development (integrated ecommerce solutions that provide scalable business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) site applications).

While Radix Systems specialized in BM AS/400 / iSeries (RPG ( ILE & OPM ), COBOL ( ILE & OPM ), AS/400 Java and CLP/CLLE), it utilizes other applications software for its system development projects such as Visual Basic / VB.Net, Visual C++ / C#, SQL ServerIBM DB/2, Oracle DB and MySQL for Database, Visio, Visual Studio /, Visual Studio.Net, and FrontPage for development framework and AS/400 Client Access, COM/DCOM, MTS/COM+, Sockets Programming and Crystal Report for programming interfaces.

RADIX Systems Services Philippines call center office location:

  • Radix Mandaluyong
    6/F Globe Telecom Plaza II
    Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City
    Tel: (63)(2) 747-0346

What is a Call Center?

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A call center is a centralized office the principally functions to receive calls to provide customer services or give calls to market products and services through a telephone. Depending on its trust and objective, the call center may receive incoming calls for product support or information inquiries or initiate outgoing calls to clients to market, advertise, sell products or services or collect debts, among others. The keyword here is “call” which means that all service operations are facilitated through a telephone. If the company also engages in the use of other media such as email or chat in interacting with customers, then the office would be more appropriately referred to as a contact center.

A call centre office is usually operated through a broad space subdivided by partitions to create individual work stations of every agent. Each workstation is usually installed with a computer with a headset. All computers are networked and linked to a central database that is controlled by management.

Most major businesses have traditionally used call centers to interact and deal with their customers. Financial credit card institutions use call centers for debt collection of delinquent clients. Utility companies (e.g. Meralco) and Telcos (e.g. Smart and Globe) use call centers to receive customer inquiries and complaints. The emergence of the call center industry in the late 90’s however was spurred with the growth of outsourcing. Many multinational call center companies came to the Philippines to subcontract the call center requirements of the companies abroad. The Outsourcing phenomenon has drastically taken a big leap due to the standardization and decreasing cost cheaper of IT hardware and software platforms, the faster telecommunications technology and the availability of cheap quality manpower in the Philippines.

There are basically three kinds of a call center, the inbound, outbound and the blended. The first type handles call initiated by clients, the second pertain to calls made by agents to clients and the last is a combination of the both. Call centers that also utilize web based media for customer interaction (e.g. live chat) and facilitate online transactions are called Web Enabled Call Centers. Call center companies that is specializes in sales promotion and product promotion are specially called Telemarketing Call centers.