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Disadvantages of Customer Retention

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While companies normally aim to establish strong relations with customers and achieve customer retention, they also recognized that there are also disadvantages in customer retention as follows:

Old market. Maintaining a customer database is a must. However, there should be a continued endeavor to create or find new market else market will be saturated and the product sales may stagnate. This is especially true for products where there is a fast phase of obsolescence. Focusing so much on customer retention can make one’s products outdated. This was experienced for instance by Harley Davidson, which is a well known American motor brand. This company went into a brink of bankruptcy in the 1980’s because of its focus on customer retention. Unfortunately, when its target market started to age (i.e. babyboom generation), product sales start to stagnate resulting to the gradual decline of the company. After learning its lesson, the company started creating products that appeal to new generation customers to keep itself afloat. Thus, focusing on the old market can stifle a company’s progressive effort to maintain relevance to the dynamically changing market.

Too many discounts. Loyal customers tend to be demanding. They want more discounts and other incentives which they feel they deserve or the company owes them for being loyal to the company. Because of this, companies usually earn less to retained customers despite providing equal level of service or product to new customers.

Two heads are better than one. Retained customers tend to have strong familiarity with the company and its products. This can be disadvantageous in a way because these circumstances tend to make the thinking of old customers more akin with the company. If that happens, the old customers tend to stop seeing things from outside, which could have helped the company to create innovative changes for the improvement of the products. Old customers tend to become ineffective sources of innovative changes for product development because of too much familiarity with the product and the company.

Bored and fatigue. Variety is the spice of life. Some retained customers tend to become bored with the company that they would prefer products of rival companies for a change. If your rival company serves your retained customers well, the possibility of finding your greatest foes is high. Retained customers are the company’s best friends and can potentially become the company’s worst enemies as well.


Innov8tive Design & Development

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Information Technology is considered as one of the advancement in the field of business. It has a great impact that allowed people to work with ease and efficiently. In today’s generation, it has equipped the workforce with the capacity that they have never thought of. Thus, Innov8tive Design & Development has come to existence. This company focuses on providing services that serve greater good for every business. It has been one of the best businesses when it comes to web design and development solutions. Moreover, Innov8tive Design Philippines has included Search Engine Optimization that allowed clients to be seen and visible online. This company gives the branding needed by any company. Thus, making a business truly profitable.

Products and Services

Web Design & Development – This provides services which are made in order to create a comprehensive profile for any business. Through a website and a clear layout and design, a company can express its vision and goals which make them visible for others.

Domain and Hosting Registration – Since having a website is not enough, business should have domain and website host. This enables a company to have a legitimate domain.

Digital Marketing – This exceeds the limits of a traditional marketing. Through using social media, a business is able to reach its target market. It needs

Search Engine Optimization – This enables your possible clients to search you online. Moreover, it surely directs your target market whenever these people are searching one of your services.

Corporate Branding – A corporate has to stand out. Hence, there is a need of corporate branding. This adds a little flavor to a company. Thus, this makes them different from others.

Software Application – Aside from having a website, software application is definitely important because it gives a clearer version on how to do certain tasks in a company.

Why Should You Work Here
Working with Innov8tive Design gives you an edge because it is an IT/technology based company. Thus, this creates various innovations which are related to some tasks. It also provides people with a unique training and exercise as well. It also offers competitive compensation. It has widely used benefits that would cater one’s medical and dental needs. There is no need to worry because this company has a good working atmosphere that allows people to work harmoniously. Lastly, Innov8tive Design is composed of dynamic team that would support you all the way to the top.

Shift Interactive

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Digital Innovation. This is definitely one way to describe this company. It has a wide range of services which are all technology related. This ranges from creating the apps and innovation that would help a business increase its revenue. Shift Interactive assists a business in keeping a close contact with their clients. Hence, there is definitely a favorable return of investment once this task is done.

Products and Services
This technology-based company has a wide range series of services that could assist a business the way it never used to. These services are the following:

Customer Relationship Marketing – This refers to keeping communication lines open to the clients. In addition to that, marketing using this one has generated better return of investment.

Direct Mailers, Telemarketing, Database Management and Analysis – These services are custom tailor to meet the necessary analysis needed by the business. Through this, one is able to communicate effectively to their clients and target market.

Digital Campaign Planning and Development – This aids in keeping a business consistent and relevant. Planning and Development for any company are necessary to keeping things updated.

Website development – Hosting, email marketing, mobile content and broadcasting are included in this service.

Digital media strategy – Campaign optimization, creative optimization are included in this service. This has been done to create and inspire the business to be technologically advanced.

Digital Research, Trade monitoring, Customer and Partner acquisition – This keeps a business going. Developments are done through these reliable services.

Staff Training and Program deployment – Aside from the technological advancements, staff must be advanced as well. Hence, training and program deployment should be done.

Why Should You Work Here
The fact that Shift Interactive is IT/technology-based makes it easier to rely on. This has surely one of the best IT companies that made it to the top. Moreover, this company has offered competitive salaries and benefits to its staff. Joining this prestigious companies guarantee you learning and fruitful insights from managers who are experienced and well-trained in the field. These people create harmonious relationships to the other people in the job. Hence, there is no need to worry too much about the work atmosphere. These people can assure you professional development because series of challenges that you will be facing. With these factors, you may want to consider applying in this company. You will always feel that you are in good hands.

ObjectBright Philippines

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ObjectBright Philippines is a top provider of IT services and all services related to product development. The company is composed of highly seasoned team of marketers, developers, and engineers. This partnership has made them the leading provider. Hence, if you want to make things easy for a company, one should consider seeking services from ObjectBright.

Basically, ObjectBright Philippines has made business easier for the merchants who wish to create their identity online. Its assistance offers consistency and competence to any business.

Products and Services
This IT-related company has offered various services to its clients. These are the following:

Web Design and Development – This service aims to design a comprehensive and detail website that would summarize all the details for a business. With just few clicks, a website visitor can easily grasp what a business is.

Web and Email Hosting – When the website has reached its target market, then that is the time that a business owner should look for a consistent set of people who will maintain the website. Email hosting service is simply giving updates and replies to the clients, too.

Mobile App – Target market is easily seen through the use of Mobile Applications. Users are indulged in using their mobiles. Hence, through applications for mobile, they are in easy reach.

Search Engine Optimization – This refers to articles that are especially made to attract visitors to a website. Through using keywords that will be searched online, a website can be easily found.

Social Media Management – Social media has made a great way to attract visitors. Hence, through managing an active and friendly account, a business will surely reach its target market.

Why Should You Work Here
This company offers the right and bright solutions not only for their clients but for their staff as well. Through giving competitive compensation and benefits, ObjectBright Philippines cares to its staff as well. Their goals and missions can assure you learning and insights like no other. A group of experienced and seasoned managers surely helps you in your career path. Training is guaranteed for everyone. Once one started working here, they can experience the extreme challenge yet insightful wisdom that this company offer. With these, one surely develops his personality and disposition in life. Goals are set well and ideals are achieved too.

ObjectBright Philippines office address:

  • ObjectBright Alabang
    5/F Kingston Tower
    Acacia Avenue
    Alabang, Muntinlupa

Sagabay Outsourcing Services

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Sagabay Outsourcing Services is a company that is dedicated to offering quality and inexpensive priced BPO services to clients and business owners both domestic and international, who need short, medium or long-term outsourcing services for their organizations. Sagabay Philippines provides various services such as call center, social media marketing, web development, training and consultancy that meet the various business needs of its clients. The company ensures that it addresses the clients’ outsourcing needs efficiently in order for their businesses to grain increase when it comes to productivity.

Call Center Setup and Training – Over the years, Sagabay Outsourcing Services have assisted other companies in setting up and establishing their own call centers from ground up. Sagabay offers basic trainings in sales, customer service, call process, product specifics, computer and systems usage and a lot more depending on the training needs of its clients.

Call Center Services – Whether the clients need inbound or outbound telemarketing services, customer support or even just plain phone answering services, Sagabay can definitely address these demands. The company also provides call center services such as inbound and out bound telemarketing, technical support, sales, customer service, sales service, after sales services, and appointment setting, customer retention, lead generation, order taking processing, customer follow-up and after hours receptionist among others.

Social Media Marketing Services – just like any other marketing activity, the purpose of social media marketing is to boost the awareness and public knowledge of the clients’ businesses, products and services. The business’ presence in the internet is absolutely useful to involve people, especially potential customers to become customers, thus, increasing the company’s ROI. Sagabay Outsourcing provides assistance in social marketing services like managing the business’ social media pages and increase the exposure of the clients’ products and services to their target markets.

Web Hosting and Web Development – if the company is just starting, or setting up a new level, Sagabay BPO can definitely provide assistance, as it helps companies create and develop web presence by building inexpensive but quality and professional websites. Affordable web solutions are also provided, as well as web management.

Technical Support – Sagabay also offers outsourcing services for technical support for companies which do not have their own technical support team. From desktop support, networking, cabling, reformatting, back up and PC maintenance, Sagabay can provide all these services.

Field Sales Representative – Sagabay also provides field representatives for companies that need somebody to visit and do sales calls to their prospective clients in the Philippines.

Sagabay Philippines call center office address:

  • Sagabay Mandaluyong
    6/F Conservatory Building
    Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City


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Wirecard is a company that focuses on providing software and IT specialist for outsourcing. It also offers services such as white label solutions for giving out processing products and payment. Apart from that, Wirecard also delivers financial organizations and institutions, as well as regional and international vendors in Asia Pacific with a huge variety of payment and issuing processing, as well as also solutions for fraud management.

Wirecard Philippines offers services and solutions to specific needs and requirements of regional merchants and vendors across a wide spectrum of industries, the company is also linked to more than 50 financial institutions and organizations and local payment planned in Asia Pacific. The subsidiaries of the company in the Asia Pacific are part of Wirecard AG, which is located in Germany and listed on the Duetsche Börse Frankfurt (Frankfurt Stock Exchange, FSE), Prime Standard.

Wirecard offers its customers not only easier but also more secure payment methods that guarantee the clients of a better position to effectively begin and maintain the clients’ position in the market. The possibility of online and mobile commerce in particular can only be misused with target group specific solutions.

The company is also committed to deliver fundamental payment solutions, both national and international. It is also dedicated to provide services that are relevant for all major currencies. Wirecard guarantees all of its clients to find the best and the most suitable solution for a specific need of a client, and this solution is designed to the client’s business model and target market, which will also allow simple yet reliable payment for customers while at the same time guarding the client against default in payments.

The solutions that Wirecard offers are reliable, transparent and no doubt cost effective. These solutions can easily be combined with the IT structures that are already existing and some of the company processes that have already been established.


  • Processing of Credit Cards – This service offers clients card payments in the most secured way and without any risk.
  • SEPA Direct Debit – This service pertains to the low cost payment collection that caters to 33 countries in Europe.
  • Online Banking Payments – This service allows customers to utilize e-Banking worldwide.
  • Alternative Payments – This service refers to the market-oriented expansion of payment options.
  • POS Solutions – This service allows the company to support merchants and vendors of all sizes and of different needs and requirements.

Leadamorphosis Philippines

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Leadamorphosis is a Philippine based call center company that specializes in handling voice and non-voice outbound sales and calls and telemarketing for US clients. The company’s name was derived from the fusion of the term lead and concept metamorphosis, a biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt evolution. In the same token, the company approaches lead generation in a gradual evolving manner to ensure the maturity or the successful transformation of prospects to sales. Leadomorphosis Philippines provides a unique planned and calculated in conducting its campaign from proper identification of target market, market analysis, to database clean up among others for effective telemarketing.

Leadamorphosis was formerly known as Vector BPO, an American-owned and managed full-service contact center established in 2008 that provided medium sized companies high quality, cost effective contact center solutions. The company initially focused on lowering costs and increasing efficiency. While it maintained the execution and transparency model that provides consistency, the organization requires exceeding customers’ expectations. The new Leadamorphosis company which started in 2013 developed expertise in the more challenging proactive services of the company namely sales and outbound calls. Incidentally, the company also merged with another BPO company called Sasnet, an American owned BPO Company Based in the Philippines and are catering US, UK and AU clients for their customer support needs and sales force. It particularly handled non-voice marketing for home security gadgets.

Leadamorphosis has caught media attention in 2014 after the company has been charged for the illegal termination, non-payment of benefits, among others before the National Labor Relations Commission-Regional Arbitration Board by some of its disgruntled customer agents. The issue has yet to be resolved.

Leadamorphosis Philippines call center office location:

  • Leadamorphosis Cebu
    6/F Dakay Building
    72 N Escario St.
    Cebu City, Philippines
    Tel: (032) 253-8988 local 8333
    Mobile: 0918-9484012

Eastwest BPO

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Also known as EastWest Ventures Connect Inc., Eastwest BPO is a US-owned and managed Call center that provides small to medium sized businesses offshore contact centre solutions with a special focus on the wholesale sector. Eastwest BPO Pampanga has a huge portfolio of commercial voice & data clientele that permits it to leverage its buying power to offer the best products, services and best prices available today in the telecom industry.

Guided by a threefold mission of exceeding client’s and their customer’s expectations for quality, value, and reliability, providing a better level of work for less money while expanding the growth of our client companies and providing custom tailored services to meet the needs of client’s target markets, the company capitalizes on experience, expertise, focus and technology to attain success.

Among the services offered by Eastwest BPO included industry Benchmarking through thousands of consumer surveys, mystery shopping by using unbiased third-party shoppers to gather actionable data, Call Center Review and evaluation and recommending improvements, social Media Research for benchmarking and improving shopper experience, Customer Studies that rank and prioritized list of your customers’ wants and needs, Analysis & Strategy using a variety of types of statistical analyses, Lifetime Value Analysis to identify your most valuable customers, Competitor Benchmark to identify and compare to direct competitors and industry leaders.

Eastwest BPO is located at Building 39, Berthaphil II, Manuggal St., Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles city Pampanga, Philippines 2023.

Survey Sampling International

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Survey Sampling International (SSI) is the premier international provider of opinions to drive business success. It provides insights to which over 3,000 companies worldwide depend to grow and operate their business. Founded in 1977 by Tom Danbury and Beverly Weiman, SSI is the first commercial market research sampling company which today operates in 18 countries. Survey Sampling Philippines provides CATI, questionnaire design consultation, programming and hosting, online custom reporting and data processing, sampling, data collection and data analytic solutions for consumer and business-to-business survey research among others.

Survey Sampling International links leading brands with their target markets to transform opinions into business-driven data, which can be used for brand-testing technique, support on a mobile strategy, choosing the right methodology for long term trackers, short-term diaries, or polls. Among the most popular products and services of Survey Sampling International is the B2B Insight which is used to distinguish a company from its competition. With its accuracy, precision, reliability and support, Survey Sampling Philippines can clearly plan they next business-to-business market research project.

Another popular service is the CATI, which is ideal for a research project that requires a personal touch. A Consumer Sample involves getting a sample from a target market to actually understand the market. It also provides Do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions. Data collection included Live interviewing over a landline or mobile phone, or self-completion via mobile phone, tablet or PC. Finally, Survey Sampling Philippines research Solutions included all survey support needs from programming and hosting, data processing, coding, weighting, tabulation, database appending, and questionnaire consultations.

Survey Sampling International is headquartered in Shelton, CT, USA.

Survey Sampling Philippines office address:

  • SSI Cebu
    Mactan Economic Processing Zone 2
    Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

SD Solutions IT Outsourcing

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Information Technology for every business. Established in 2006, SD Solutions IT Outsourcing Inc. (SDS) is a Philippine-based application development and IT outsourcing company comprised of expert IT professionals, dedicated in providing efficient IT services and solutions that will catapult companies in attaining their full potential with the right technology solution. IT is what we do – this essentially sums up the expertise and the mission of the SD Solutions Philippines in helping companies whether Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Government, Media & Entertainment, Transportation & Logistics, Distribution or a BPO company, thrive and survive in this global age of information technology.

SD Solutions IT Outsourcing offers a suite of products and services that are flexible and configurable to any existing system of companies including SDS Connect, SDS Engage, SDS Empower, and SDS Reach. The software helps businesses achieve sustainable competitive edge. SD Solutions Philippines helps businesses build a solid ground in the industry by being in line with the current technological innovations through the provision of competent business resources and effective solutions needed by our clients.

Among the major services of SD Solutions Philippines included Web & Mobile solutions for connecting your business to the mobile world through SDS Connect, which provides online solutions to bridge business to customers and secure a foothold at the online community. SDS Engage allows for increasing efficiency through systems & application. It provides custom electronic and web-based resources that allow focus on business development. SDS Empower facilitates outsourcing by provides businesses with competent professionals and resources that can give you cost efficient functions through operations management, technology development or business consulting. Finally, SDS Reach is for Online Marketing that will provide companies with online tools to effectively reach target market and understand and interact with them.

SD Solutions IT Outsourcing call center office location:

  • SD Solutions Pasig
    4/F JG Building
    C. Raymundo Avenue
    Pasig City, Philippines
    Tel:(02) 655 7406