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Chartis BPO Philippines

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Chartis BPO Philippines (Chartis Technology and Operations Management Corporation) is a worldwide Business Process Outsourcing and Technology Services to Chartis Insurance Companies all over the country. Because of its highly specialized operations and market, Chartis call center however was controlled as a separate division. Chartis Philippines’ dedication to extend their services to the other parts of the globe have reached its major success in captivating business that provides quality and world class service.

The CTOM Philippines was first established by Chartis Insurance as the IT solutions and Business Process that provide assistance in terms of delivering excellent services to manage the monetary performance and economical augmentations of Chartis. Today, Chartis call center has evolved as a world-renowned leading property-casualty and specifically general insurance organization that caters over 40 millions people from in 160 countries around the world. As of the moment, Chartis Philippines has a record of 90 years of deep experience and history. Chartis BPO is considered as one of the industry’s most comprehensive service company that offers a wide-range of products and services. Through the extensive experience of employees in insurance and finance, Chartis enabled its commercial and personal insurance consumers in a similar way to handle and manage practically any problems a company faced.

Chartis BPO call centers are located in:

Bitsavvy Philippines

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Bitsavvy Philippines is a company that’s focused on providing top notch IT, Development and Marketing solutions to its clients. The company was founded in 2014 and is the primary supplier of marketing and technology services to two major companies, Dynamic Quest, and Red Letter Marketing.

With headquarters strategically located in Clark Free Port Zone (Philippines) it’s more accessible to airports for clients and naval bases that may need the company’s services.

In no less than three years, Bitsavvy Philippines has started to create buzz and make a name for itself while attracting potential clients along the way. Through the quality of services it provides, Bitsavvy Philippines has jumpstarted campaigns and developed countless models for successful Marketing plans and innovative IT solutions.

Android and iOS development are two of the primary services Bitsavvy Philippines provides which revolves around creating and developing applications for the consumers and our clients. Web Development for your websites and other web content is also covered by Bitsavvy Philippines’ development services.

Bitsavvy Philippines also provides marketing services like digital marketing and research. Through our help, your marketing campaigns will surely hit the mark for your target consumers. The company will create a rundown of current and future trends so you’d always have a fresh marketing strategy.

IT Solutions, namely Cloud Support, Data Analysis, and Database Administration are few of the services we provide to secure your data and strengthen your protection against hackers and support for the traffic from your clients.

Bitsavvy Philippines aims to connect the companies to its target audience with unique Marketing Strategies. The company’s primary goal is to expedite the development of its client’s brand to generate more income, and in turn, provide Bitsavvy Philippines more credibility in that specific field. Bitsavvy Philippines’ vision for its IT solution is simple: to provide an innovative stream of information for their clients.

Bitsavvy main office:

  • Bitsavvy Clark
    3/F Clark Center 7 Berthaphil Clark Center
    Jose Abad Santos Ave., Clark
    Pampanga, Philippines

Upmedio Philippines

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Upmedio Philippines is a digital company that offers information technology services to its clients. It has partnered with lots of companies. and owned by professionals who are serious in their business. They focus in looking for various ways which are IT-related too. Upmedio Philippines creates solutions that assist the companies in what they need to achieve. Furthermore, they also provide the services that every business needs. In addition to this, this company is also a collaboration among nations which seek to provide success to their clients. They also are composed of professionals who are all experienced in what they do. They make sure to create more innovations that assure quality outcomes as well. They have come up with concepts which make everything possible. Indeed, this team speaks different languages because they value the importance of effective communication.

This business process outsourcing company has offered services that commits to effective and real outcomes. Here are some of their services.

They offer web development and design for their clients. Since having a web site is an essential factor in all businesses, Upmedio Philippines has planned of creating a web site that promotes the highlights of every companies. They do know how SEO works.

They also offer application development. Since having application is in demand these days, this company aims to provide the necessary applications that people need. Moreover, they have generated the things that every app needs.

Branding is an essential thing that a company needs. This adds life to a business or company. A business is easily known when they are presented in a clear and effective package as well.

Marketing makes the world go around for the business. The proper way in marketing has been planned by Upmedio Philippines. They create proposals that are just affordable to all.

Why Should You Work Here?
There are times that employees need to work on their professional development. This is what Upmedio Philippines provides. They train their employees and people in the field that they are in. They do know what the needs of every employees are. Thus, it also assures their employees of unlimited doors of opportunities. Since there are lots of perks and benefits, this company definitely makes sure that their business is made perfect not only for their clients but also for the team. Hence, get your resumes and apply in Upmedio Philippines.

Contexta Global

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Contexta Global is one of the excellent global business process outsourcing company in the field of US and Australian clients. The company has ten years of experience in the field of business process management, customer engagement, and other information technology solutions. In line with this, Contexta Philippines truly values their clients much more than themselves. In assuring them with quality outputs, they have formed the best group of professionals for their clients.

Contexta Global Inc. has talents who give their best for their clients with the best services. Here are the following.

Information Technology Services – Dealing with information technology services are already made easier with Contexta. They are composed of group of IT professionals who are surely expert in what they do. They make sure that their software and everything is in order.

Business Process Outsourcing – Basically, this deals with everything about customer’s feedback and queries. With outstanding customer service solutions, this company definitely gives the best for their clients. Hence, one can definitely be assured of what is the best for them.

Customer Software Development – This ensures that the quality of the customer service given by the company is perfect and satisfying. Moreover, they ensure that what they do is in order and proper alignment as well. This software definitely shows how efficient their agents are. Most probably, they can definitely be contented in all questions they ask. Clients gain feedback that they expect. Thus, this makes their company customer friendly, too.

Why Should You Work Here?
If you wish to challenge yourself with new learning, then you should have this work for you. It is a case where people do indulge themselves with learning and challenges. They deal with this because they can assure themselves of professional development, too. In addition to this, they also have compelling compensation that makes it possible for the employees to achieve the best person that they can be. Hence, apply now.

Contexta Global Philippines call center office address:

  • Contexta Ortigas
    24/f Unionbank Plaza
    Meralco Ave. cor Onyx Rd
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

I-Bridge Systems

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The name i-Bridge is from the phrase, “International Bridge” because it aims to be an international company in providing the IT-related services to its clients. I-Bridge Systems Philippines goals are to provide a long-lasting service that is used by companies which are in need of assistance with this.

i-Bridge has come to existence when they cannot build a team of software engineers in Japan. Hence, they realize that the only way to expand their business is to look for another place that would cater the skills and talents that they are looking for. For this reason, the company has decided to stay in the Philippines. Philippines has given them enough human resources that enable the people to stay in their company.
Products and Services

Information Technology services are solely provided by this company. These services are the following:

Embedded Systems – This is the creation of device drivers and protocol stacks that serve as the middlewares. This allows the communication between the PC/WS and the built in system. This marks a good start for a new company because it prepares people to know certain things.

Cloud Computing Development – This is the migration of on-premise systems or applications. This may sound too technical; thus, a little explanation and job from expert is needed.

Mobile Application Development – This works for iOS and Android tablets or phones. This company can provide the application that every client needs. Thus, this should be given priority as well since most people are into using mobile and tablets.

Web-based System – This service is embedded systems development for configuring wired/wireless devices using browser. They also provide application tools for software. Aside from that, they also give customization for Printer/MFC Driver. Hence, this company comes with a complete package that every business needs.

Why Should You Work Here?
If you are an enthusiast in information technology and its related trends, then working in this company is totally perfect for you. It gives you the job experience that you would like to have. You are not going to have a job but a career that you will surely treasure for the rest of your life. Most probably, you will also enjoy working with people who have the same interest with you. Experienced person may be your coach as you take the step in being a professional consultant in this firm. With competitive compensation, this company surely gives the things that you would like to have in your career.

I-Bridge Systems Philippines office address:

  • I-Bridge QC
    Cyberone One Building
    Quezon City, Philippines

Headstrong Capital Markets

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Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets is a company of global consulting and IT services that generally focuses in capital markets. The company is recognized as the world’s leading technology services provider for the securities industries and financial services, with its exceptional experience for over 20 years. These years of experience allows Headstrong Philippines in helping capital markets business operation transform by utilizing a distinctive combination of its proprietary SEPSM performance benchmarks, development focus and expertise in innovative technology.

Headstrong was obtained by Genpact Ltd. In 2011. Genpact is recognized as the world leader in business process management and technology services, influences the power of smarter processes, smarter analytics and smarter technology to aid its clients urge intelligence across their enterprise. Determined by passion for process advancement and operational excellent established on its Lean and Six Sigma DNA and the heritage of working with GE for more than 15 years, the company’s professionals of more than 60,000 around the world provide service of excellent quality to the company’s more than 700 clients from network more than 70 delivery centers in 18 countries sustaining in more than 30 languages.

Headstrong is committed to the financial services industry. The company’s team experts specialize on the industry’s distinctive issues and deliver genuine value and design their clients’ competitive advantage. Headstrong Philippines also believes that it’s not what it does, but rather how the team does it. The methods of its people are calculated, researched, recognized, adaptable and aligned in the client’s business culture. Headstrong also believes in high-touch account management being in the center of the clients’ demands at all times, while the change happens, and also while the company’s growth and streamlining is happening.

Headstrong is currently in need of a talented individual to be added to its team of professional experts. The company has announced the job post for a Software QA Tester.

Headstrong Philippines office address:

  • Headstrong Makati
    17/F Export Bank Plaza
    Sen. Gil Puyat Ave.
    Makati City, Philippines

Xcel Solutions Corp

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Xcel Solutions Corp is a company that is recognized as a global leader in IT that delivers endwise information technology services. The firm operates with various small, medium and large organizations and businesses from different industries such as BFSI, Telecommunications and Media, Technology, Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing, Media and Retail. Xcel is dedicated to provide high class solutions by means of innovative and liberal results that will aid its clients to attain the IT strategies and business goals. Xcel Solutions Philippines has developed its expertise in over a decade of experience in the industry, in areas of IT consulting, professional services, software development and management among others.

Xcel Solutions Corp. is a leading service provider in information technology with a recognized track record of delivering value added services to companies included in the Fortune 500. The company’s attention has always been in the creating powerful relationships with its clients by means of its excellence when it comes to service and cost containment practices.

Xcel Solutions offers the following services:
– IT Consulting
– Software Development
– Project Management
– Managed Services
– Professional Services

The company has three main world-wide operation centers located in New Jersey, USA; Mexico City, Mexico and Manila, Philippines, serving its clients at different locations globally.

Xcel Solutions Corp. also intends to be the leader in the market as the Best-In-Class that provides excellent quality service that exceeds its clients’ expectations. The firm is skilled and proficient as well as qualified to attain its goals and objectives and keep its customers’ trust and maintain a long term relationship. The company also acknowledges that IT staffing also has to deliver skilled professionals to exceed clients’ expectations.

The company is always on a research regarding progressive technologies in its interest to deliver the high class technical solutions through the use of its resources. In this insight and on its exceptionally skilled professionals worldwide, the company has already developed a solution that will:
– Ensure to get the best aspirants with all the needed skill sets – fast and cost effective.
– Decrease the costs through a hybrid staffing program.
– Quicken the client’s time to market and ROI.

Xcel Solutions Corp. has also built its own Contemporary Enterprise Staffing Solution Product that would give it the guarantee to acquire exceptionally skilled professionals faster and cost effectively. The company is also thorough when it comes to screening procedures to make sure that when it gets the candidate to the client, the candidate is an excellent match for the client’s needs.

Nezda Technologies

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Nezda Technologies provides competent and competitive staff to those companies who need it. Whether it is IT or non-IT related, their workforce is truly commendable and resourceful as well. It is their primary objective to fill out the vacancies in a certain company to give solution to the staffing challenges that vary from the search for a talent to completing quick-fill demands. Through this company’s insight, knowledge, and expertise, this has created exceptional connections every day.

Nezda Technologies Philippines only started as an IT Temporary filling staff. But now, it has expanded its services to bigger opportunities for their clients. Their goals of providing a real workforce have enable them to be on the top.

Products and Services
Nezda is not limited to giving temporary staff for Information Technology. It has expanded its services. These are the following:

  1. Staffing Services – This service serves as the backbone of every company. Without a reliable and competitive staff, a business cannot stand. It appears that the staff should be considered after the establishment of the company in order to get the company working.
  2. Information Technology Services – If the staff are the backbones of the company, then IT services are the muscles. Through this, the staffs are able to do their tasks. This makes working simple and fast. If this is not available in the company, then that company would be considered as ancient. There is no presence of modern technology in it.
  3. Expertise – This offers advice and other consultation for people who are just starting their companies. When a company owner is in doubt, then the expertise of other companies can be utilized. A company is bound to share new insights when this is availed.

Their client-centered model gives Nezda Technologies the ability to provide focus, commitment, and dedication to help their companies achieve their business objectives. This applies especially for businesses that are just starting.

Why Should You Work Here
Because of the values of this company, they are able to comply with their staff’s needs. As what the reviews say, Nezda Technologies has a team of compassionate and kind people who will cater everyone’s needs. By merely looking at this, one can assure himself that he will be working in a company which has friendly environment. People who are willing to help you are just everywhere. Hence, it is recommended to apply here. Your future is in your hands.

Nezda Technologies office address:

  • Nezda Makati
    3/F Rufino Pacific Building
    6784 Ayala Avenue
    Makati City, Philippines

Shadow Solutions Group

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Shadow Solutions Group is an Australian BPO (Business Process Outsource) company which focuses on Information Technology Services. It is opening its first office in the Philippines in a newly established building in Bonifacio Global City. This office is planned to be the center of the company’s operations across the globe, and it has big goals that it wants to reach from there. Shadow Solutions Group wants its new business in the Philippines to replicate its corporate values that already exist. Shadow Solutions Philippines goal is also to have an advanced start-up nature of work environment, where people are responsible and can be relied on to behave correctly. Since the company is newly established in the Philippines, there will be lots of opportunities for promotions for those individuals who will choose to work at Shadow Solutions, as well as a real long term career.

WHY WORK AT Shadow Solutions
Shadow Solutions Group is newly founded here in the Philippines, and it is in search for the right group of people that will assist the company in achieving and furthering its goals. As a company with a forward thinking, it identifies, values and recognizes the talent more than experience. It understands the work-life balance and adopt a positive working environment for its people who are exceptionally motivated and driven to entirely support the institutions that the company is catering to, which are located across Australia, United Kingdom and the United States.

Because the Shadow Solutions Group is new to the Philippines, there is a great guarantee of opportunities for career advancement and a long term stay with the company. Individuals who have what it takes to join the company are encouraged to submit their application experience the career growth that they have been looking for.

Since Shadow Group Solutions is new to the Philippines, there are lots of posts to fill in the company, especially call center representatives. No work experience is required, though excellent communication skills in English is essential. Exciting compensation benefits package await those successful candidates.

Shadow Solutions office is located at 32nd St., Taguig, Metro Manila Philippines.

Bizwind Philippines

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Bizwind, Inc. was established on 15th day of April 2005 at Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan, and was founded by T. Kuramochi. The main purpose of this company is to provide software development, system maintenance, IT consulting, business development, and internet ASP services. The company mainly develop software based on customer’s request. They have an original product named “Mama-leng! Mail” which is a kindergarten management supporting system provided as SaaS (software as a service).
Bizwind Philippines, Inc. is a subsidiary of Bizwind, Inc. It was established on 17th day of May 2012 at Makati City, Philippines. The company is now focusing on offshore development projects.

Products and Services

  • Web and Mobile System Support and Development. Bizwind develops advance technology and support to their customer that comes from various industries. They provide secure and easy to use Web System. Consumer and commercial electronic devices are growing in numbers at exponential speed and reaching billions. These new devices are changing the way we do business. Bizwind delivers solution that prepares our client and their consumer to meet the growing demand of mobile technology.
  • Business System Maintenance and Development. Bizwind designs and supports wide range of information system. It also supports business various stages from planning, production and management support. Also, Bizwind provides wide range of advance technology services to help organization implement their business agenda with IT solutions.
  • Website Design and Development. Bizwind makes sure that the websites are not just only created but must be updated as well. They support various site, from corporate site, online shopping, to EC and CMS that are very easy to maintain. At Bizwind, employees are their main asset and the fuel that makes the company succeed. Their Business alliances are the engine that enables them to soar high in the competitive industry of It services. The service several organization that comes from different field and makes us subject matter expert in diverse fields of discipline.
  • Nursery and Kindergarten MaMa Mail System. Through Bizwind, teachers will be able to concentrate in childcare and education. They also provide a system that uses computer and mobile devices.