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Tagline Communications

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Creative insights, excellent execution. Tagline Communications is an ardent group of gifted brilliant artistic and imaginative ideators who value professionalism and teamwork to endow its clients dyed-in-the-wool and beyond compare service. Its mission is to provide our clients with insightful work that produces results and grows brands. Everything Tagline Philippines does is guided by its principles of creative insights and excellent execution.

Communication is the business of Tagline Communications. You TAG your targets; we LINE them up with your markets. Tagline Communications Philippines also aims to be a top-of-mind full service idea and execution company providing our clients with creative insights translated into excellent execution. It endeavors of creating sturdy partnerships with its clients to help them grow their business through effective and efficient marketing communications efforts.

Tagline Communications believes that all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product and profits. Unless you’ve got a good team, you can’t do much with the other two. Tagline serves to link all these three is one cohesive communications strategy to make business operations lucrative. But beyond profits, it makes brands that stick to the mind of the market that can be passed on generation to generation.

Tagline Philippines listens to what its clients want and act on what they say. Good things happen when you pay attention. This means that the company works closely with its clients to come up with the perfect communications strategy that compliments it’s the organization, reflects its values and culture and genuinely declares what the company is all about.

Among the services offered by Tagline communications included Below-the-Line campaign development, Brand activation, Non-traditional media, Event management, Event marketing, Design development, Merchandising design, Social media marketing, Blog creation and communications. Among the major clients of the company included the largest and most popular brands in the Philippines including the World Trade Fair Organization, Kraft Philippines, Smart Buddy, Argentina Corn beef, Nescafe and San Miguel.

Tagline Communications Philippines call center office location:

  • Tagline Ortigas
    20/F Wynsum Building
    Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines
    Tel: +63 908 887 6283

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