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How to Take Care of your QA Scores

Calls are not recorded just for the sake of having a copy of your conversation with your customers. To guarantee the quality of your calls, they are being listened to and calibrated by the quality assurance specialists. This is to ensure that you know the call flow very well, or if you adhere to the company’s standard operating procedures set by the clients. Also, this is included in your monthly metrics, where your performance are being gauged. That is why it’s important for you to take care of your QA scores and make sure that you hit the target every month.

So how are you going to hit the target every month and be excellent when it comes to call handling? Here are some tips.

Follow the call flow religiously. This is very easy, especially if you’ve been taking calls for a long time now. If you are a newbie, it helps to pin a cheat sheet of the call flow on your desk. Following the call flow is not just a standard procedure, but it also gives you the organized way on how to talk to your customers.

Be polite on every call. No matter how irate your caller is, or no matter how obnoxious your know-it-all customer over the phone, you should always be polite. Rudeness and condescending tone of voice are an automatic mark down on your QA score, so make sure that you sound nice and polite over the phone. The use of the words “I understand what you’re saying” or “I am sorry to hear that” to a dissatisfied customer helps a lot.

Always read updates. Keep in mind that you work in an environment where change is very constant and can happen overnight. So make sure to check your email before very start of your shift and get yourself updated on what’s new. You may find out that there’s a new product for sales pitch or a new system that the customers might be asking you in one or two of your calls.

Own your call. Owning your call not only means attending to the customer’s concern at the moment, but also making sure that your customer won’t call the customer service back for the same issue.

Therefore, make sure that you address all the concerns regarding the issue. This will definitely merit you a hundred percent not only on your QA score but also on the satisfactory survey.

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