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Tate Publishing and Enterprises

Tate Publishing and Enterprises is known to be a Christian-based publishing company. It is a family-owned, mainline publishing company that aims to discover unknown authors. The company was established after the Richard and Rita Tate, the company’s founders, published their first book with a traditional, mainline publisher. When they realized that the copyright of their book is no longer theirs but already their publisher’s, they decided to reinvent what a mainline royalty publisher should be. Tate Publishing Philippines has a distinct approach when it comes to publishing, and this is coupled with the undiscovered talent of the author. Thus, the company seeks to provide its authors with books of the highest quality with the inclusion of benefits package available.

Why Work at Tate Publishing
Tate Publishing and Enterprises believes that the author’s work is his/her own. Thus, the company allows the authors working with them to make the most out of the project. It allows the authors to keep their rights to their manuscripts and earn highest royalties in the business from the book sales. Aside from this, Tate Publishing also aims to offer its employees a workplace that is exceptionally conducive. The employees at Tate Publishing gets a comfortable but highly productive environment.

Employees at Tate Publishing enjoy the following perks and benefits:
– Above industry average compensation package
– Regular hours of work (Mnadays to Fridays)
– Medical benefits
– Miscellaneous allowance
– Loans
– Parking
– Vision

Career Opportunities
According to reviews, Tate Publishing is a great place to work with. You get to work with people you could trust, as well as have pride in what you do. Furthermore, you can also enjoy the people you work with. The staff at Tate Publishing are known to be some of the best in the industry, and it is always looking for talented individuals to join its teams both in the United States and in its international office in Cebu City. Various job postings for their Cebu office include:
– Application Developer
– Audio Narrator/Voice Over
– Copy Editor
– Corrections Editor
– Illustrator
– Information Technology Specialist

Tate Publishing Philippines office address:

  • Tate Publishing Cebu
    4/F JY Square Mall
    Salinas Drive, Lahug
    Cebu, Philippines

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