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It was in the year 2006 when On Ground Activation Co. was established to meet the requirements of its clients’ multifaceted BTL requirements, which has transformed into an analytical part of the combined marketing communication. Team Onground Philippines offers effective, efficient and innovative solutions in fresh areas, especially to those in the levels of origin; introducing jobs and opportunities to a lot of people along the way, was very much needed and in high demand.

Team OnGround is committed in coming up and finding fresh, advanced and highly useful platforms for Brand Activation. The company ensures that these activities have effects that would be permanent, or long-termed, thus, it can be owned by the brand.

Rooting it from the company’s years of experience when it comes to activation, Team OnGround has already devised a system that guarantees both effectiveness and efficiency to any brand activation.

Team OnGround also has more than a decade of experience when it comes to events industry. In addition to that, it has also collaborated with different professional partners and suppliers. Thus, the company’s directive is to make sure that its clients’ events are a total success.

The company also acknowledges that events are not just a PR tool. It understands that the impression should also be measurable. Furthermore, the company also sees to it that the event becomes socially relevant, while making sure that safety and security are among the top, primary concerns.

Sampling and Promos
Team OnGround Philippines organizes the top qualified and the highly skilled manpower for its Sampling projects. The company could also guarantee 101% hits to commitment and promise to deliver the best industry practice. The company also takes pride in claiming that quality management and compliance to the world class standards are just some of its core capabilities. These days, Team OnGround already has the dedicated Sampling Team that centers on addressing all the clients’ needs for this service.

Digital Marketing
Today’s generation can be considered the digital age, and so Team OnGround already has included Social Media and Digital Marketing in their line of services. The company considers that the Internet can go along very well with activation and events – allowing it to have a complete marketing campaign.

Activation and Sampling events are proven to be more effective, now that they are supported by Social Media and Digital Marketing. This ensures that the clients’ brands will not be left out by the competition.

Team OnGround office location:

  • Team OnGround Makati
    6/F I-Care Building
    167 Legaspi cor. Dela Rosa Sts
    Makati City, Philippines

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