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TeamLauncher Philippines

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TeamLauncher is a top talent leasing service that recruits top quality professionals locally to work exclusively for small to large companies abroad especially the US. This allows its clients to save up to 70% off their administrative expense while improving productivity by 300 % as they are afforded quality employees that works in three convenient shifts that allows their companies to operate 24-hours per day seven days a week. TeamLauncher essentially helps companies avail of offshoring or creating an extension of the firm from a virtual world. TeamLauncher Philippines offshore staffs essentially acts as their employees which they have full control.

Among the types of group of talents that TeamLauncher can help companies create included Full Time Writers for creating write-ups for website, business marketing and other purposes. Full Time Graphic Designers pertains to creative IT artists engaged in 3D design for production, sketching, animation and cartooning and multimedia development. Full Time Media Managers are engaged in video encoding, watermarking media, and video editing for blown production. Full Time Programmers are engaged in software development using different programming languages. Full Time Quality Assurance and Data Entry are primarily engineers that will check and ensure quality control. Call Center Agents refers to professional service agents that conduct telesales, technical support and information, and customer service online and over the phone. SEO refers to online marketing talents that will increase company’s web presence in the virtual world. Social Media Expert refers to marketing professionals that specializes in the using social media in developing product awareness, creating inbound traffic and leading to product adoption.

Every employee leased from TeamLauncher Philippines undergoes rigorous hiring processes to ensure quality. Information of client companies are handled with topmost confidentiality and protected by redundant collocation backup system. The company collaborates with its clients in understanding identifying their needs. The company offers flexible terms in hiring and termination to permit them to expand their overseas staff based on their requirements.

Teamlauncher is headquartered in 1900 Coral way Miami, Florida USA.

TeamLauncher Philippines call center office location:

  • TeamLauncher Ortigas
    Unit 602, 6th floor The Orient Square Building
    F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue,
    Ortigas Center Pasig City

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