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Tech Gadgets for Call Centers

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The boom of the call center industry particularly of the outsourcing phenomenon in general can be attributed to the advances of information technology. The advances in information technology allowed companies to avail of the cheaper labor resources from other countries without compromising quality. In relation to this, establishing a call center company entails a huge IT investment to make its operations feasible.

While the operations of a call center company may be relatively simple involving customers calling service agents, the communications process is technically sophisticated considering the remote geographical distance between customers and customer service providers. One of the greatest challenges that call center companies must therefore face is the selection of the right technology that will address their particular needs. Following are the most frequent tech gadgets that call centers must have to operate efficiently.

  1. Dialers or Automatic call distributors (ACD) – This particularly pertains to the information communication systems that link customers to service providers. More than just a simple voice over IP, automatic call distributors manages the flow of calls and automatically route them to a particular agent. The same is used by outbound call centers to make and connect calls to particular clients. Dialers theoretically works like a simple VOIP connection but because there are different carriers and third parties between the customer and the service provider, ACD allows the fastest, quickest and most efficient link to make a connection and distribute a call.
  2. Customer Relations Management System – Since the call center industry is basically involved in customer service, a CRM application is a must. The CRM system is an information system that helps facilitate customer service of agents to clients. It is basically composed of applications or modules that allow agents to input and retrieve records of customers, view their backgrounds, check their accounts, facilitate their needs, among many others.
  3. Call recording systems. As part of improving customer service experience, call center companies must have call recording systems that automatically records interaction between customers and service agents. This is used by the company to monitor, evaluate and identify weaknesses or flaws of agents for improvement. On the other hand, it also allows companies to evaluate calls from customers to better understand their needs.
  4. Interactive voice response systems – There are two basic purposes of the IVR system. First of, it allows call center companies to automate the receipt of incoming calls from customers. Nobody answering calls is really frustrating to customers and essentially destroys the essence of the call center. On the other hand, it also helps companies to manage calls by routing the particular requirements or needs of the customer to the right customer agent.


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