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Tech Support Probing Questions

The technical support service in a call center is a service that is basically involved in fixing a technical problem of a customer. This technical problem usually arises in the use of a technological gadget or service. Such included the use of computers, connecting to the Internet, the use of a software and the use of other technological devices such as printers, smart phones, digital cameras, and other technological products.

Tech support representatives are always engage probing questions essentially to identify the technical problem to be fixed. It is a basic rule in problem solving to identify the problem first before one can find a solution. Probing questions are used to help customers to think more analytically about their problem so that the tech support agent can successfully identify and isolate the problem and effectively address the same with the correct solution.

There is no single correct way on how to formulate probing questions. Knowing what to ask essentially rests on the tech support’s knowledge about the product as well as experience. For example a complaint for a slow internet connection can be attributed to different factors. The tech support agent uses probing questions to indirectly check which among these factors affect the slow internet connection.

Among the common factors for a slow internet connection included a slow or an obsolete computer unit, loose internet cable connections, computer is infected by Virus, Worm or Trojan, internet connection is shared with other computers, the site being accessed by customer is slow because of congestion, and internet service provider is undergoing some repair, among others. The probing questions relating to the problem of slow internet connection will include questions that would pertain to these aforementioned factors. For instance, Can you check if your cable is properly connected to the modem and to the computer? Are you using a router? Are there any other computers connected to your internet? What site are you accessing?

An important aspect in developing one’s probing question is to carefully listen to the customer complaint. Sometimes, customer may have done checking of the cables and other matters, and tech support agent would only sound redundant which can irritate a customer. Another important consideration in formulating the questions is to avoid the use of technical lingo or terms which customers may not understand. This can also infuriate a customer. It is also helpful to use general probing questions that is easily answerable by any lay person like “What exactly happened? Or When did this problem start?” Finally, a tech support agent should sound sympathetic about the customer’s concern. One should not sound overbearing as if showing that one knows better or is more intelligent than the customer.

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