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Tech Support Rebuttals

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A rebuttal or refutation is an effective response to answering a customer’s objections especially required for handling difficult customers. Dealing with irate customers are very common in technical support precisely because customers requiring support are unable to do what they want hence are most probably frustrated or angry.

In learning tech support rebuttals, the first thing that a tech support agent must bear in mind is that tech support is an extension of sales, if not sales. Tech support is not merely about providing answers to questions or complaints by customers. Instead, it is ultimately about helping customers or purchasers of products achieve what they want to do.

The first and most common tech support rebuttal is “I Understand How You Feel”. Empathizing with an irate customer will help dissipate anger because it somehow allows customer to realize that sympathy is given. What is important here however is the sympathetic and genuine delivery of feeling sorry so that the customer accepts empathy.

The second common tech support rebuttal is “I’ll get a second opinion”. Two heads are better than one. Using this rebuttal help calm an irate customer because he would feel valued and special as two or more people are working on the issue.

The third tech support rebuttal is “I will give you a call back”. After gathering the issues from the customer, and none of the SOP procedures work, one can opt to request the customer that you will consult higher authorities and call him back.

In making this tech support rebuttals, the tech support agent must have the assertiveness quality that allows them to address sensitive issues with clients to effectively address the problem.

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