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Technical Resources Inc.

Posted on August 26, 2016 | No Comments on Technical Resources Inc.

Founded in 1977, Technical Resources Inc. is a well-known leader that concentrates in identifying talents, as well as professionals for the field of Engineering and Manufacturing. It consists of a staff averaging to over 10 years of recruiting with each counselor. With this number of employees, coupled with their previous experiences in their respective fields, ever search can certainly be handled.

The company’s counselors are the ones responsible for the Full cycle recruitment. This business solution that the company follows permits its counselors to pinpoint the top talent based on client’s information while avoiding any confusion or misinterpretations. Once the counselor has already known these needs, he or she, or a member of this counselor’s group will perform together with the client until the suitable candidate is found. TRI strongly believes that bringing together the employer and the employee is not just a professional experience, but personal as well, and everyone will certainly agree that the experience is somewhat unique and satisfying.

Philosophy and Mission
The company believes that it must instill trust and integrity, in order to create a strong and successful relationship with a client and a candidate. It also aims to create long-term relationships, always act and perform with professionalism, and provide a service dedicated not just on the favorable results, but also ethics, hard work and customer service.

Technical Resources offers recruiting services that are personalized for an expanded list of companies that are clients. The candidate will be dealing with professional consultants who have a wide-range experience and background when it comes to Engineering and Manufacturing Technology. The qualified candidates will be pre-screened based on their job description, check references and other relevant requirements. All contracts involved will be professionally and confidentially handled. If one is looking for a firm that will listen to his or her needs and wants the one-on-one approach, then Technical Resources is the perfect firm to be with.

The company provides pre-screened and suitable applicants for the clients’ Machine Tool needs. Its commitment to excellent is the reason that its team has always been one of the undisputed leaders when it comes to the employment and recruitment market. The consultants of the company are trained professionals and so, the clients can expect its entire staff to work to meet the clients’ staffing needs.

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