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Techno Hi Cargo Philippines

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Techno Hi Cargo specializes in shipping or transferring service from Japan to the Philippines. It ensure to gather the various services it offers such as Shipping Baggage delivery, transfer or door to door services, shipping for purchases by mail order in Japan. Techno Hi Cargo Philippines is founded in 1985 by Chock and Wagner International in Tokyo. It provides save and trade of taxable goods, management of shipping freight and light vehicles (Automobile), and sending luggage service overseas for foreign residents in Japan among others.

Techno Hi Cargo main services included the Sending Baggage, a kind of baggage transfer services from residential clients in Japan to the Philippines by ship. It also offers the Techno move for those wishing to start a new life in the Philippines. This involves sending or transferring items including furniture (dresser, bed, table, kitchen cabinet) or device (large TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, etc.) that do not fit in the box our company. Techno Hi Cargo Philippines also offers Bayan Box or door to door service from Japan to Philippines using standard size boxes that can be used by customers. This included processing the customs clearance. Finally, the company also offers Mail order services which involve delivery of purchases in various mail order companies in Japan. This service can be used by the Japanese living in the Philippines.

Kabushikigaisha Technohi is headquartered in Tokyo-to Koto-ku Shinkiba 3-4-7 Japan with telephone 03-3522-8924 and fax. 03-3522-8925.

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