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Techteam Global Philippines

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TechTeam Global Philippines (formerly known as Onvaio Asia Services Inc. is now known as Stefanini IT Solutions. TechTeam Global is an IT outsourcing provider founded in 1979 in Detroit USA which offered IT service desk, desktop management, security administration and infrastructure management. In 2008, TechTeam A.N.E. acquired Onvaio, LLC., a Philippine-based business outsourcing firm which provides technical support outsourcing services. Thus, Techteam initially operated in the Philippines as Onvaio Asia Services.

In 2010, Tech Team Global was acquired by Stefanini IT Solutions, a Brazil based global provider of information technology outsourcing services founded by Marco Stefanini in 1987 in order to reinforce its services in the areas of application outsourcing and software application development. The acquisition of Stefanini apparently means the absorption of the all the services of Tech Team Global which included IT Outsourcing Services, IT Consulting and Systems Integration, Government Technology Services and Other Services. This also helped expanded the Stefanini TechTeam which now has a global network in 27 countries across the world practically in all major continents. Aside from outsourcing, the company also offers offshore, onshore and nearshore outsourcing to the Fortune 1000 companies from around the globe. Its client base spans across different industries such as financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, chemical, services, technology, public sector, and utilities. The company has been reputed as a top BPO firm for its financial stability, sustained year-over-year growth, and zero net debt.

TechTeam Global Philippines Inc (formerly known as Onvaio Asia Services Inc.) and now Stefanini IT Solutions is headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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