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Tele-Angel Contact Solutions

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This firm has been established in order to assist their customer’s clients. They are geared up in uplifting their customers’ needs in the field of business processing. The company responsible in keeping abreast of all the assistance that their clients need. Aside from that, Tele-Angel Philippines created service which will surely benefit their clients. Technological innovation is done in order to achieve success very well. They operate and function in order to cultivate perfection for their clients. But aside from that, their main goal is to keep you posted about your company’s needs. Nonetheless, they also know how to keep you updated in your responsibilities as well. They do handle these tasks gracefully.

This company has wide range of services to offer. These are the following:

BPO Voice – Queries coming from clients are answered orally through here. This aims to provide a good communication means to clients. Aside from that, this also aims to provide the best answers and responses to all of the calls. The people who take calls for this are definitely one of a kind. They are trained to handle queries like this.

BPO Non-Voice – This refers to the responses and replies made through chat or e-mail. This is definitely mastered by this firm because their people are well-oriented about this. They do know how to handle matters which include non-voice concerns.

Market Testing Services – These services are the edge of every company. This pertains to how the market is being tested before an outcome comes out. Aside from that there is a guarantee that this service is perfect because people are trained to do this.

Why Should You Work here?
You should work here because this company commits themselves in operating functional, safe, healthy, respectful, and friendly workplace and environment. This can surely cultivate employee’s dignity and tenure longevity. This company also aims to promote friendly workplace and environment. This helps in providing value to their employees as well. They also value their employees. Hence, clients and employees can guarantee a convenient experience with this team. They maintain a good working environment in order to promote fairness to their clients as well. They need to meet their objectives for the betterment of their clients.

Tele-Angel Contact Solutions office address:

  • Tele-Angel Bulacan
    Cagayan Valley Road
    Sta.Rita, Guiguinto
    Bulacan, Philippines

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