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Founded in 1988, Telefund has jump-started several causes that have played a big role in shaping the world as it is today. Telefund has provided financial backing to deserving individuals who are trying to bring about change in their respective community and on a bigger scale, the world.

The company, through its years of service, has garnered a substantial amount of respect and trust from donators who are willing to give back to the community. With kind-hearted individuals bankrolling your projects, the success for these causes will be astronomical which will be the foundation of the change that’ll soon be accomplished.

Telefund staunchly supports the power of a novel idea. The company firmly believes that a cause, regardless of its scope, will be enough to provide the change the world needs to see. Telefund will go out on its way to deliver the funding for a widespread project or an individual’s cause to get the ball rolling.

With passionate individuals helping you to reach your end goal, success will be inexorable. Positive change and a brighter tomorrow are the things that drive the company to strive harder and work double time for the sake of justifying a cause.

Progress is the key to a better future. That being said, Telefund wants to be at the forefront of progress. The company will find ways to fund a wide-range of causes to ignite a progressive future that won’t be hampered by the ever-evolving world and its unique trends.

With change being the only constant thing in the world, Telefund will provide you and your projects a stabilizing force. Through Telefund’s funding and support, the company will keep your causes afloat for the betterment of the world and its future.

For Telefund, an individual’s project or just a general cause is what keeps the company going. It fuels the Telefund to complete its mission of bringing about a positive change that the future tenants of the world will benefit from.

Telefund call center office address:

  • Telefund USA
    2141 W North Ave, 2nd floor
    Chicago, IL
    United States

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