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Teleservices Global

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TeleServices Direct is now one of the leading providers of outsourced call center solutions in the Philippines. It has been consistently recognized as one of “Top 50” outbound telemarketing company in Customer Inter@ction Solutions Magazine’s annual industry report. The company was established in 1989 as a direct marketing company responsible for marketing management and determining vendor selection for clients with a focus on database management and outsourced telemarketing to the college student market, sourcing credit card customers for major bank issuers. Teleservices Direct Philippines later evolved into a leading global provider of outsourced inbound and outbound and call blending.

Teleservices Direct aims to be the most efficient, cost effective and innovative call center provider in the world. And it has achieved so through its core competencies namely State-of-the-art predictive dialling technology, Extensive focus on training, quality and performance, Dedicated client services team, Highly qualified senior management team, and ability to quickly develop and implement a tailored marketing approach.

In 2009, Teleservices Direct opened its call center operation in the Philippines following the growing demand for BPO in the Far East. This branch was later known as Teleservices Global. Its outbound services use State-of-the-art predictive dialers to maximize contacts, Conversion rates, Sales per hour and List penetration and yield. Teleservices Global Philippines provides Call Blending, Up-Sell / Cross-Sell, Activation / Conversion, Appointment Setting, Customer Acquisition, Customer Win-back, Fundraising, Political / Polling, Surveys, Customer Service, and Broadcast Messaging among others. It differs from competitors for its large operations and significant investments in technology and systems, Senior management that is engaged and well-versed on the quality, training and metrics of every program , powerful Connectivity and integration to client software and systems, Dedicated operational and support team and customized performance reporting.

Teleservices Direct is headquartered in 5305 Lakeview Parkway South Drive Indianapolis, IN 46268 USA with phone 317-216-2240/ 888-646-6626.

Teleservices Global Philippines call center office location:

  • Teleservices Mckinley
    4/F 8/10 Building
    Upper Mckinley Hill
    Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
    Tel: (02)846-8226

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