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Teletech Philippines

Posted on September 9, 2017 | 16 Comments on Teletech Philippines

Since telemarketing the niche service of Teletech, it provides a highly competitive financial benefits and incentive package to its sales consultants to recruit and maintain the best in the industry as well as to keep them highly motivated in selling products and services. Teletech call center continues to enlarge its customer database that included a register of the Top 12,000 Philippine corporation with which any of its prospective client can tie up to further their interests or create innovative ways to enhance brand values and improve their operational efficiency. As a local company, Teletech Philippines has a keen understanding of the local market and local professional supply. It can provide deep insights for foreign companies want to expand market in the Philippines or put up new companies in the Philippines. Teletech call center also provide profound consultancy to local companies wanting to enhance their profitability.

Considered as one of the biggest Filipino call center companies with over 40,000 select group of highly trained professionals, Teletech Philippines has expanded its services internationally in 43 countries and over 30 languages. Aside from perfecting the telemarketing process, Teletech Philippines offers a comprehensive customer relationship management service that included database-marketing solutions, direct marketing, Inbound and outbound customer management. Teletech call center provides these services in different communications channel available and most convenient to customers. The company also implements a customer satisfaction and retention program as well as loyalty strategies aimed to build a strong and life long relationship with customers, which is the backbone of any successful business. Finally, to complete its service, it also offers Back-office support administration to allow clients concentrate on their core operations.

Teletech Philippines call centers are located in:

For career opportunities, please visit Teletech Philippines Job Openings.


aj says: Sa teletech lipa ba anong system?

iamme says: I work for telecom new zealand and so far im happy with teletech NOVA. Money talks in this world but it isnt everything ryt ? .. kung salary habol nyo dun kayo mag aaply sa JP morgans .. kung less stress then sign up with teletech/telecom NZ. honestly i dont really care much about politics. i dont care about TL’s na bobo or tamad bcos at the end of the day hindi naman sila yung makakausap mo sa work araw araw ryt kundi yung mga customer .. if your looking for a competitive salary (19,500) and less stress level na call center then sign up with us (Telecom NZ) .. If your now on a US account I swear yung mga customer dito is like a breath of fresh air .. Theyre the only reason why i still come to work everyday (apart from the salary of course) 🙂 and by the way my TL is an angel .. he’s like my dad here in the office .. 🙂 TELECOM in teletech is awesome ..

lestat says: I worked at Teletech Pasay for 8 months before and my account there was an Australian Account. At the start, I was very impressed having a salary of 15K plus 1K meal allowance since it was my first employment. Time flies, I realized how bad this company is. I will provide different scenarios to justify this. 1. Allowances: At the time you signed the contract, your only allowance is 1K Meal Allowance. If you enter regularization, you got an “amazing” additional PHP 500 Rice Allowance. That’s it. 2. Overtimes: Time Keeping System of Teletech is the infamous Kronos which has a capability of defaulting your overtimes into UNAPPROVED OTs. Unless it will be pulled out by your Supervisors and make them APPROVED OTs that will be the time they can be credited to your payslips. For 8 months, I had 2 disputes for these OTs. You might say because some TLs are sluggish but come to think of it, isn’t it MANDATORY for them to credit it immediately for example you had long calls after shifts? 2. PTOs: This company is offering 30 days Paid Time Outs compared to usual companies offering 15VLs and 15SLs. Some may perceive it good but allow me to explain that it is not the case all the time. There are times especially during weekends that we had these called “avail times” where for several minutes or even hours not a single call would come in. What Teletech would do is to FORCE YOU DO EARLY OUT at the expense of your credits. For example in an 8 hr shift, you were pushed out 4 hrs prior, the remainder 4 hrs will still be paid but deducted from your credits. Remember that accrual for credits is 1.25 days/month only, hence it is serious if they would do this every weekend. 3. HMO: Single Status? Forget enrolling your parents to their HMO because their “company customized Maxicare” doesn’t accommodate it. 4. Performance appraisal or Quarterly Bonuses? Annual Increase: NONE strictly speaking about scorecard. In my australian account: Perfect attendance, passed all my QAs and AHT lower compared to standards (which makes my scorecard always run 4.0+ monthly), I have my monthly bonus of 1,200-1,600. Look and check with other call centers and you would understand the frustration. (By the way, the last incentive that I had was pro rated since I was about to resign, it’s P800, they did not include it to my back pay.) 5. Queue? Definitely! Why? Because of incorrect staffing and the random implementation of PTOs. For example, 7am to 4pm schedule, at around 1PM it will start to get avail by 10-15mins. The OSC will start issuing PTOs to those who had shifts from 5AM-2PM and 6AM-3PM. If you belong to closing shift group, you are dead LITERALLY. The OSC is from Teletech Bacoor sometimes he would allow them to go on AUX (meaning no taking of calls but paid phone hours) and flagged us in Teletech Pasay to compensate for increasing # of calls. Before I resigned, there was approximately 10 incidents that I was the last agent in our site (this is not an exaggeration, and is serious). PTOS are issued to make mandatory day offs also. There was even a week (weekly schedule is being followed) that I only have to go to work 3days/week. This practice resulted to alot of my teammates losing all of their VLs and SL credits. Imagine the scenario if you would get really sick, then you don’t have a choice but to have your monthly wage deducted. 5. Labor Work: Oppressing. We started our Line of Business to Retail Sales Support Postpaid Mobile Phones. We are catering “phone and postpaid plan” dealers selling to their customers support like activating the phone, customizing their plans, integrating internet access, overriding unapproved applications, referring to collection agencies for unpaid debts and answer disputed charges for calls, texts and internet. SUPER AGENT? Hehe. OOOPPS. They did not stop there. They wanted us to be SUPERB100X AGENT because 2 months prior finalizing my days, they upgraded us to telephone, internet and cable support. ALL OF THIS WITHOUT A SINGLE CENT INCREASE. Imagine the scope of work you need to do above and multiply it after the upgrade. By the way we are dealing with corporate and consumer accounts. 6. Equipments: It’s a big folly that we have flat screens in Pasay. IT IS ONLY FOR TLS. If you are a starting or even a tenured agent, you would have a sluggish PC with POP UPs (this is based on 30+ PCs that I experienced. We are constantly moving to different parts of the building so I know how do they perform. Not mentioning the chairs which are limited and non-adjustable. If you happen to be with AT&T you got a brighter side in this aspect ALONE because they have faster PCs and better office chairs. 7. VL approval: Due to exhausted PTOs and the company managing your credits, it would be very hard to file VLs. It is required to raise your intention at least 1 month ahead but the result will be most of the time within the week of your designated dates. 8. Cafeteria: There is only one cafeteria in Teletech Pasay. It usually depends on the concessionaire but the variety is definitely lacking. You might be thinking of going to SM MOA but considering the duration of walking back and forth plus the immense size of MOA, it is not practical for an hour lunch. 9. Training: It might depend on the trainer. It is NOT true that Teletech holds best trainings. Expect training schedule is very erratic, changing weekly by opposites of day and night. 10. RECENTLY MANDATORY OT: If you get hired into an Australian Account in Teletech Pasay, better rethink first before you sign the contract. The attrition was too high after the “upgrade to SUPERB AGENTS” that all remaining agents in our LOB has a mandatory 1 DAY OT per week. Though it’s dayshift imagine working 6 days/week, queueing, and higher chances of OTs being left unapproved (due to their Knonos system)

Jim says: Teletech took over call center ops for Clearwire in Fl and morale nosed dived. They made promises to the techs working for Clearwire who were forced to go to Teletech or resign. Then reniged on those promises

choosy says: Ive been with teletech for almost a year now, so far happy ako, im from aapt account, my tl is good and very competent. the incentives are good, salary is ok. ang mahalaga masaya ka at may sense of fulfillment, depende na lang sa outlook mo. so far, im happy, i get to work regular dayshift hours, im enjoying my everyday calls. i have time for my family,most of all, marunong makisabay ang company sa needs ng employees. thanks teletech

every call center has its flaw.. ito ang sa teletech.. dati covered ng maxicare mga agents so wala problema magkasakit ngayon every check up mo u have to pay 100 or 300 depende kung saan at kapag nahospital ka dapat magbayad ka upfront ng 2,000.. xmas party o kahit ano okasyon sa agent din kinukuha budget sa mga bayad sa dress down pass, nothing wrong with that kaya lang parang ang cheap naman. mahilig sila sa redundiation ok na ok ka ngayon bukas wala na posisyon nyo. wala ofis ng payroll sa sites kaya mahirap magdispute ng pay. tao sa HR dalawa lang o 3 kaya gud luck sa mga request mo

TeleTech is the best call center in the world! Keep it up! More power!

pay is good though

Coz i work here! 🙂

pay attention to your homegrown employees.

One of the best call centers here in the Philippines!!

The HRD is very accomodating in Novaliches, I applied there last may but unfortunately failed, but all I have is good words for them. Very discreet too in informing one she failed. i hope to be an employee just by the kindness of the staff.KUDOS to TELETECH

ideal call center!!! just one flaw the telecafe food prices are horendous and most of their food taste like paper. Other good eating venues in the building though. Try applying only best gets in! Im in 🙂

What do you need a higher salary for? TELETECH is strategically located–right at the heart of Novaliches/Fairview. No need to bring a stun gun or a pepper spray to work. Here, it’s super safe unless you’re stupid.

nice comments… my sister works at nova branch, well i hope i’ll pass the interview(s) tomorrow(10/5/06). I heard from her ’bout its nice facilities, location(1ride from home), and of course the salary(BIG! don’t have to go abroad)

Hey guys from philippines you rock! I got sales verifications from you xD at Teletech

ok b sa teletech? gusto ko itry.

hello pepz… i am planning to apply at teletech cebu. i was wondering ok ba ang systema nila?

Dito sa Teletech, magagaling ang mga TSR!!! Grabe! specilaty of the house kumbaga sa restaurant!!!

Ang hirap ng training ng VOL!!!!

masarap dito sa teletech!!! May free coffee!!!

Hi to Miss Karen the one who’s interviewing applicants, she’s nice, in fact though i did not passed the 2nd to the last level for the assessment i can say that the Miss Karen seems to possess a good character.. except for the one over the counter — she

Nice TSR accounts (in Novaliches)but I think they’re hiring agents for manpower pooling only.I just applied there and got lucky to be in but it’s taking them too long to call their applicants back for job offer, so I tried NCO-RMH

hi. i’m currently a quality specialist in nova cmc, and i have been in that position for 8 months now, and i’m still receiving agents pay… very bad company to work for… barat!!!!!!!! the job is easy enough, but money talks in this world…. they train

Problema sa mg taong nagrereklamo dito tungkol sa mababang sweldo ay dapat matuwa nga kayo dahil nakakatikim pa nga kayo ng sweldong P14,500/P16,500 entry level pa lang yun sa operations.Ano pa ba ang gusto ninyo?

Mas ok at magagaling ang mga nasa CONVERGYS kesa senyo

could be na ngaun mga medu la na utak mga hinahire ng teletec, but not during our time. verizon wave 1 & 2. lumusot kmi sa butas ng karayom. canadians conducted the final interview

mhirap pumasok s teletech! mga classmates ko dami nag-apply wla man lang natanggap kahit isa! nung nagtry s convergys aba 95% passing!!



# 1 call center is SYKES!!!!! see for yerself!!!!

si mr “I AM SYKES BABY” nagpost din sa Convergys forum, check it out, pinatulan na ng iba dun…masyado kang loud kasi!

verizon online is not that hard naman. queueing lang talga. msn tapon msn, macintosh tapos sa apple. anong tech dun puro .net lang. lipat kayo Sykes para malaman nyo un tlagang TECH. matututo ka pa. I am Sykes!

Verizon online din ako dati kaya alam ko puro tapon at refer lang support jan.marunong ba kyo mgconfigure ng block of static ip’s? NXTT lagi ng hahang! hahaha.. aw! di pa nga ko techie guy eh. consumer dsl lang un AT&T jan parang Verizon. I am Sykes!

saan yung TELETECH BACOOR? malapit ba ito sa SM?

ano ba yan nag exam ako tapos pinabalik ako for final interview, tapos ng final interview pinabalik uli ako for medical, tapos ng medical after a week tinwawagan ako for tech exam, they will call daw after 24 HR.
pls give me the teletech’s email or phone num in QC or novaliches.

Okey ang teletech sa pagsasabi na hindi ka nakapasa sa kanila, masyadong discrete!!!!! Biruin mo nung July 4 okey yung interview and language assesment test nila tapus pinababalik aku ng july 13 nagtake aku ng exam.. pagkatapos pinaghintay ako sandali…

I work for teletech novaliches for 1.5 years and believe me…until I resigned they don’t give increase to my base salary which is 16000!for those who say that she gets 13 k every payday? for an agent that’s a lie…everybody in the ISP account who gets is a regular employee has 16000 base pay.that’s true up to now. I have friends who can testify.but they have 1500 allowance.but there are deductions you know…so more likely what you get is around 7500 per pay day. they have 30% night diff t

This company is always saying that they are the best.. yes, they could be if they will place managers who are competent and really care for the people. Don’t just look at your advantage of gaining revenue. I hope you will look at the needs of the people

wag ka na sa teletech dress up sila don. magastos sa damit

The best ang Teletech!!!

..is it true that broken time ang shift sa Novaliches branch nyo?…anu-anu ba ang account dyan that prang konti lang ang hana-hire?…im just curious coz of the comments!

GREETINGS!!! Im ANDREA KAREN C. DE GALICIA 22 yrs. old currently employed in a call center industry in makati…willing to resign and have an extensive training. i’ll be expecting a call from you… see you

hi, im presently employed in one of the company in pasig, i have a plan to switch to teletech bacoor branch, can anyone help me??

for those 2 agents who got promoted (officedepot)…tsk..tsk… wut d ya know?… it’s really a big ? that they got promoted…there’s 1 agent who’s always consistent on hitting the metrics…

CONGRATS to all the CAINTA Cheer Dancers… Agie, ur the best!!!

I think the best call cen’er is still CONVERGYS. For a new agent like me, the pay is good. A lil higher from other call cen’ers, actually. Plus, the HR’s are really very nice! 🙂

To all OD promoted TLs, you deserve whatever good thing you have right now! Nevermind the people who are trying to bring you down. You’re all MUCH BETTER than them anyway. Kaya nga they’re under YOUR supervision.

wag na sana magreklamo dun sa naghahanap ng mataas na sueldo sa bacoor, ndi naman kayo pinipilit magwork dun, saka san nyo pa hahanapin ung starting pay na ganun.

Well guys ganon din ang nararamdaman ng mga agents sa roxas cmc. I ve been taking calls for 2 more years for a technical account and sa two years kung they dont let you feel your family.

I used to be a TL at teletech Nova, it’s true they spend a lot on Equipment, they bought a 250thou na xerox machine pero sa agents kulang ang incentives even sa TL’s sobrang overtime i spend an average on 16hours of work and ang liit ng salary no overtime

meron bang airline/travel account and teletech novaliches? pls answer…ty

do they have part time in teletech bacoor? whats theyre contact #?

ito lang ang callcenter na alam ko na halos walang benefits or incentives kung di ang teletech dollar nila. Yung ibang callcenter yung dapat mong bilhin sa kanila using teletech dollars eh binibigay lang walang kapalit. Medyo malaki nga sweldo ko ngayon s

ive been with ttech(BACOOR) for almost 6 mos,so far wala namang reklamo.. good thing na may mabait akong TL,and hindi kahirapan ung acct ko.ok lang naman ung sweldo,kasa naman maghanap ako ng malaking sweldo pero ubos din ung sweldo sa pamasahe.and may IN

bakit may kilala ako, umabot sa 30k ang salary niya, AGENT lang.. yun nga lang 2yrs employed na siya bago mareach ang ganung salary.. at least di bah!!!

hay… kaka-awar sa DELL account, they are telling that the account is stable and will still run.. ang problema daming mga PMps na binibigay sa mga mga agents.. eh bat kaya inde ibigay ung PMP sa mga OMs na papalit-palit ng metrics every week.. they are n

i actually had a problem with my last payment in teletech after I had resigned since last April of 2007 in Cebu branch because I had never retrieved it yet. Hope it will be process soon, I actually need the money. This is Ms. Gilbuena. Thanks a lot. More

omg. galing ako sa teletech i yr ago. alam nyo ba yung kodak account na yan galing sa sykes tpos lumipat sa teletech looking for a better call center. 5 yrs ang contract nila samen non but terminated the contract. mas gugustuhin pa nilang magbayad ng pena

JANE GARCIA of TELETECH (Office Depot) you rock! i think I Love You

Roxas is ok, but it can be better. Madaming magaling, pero di ma-promote.

hey! anyone from pampanga site? please post some comments, thanks!

si bea valte ang OSC manager ng teletech cainta. fyi

i worked in teletech for 8 months. yes, it does have lapses but what call center doesn’t? i had great experience there. i got all my knowledge in troubleshooting tech issues. i never hold grudge. i left since i’m seeking fo

compensation? pde na sa mga nagsisimula, 12500 dito sa csr bacoor – 15000 regular, walang libreng coffee, yeah sobrang mahal ng food…dollar and halaga…

Magagaling ang TSR and CSR ng TeleTech..

hello, gusto ko sana mag-apply dun, lilipat ako from alabang to cavite, kasi Imus lang naman ako..

At TeleTech youll learn many things. Youll most probabaly improve.

hmmmm nag resign na ako d2, pero plan ko bumalik kc malapit sa amin.saka unf facilities nila, although bihira avail ^^ pero ok lang kaya nga call center, pag sa sahod ok namn. and im proud to part ng tele uli

The best Teletech Cainta!!! 🙂 Happy ako dito!

meron bang hiring na trainer? pls let me know….tnx

I will try my best to be objective. Most of Teletech is positive. Pati sa backpay, madali ko lang nakuha. It’s not true na mga tanga ang mga nakakapasa, kasi ung mga kawave ko, qualified lahat at magaganda ang qualifications, including their speaking and

I applied last Monday in Teletech, Novaliches branch, and they are so accomodating. The place is good, its easy to pass the initial and other simulation and other examinations. Well, good luck for me, because this coming Friday, I will have my final inter

i’ve never been try any call center company here in philippines,, but i guess TTECT is one of the most popular call center company here in luzon? do im right?? i dont care with salary they have,,, just need an experience and a job….

buti nakita ko tong site. lipat sana ako ttech. sabi kc 25k daw. d pala.. buti p smin fixed sched 5 am to 1pm outbound p un. 18k bukod p commission naabot 30plus

teletech cainta! o divah!

siguro nga madami talagang AFI’s ang teletech. pero maganda siguro check nyo muna standing ng company nyo for the last 5 years to date sa nasdaq.com bago kayo magyabang…

I have worked in Teletech-Novaliches for 8 months. Honestly, based on my experience, the company itself is very good; however, the only thing that makes Teletech a bad company is because of the higher officers within the accounts.

Anu ung adress ng HRM nila for Bacoor?

The company is good in Sta. Rosa but I think it is not yet prepared for operations they are under manned up to now. They don’t even answer phone calls on the numbers they give for follow-ups! My back pay is still not available for 2 months already. I hope they will hire more staff that are competitive enough tnx for the good experience anyways!

TTECH is the best!

i worked with ttech nova for almost 3yrs.. tech account,16k then walang annual increase… pero ang hr.. they will gve everything n nid mo.. maasikaso kaya HR ng ttech!maaga p magpasahod at magbgay ng 13th month.. when i left the company, mas naappreciate ko sya kse other companies have lapses din at mas worst.,and to my surprise, malaking company din nlipatan ko, pero grabe..

owws tlga number 1 convergys kaya pla ang taas ng attrition rate ng CVG dahil s mga lekat na clients ng ATNT dami pa disputes s sweldo

Honest Answer Good side: Good initial pay, especially pag nakukuha nyo ung bonus nila (abuso from 3-5k), ewan ko lang ngayon na umalis na ko kasi balita ko binago nila at sobrang konti na nakakakuha non. good co agent environment (does not apply to all centers of TT) Malinis na CR, promise… isa sa mga pinagmamalaki ko dito very good initial work experience for fresh grads kasi madami kang matututunan at macocover, dsl/lan/wan/sales?(lol oo, kelangn mo rin mag benta) for TSRs

pwd ba homebase sa Teletech??

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  1. anonymous Reply

    I was working there for a financial account in Teletech Pioneer. We started as 25 trainees ended up as 10 employees that was certified to hit the production floor. After that while on production 3 employees resigned, 7 agents are left now working on the floor. 10 of the employees are terminated/attrition while 8 have resigned/AWOL. Most financial accounts, like my account there, usually pays high but our basic salary is only 14k plus 2k nontaxable allowance and 2k taxable allowance. With my previous company like Stream Global Services and West Contact Services this hasn’t happened to me

  2. denise Reply

    is it true? TeleTech handles Amazon.com (account)?

  3. Sqwerty Reply

    TeleTech is simply the best!! Pinaghihirapan kasi ang career growth. And not only skills ang ginagauge but attitude din. No wonder!:)

  4. 13/03/19

    I badly need a summer job.. can you advice me how can i apply to teletech sta. rosa? thanks for the response… :))

  5. jasmine villasin Reply

    last year i applied at teletech iloilo . i reached the last stage.. sadly i failed because of my wrong use of word.. i want to apply again and try. im 43 .. i dont know if im still qualified.. can i apply online?

  6. jhayar Reply

    are the high school graduates welcome to apply there
    ? i am just a h.s grad. and i don’t know if i am qualified to apply there plss.

  7. Sqwerty Reply

    TeleTech Cainta Site Rocks!!! Convergys bulok!!!

  8. michifu Reply

    May new site ba ang Teletech sa Cavite? Since Last year ng September pa close ang site nila sa Bacoor!

  9. app12345 Reply

    I have been called for a phone interview by an hr I think and she said that call is for an initial interview.So I don’t hesitate to give time for her to let me interviewed via phone And the phone interview went well and she said I’ve already passed the initial interview and invited me for an assessment(in AYALA recruitment hub) the following day.I didn’t think that that assessment would be another initial interview.How come it is another initial interview??? I felt bad for that and the interviewer told me I didn’t passed??? I just wasted my money and to come there..I felt they are just joking around for the applicant to come at their office..

  10. andrew gulla Reply

    any opening for backoffice (encoder)

  11. 13/08/23

    Do you know how many headcounts/employees in Teletech, Teleperformance, Stream, IBM Global Services, SPI, Aegis, Sykes and Telus? Thank you! 🙂

  12. 13/11/02

    TeleTech Cainta is Now Hiring! Visit their office at 2nd Flr. Robinsons Mall Ortigas Extension Junction Cainta, Rizal. Bring 1 valid ID and your updated Resume! See you all! 🙂

  13. ac Reply

    I badly need your help… what is the 13 digit sss employer ID of TTECH???


    hi teletech, im pearl former teletech trainee last year as T-MO Customer Service Rep,, i just want to ask for my pag-ibig and philhealt #, since teletech iloilo processed those requirements in my behalf, i just want to ask since i go to nearest pag-ibig and philhealth branch and found out that wen i ask for it i don’t have any records on their system. i feel disappointed since i have 3 months training and for that 3 months teletech branch always deduct some amount for that benefits. i just want to clarify this things and i hope u can help me with this… please reply when u read this as soon as possible ‘coz i already request this since last 2 months..

  15. 15/05/19

    Is Teletech Nova (Telstra) still hiring up to now?

  16. Aaron Reply

    I’ve been called for an initial interview through phone call. And the interviewer said that i already pass and gave me an schedule to come at the office at Teletech(Novaliches) and when i arrived ive been told tou just sit down and wait. ive been on the office since 8am. and got my name called on 4pm. no more breaks or lunch because they said if my name was called and i wasnt there my application will be discarded. and when i talked to that fuckin guy that they call HR. They said im not suitable for this work sbecause im just a high school graduate. Without hearing any words from me. i told him that maybe i can still undergo an initial interview maybe it will change his mind. but NO. he just said just try other companies. we don’t accept any high school graduates here. but if you are from novaliches. you can see their posters all over the place specially in NOVA-BAYAN. and they said they accept high school graduates. im just so upset that i never got a chance to show what i got. i just wasted time and effort on that one.

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