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Teletransform Philippines

TeleTransform Philippines is one of youngest customer contact outsourcing providers that was established in 2006 with the upsurge of outsourcing service industry. Inspired by how modern telecommunications technology has transformed the face of business today, TeleTransform Philippines call center provides customer management solutions particularly specializing on integrated telemarketing and sales.

Teletransform Philippines is a 24/7, 365 days a year, business call handling contact centre. Operating from our own center, Teletransform Philippines supplies a wide range of professional telephone solutions, giving your company a bespoke call answering service tailored to your company’s precise requirements.

TeleTransform Philippines more than helps its clients gain sales and additional customers to buy their products. It ensures that customers satisfaction starts from the moment a customer receives a call, receives delivery of product, require after sales service, make a repeat buy and share such experience to others. TeleTransform Call Center has perfected the trade of using phone or telecommunication to boost sales. While telesales are especially delivered through voice communications for a more personalized approach, the company provides support and customer service in different channels for the convenience of customers.

TeleTransform Philippines incorporates B2B marketing and sales support techniques through up selling and appointment among others, to ensure that customers get the most detailed information and most personalized service that they may need in deciding to make a purchase. Finally, lead generation is a crucial part of the company service. This pertains to the ability of TeleTransform Philippines to penetrate or create new markets rapidly. The key doing this service is an in depth understanding of the market. TeleTransform Call Center is supported by marketing experts that surveys and study potential market expansion areas which its clients can expand to. TeleTransform will then lead the penetration of market in behalf of its clients.

TeleTransform Philippines invests heavily on its people who are the main providers of its service. What essentially makes the difference amount outsourcing providers are the people who provide the service. Technology can be bought, is common and is readily available in the market. What TeleTransform Philippines offers are experts in field of sales and marketing. And the company continuously develops its professionals through intensive training and customized training to harmonize the different cultures and values of its clients.

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