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Teradyne is a leading supplier of automation solutions for test and industrial applications. The Teradyne‘s ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) is the test which is being used to examine semiconductors, data storage, wireless products and complex electronic systems. These automations will be used by consumer, industrial, communication and government customers. The company’s industrial automation solutions are consisted of collaborative robots. These collaborative robots are also used by light industrial and global manufacturing customers in order to enhance the quality and increase the efficiency in manufacturing.

The company had revenue of $1.65 billion in 2014. As of today, it has approximately 4,000 employees across the globe. The company is composed of four divisions – the Semiconductor Test Division, System Test Group, Wireless Test and Collaborative Robots. These divisions are prearranged by products they create and deliver.

Teradyne’s test business for semiconductors concentrates on logic, RF, analog, mixed-signal, power and memory devices – the same materials which are found as building blocks of innovative gadgets like computer, gaming systems, smartphones, tablets and many others. J750, FLEX, UltraFLEX, Magnum and eagle are all included in the company’s semiconductor test line-up.

As chips are merged into complex electronic systems, Teradyne Philippines system test business works for the next level of electronics production. Teradyne also assists electronic manufacturers – computing, communications, data storage, defense, aerospace and scores of other applications, in guaranteeing the quality, as well as the integrity of their products. Teststation, Hi-Speed Subsystem, Spectrum, Neptune and Saturn are included in the company’s major product families in its system test business.

The company also offers solutions for the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics and wireless modules through is wireless test business called the LitePoint. To verify performance, LitePoint products are used by product designers and chipset along with their contract manufacturers, as the LitePoint serves the fast growing demand for wireless communications. Furthermore, this process also lowers the cost of wireless test and decreases time-to-market. From Bluetooth, to WiFi to 4G LTE, Teradyne speeds new products to market as the company presents industry-leading cost performance. IQxel, which is used for LitePoint connectivity is included in the products that Teradyne offers. The company’s wireless test business gives solutions for the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics and wireless solutions.

Headed up by Universal Robots, Teradyne’s collaborative robots business offers cost-efficient, simple to deploy and easy to program robots which perform side by side with the company’s production workers in enhancing the quality and increase manufacturing efficiency of each product.

Teradyne Philippines office location:

  • Teradyne Cebu
    Cebu Light Industrial Park
    Washington Road, Lapu-Lapu City
    Cebu, Philippines
    Tel: +63 32 340 5447

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