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The Art of Cold Calling

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Cold calling is an extreme sport. It refers to the calling of someone by someone who are total strangers to each other. The cold call is the first time one speaks with each other, which is a common strategy in marketing. Cold calling is really difficult. It is already complicated to talk to someone who is stranger to you. It is even more not easy because it is through the phone and the communication is rather impersonal. It becomes even harder because one need not only talk to a stranger but also convince that stranger into buying something from you. Not all people are born with the ability to sell. Not all people are engaging to talk to. Hence, agents should be taught about the art of cold calling.

One’s ability to engage is the key to cold calling. And this can be facilitated without necessarily having the inherent personality or charisma that simply makes other people enjoyable, nice and convincing to talk to. By this, this assumes that cold calling is a skill that can be learned.

Planning and preparation is an important task before making the first step. One does not really need to call someone who is a total stranger. Agents do not call people randomly by picking random numbers to call. Instead, prospects to be called are identified. And thanks to the Internet, one can conduct a background check on most people. Such background check does not necessarily be detailed. This can be a general background. This includes the prospect’s profession, location, age, and office among others which would help an agent to at least get a glimpse of the prospect’s inclination, disposition, culture, and values among others. This background check will help agents to know how to approach a stranger client. A homework on a prospect will help agent to formulate a more customized or personalized approach in calling and talking to the client.

One should not expect to close a deal in the first initial call. If that happens, either agent is very convincing or the deal was a sham. Once the usual greetings have been uttered, caller could thaw out the prospective client with an affordable promotional item. At this point, it would be helpful to prepare sample cold calling script that one can follow. Details about the offer need not be explained unless the customer warrants it. Instead, the agent should kindly request for an appointment with the prospect at a specific time and schedule at the convenience of the prospect. Respect the prospective client’s time by making the call brief and aligning one’s schedule to their availability.

The important thing here is that an appointment had been established. The cold call has successfully attained its objective. The prospect’s willingness to meet and hear you in a time allotted, is the first step to selling. It would not be necessary to collect further information about the client unless he seemed to be willing to respond to all queries. Finally, follow up and verify with the appointment. Leave a message to the machine. Agents should be proactive without necessarily becoming annoying.

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