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Tholons SE Asia

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Consulting. Research. Education. Investments. Offshore. Tholons is the pioneer and foremost full-service tactical consultancy firm for Global Outsourcing and Investments that offers a complete spectrum of service from developing globalization techniques, implementation of outsourcing approaches and tracking of outsourcing results to address and attain business objectives. Tholons SE Asia was founded in 1999 as an advisory firm called neoIT. In 2006, the company expanded and changed its name to Tholons. Among its business advisory services included Global Outsourcing Strategy, growth and expansion, operational improvement, off-sure services for SMEs, advisory for private equity firms and investors, enterprise asset management resources and executive support for shared services operations.

For government and trade bodies, Tholons Philippines offers and creates eco system for development of business including specialty identification, skills assessment and development, tax and regulatory planning, working with anchor companies and policy makers. For Marketing and Branding Support, the company develop the marketing and positioning strategy, sponsor and host trade shows, seminars and conferences with the trade bodies, develop marketing collaterals for potential clients and identify effective channels of improving visibility of the countries’ capabilities on the global landscape.

For customer research services, Tholons Philippines follows step by step approach starting with the understanding the problem, customizing data templates/ frameworks/ models, data collection, data validation and verification, interim presentation to the final deliver of customized, actionable and effective studies and recommendations.

Tholons is headquartered in 5 Penn Plaza, 23rd Floor New York, NY 10001 Phone: +1-646-290-9320, Fax: +1-646-349-3546.

Tholons Philippines service branch location:

  • Tholons Ortigas
    Unit 803 Richmonde Plaza
    21 San Miguel Avenue
    Ortigas Center Pasig City
    Phone: +63-2-635-9236

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