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Thomson Reuters Philippines

Thomson Reuters is the world’s no. 1 source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals about financial, legal, tax and accounting, scientific, health care, and media markets for business decision making. The company was originally known as Thomson Financial until it acquired the largest British news service agency “Reuters” in 2007 from which its name Thomson Reuters was derived. In 2009, Thomson Reuters opened a new 500-seat customer support center service facility in the Philippines to provide single point of contact to pre and post-sales support, which further expanded its network of contact centers in in Bangalore, Gdynia, Beijing, Geneva and Sydney. The Philippine service center will provide 24-hour support to complement its non-English support centers in Geneva and Sydney.

Information is power and Thomson Reuters Philippines operates to provide such power to business by providing them with intelligent information, keen insights on financial risks, intellectual property and science and media markets backed up by the most trusted news organization. Thus, Thomson Reuters Philippines provides intelligent data that is a unique fusion of human intellect, business expertise and innovative technology that helps decision-makers to act and make decisions better and faster. The company provides information that is timely, accurate, unbiased and reliable, which is important for business to operate and succeed.

Thomson Reuters Philippines maintains a work environment that is dynamic, innovative and entrepreneurial. It is a company which is result-driven culture that demands superiority, speed, and the commitment to move swiftly and accurately to grab every opportunity. Thomson Reuters Philippines also sustains a work environment that is both challenging and supportive as it gives all its employees the equal opportunity to improve their skills and grow their career. The company especially values diversity of culture and thought which is an important source of intelligence.

Thomson Reuters Philippines call centers are located in:

  • Thomson Reuters Makati
    20th floor, Ayala Life FGU Center
    6811 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
  • Thompson Reuters Taguig
    6th Flr, Three World Square
    Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Hills
    Taguig City, Philippines

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