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It’s Time to Leave

Posted on April 3, 2016 | No Comments on It’s Time to Leave

You might have been working in the call center industry for quite some time now. It has been years, and almost every day of you shift, you are starting to question yourself if you are still somewhere you belong. You feel like the job no longer entices you, and the only things that you look forward to are logging out, payday and rest days.

You might be considering leaving the job and start your career somewhere else, or in the same industry but in a different company which you think could give you more than what you are currently being offered. A lot of people say leave your job for the right reasons. How would you know that your reason for leaving are, well, right?

If you feel like there’s no moving forward. You have been in the same company for five years or so, and you have been submitting your application for that higher post that you have been eyeing for the past two years. However no matter what you do, you are still where you started. It might be that there was no growth seen in you to be qualified for the post you have been applying for or the management just doesn’t want you there. Either way, if you haven’t been growing, then maybe it’s time to look for a company which can help you grow.

When there’s lack of motivation. There are times when you would feel like you almost drag yourself going to work. You don’t see any reason for you to do your job properly. You may want to take a break from all of those and discern whether your job is still the job for you after all. You might have been demotivated, you just need a break or tired of the monotony. You could come back to work recharged and ready to take calls again, or you could just submit your resignation upon realizing that another career is waiting for you outside.

Leaving your job is a huge decision. You have to sit down and take into consideration a lot of things before submitting that resignation letter. You also have to make sure that you are determined, and your decision is firm that there is something else for you out there, if you choose to leave and not take calls anymore.

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