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Tips for Appointment Setting

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Appointment setting is one of the most common services offered by many call center companies. Appointment setting is basically obtaining a schedule with a potential client with a time for dialogue so that company can better talk and offer a sales proposal to the client. Here are ways to effectively generate appointments.

Be prepared. This means every call should be carefully planned. Agents should be carefully well informed about the person to be called before making any call.

Communicate like in person. Talk to the client as if you are talking to him or her in person. This included smiling to customer, having an enthusiastic voice and imagining the client’s behaviours and reactions.

Start with a blast. To avoid objections, it is important to impress client at the onset by making a wow offer that will interest the client.

Facilitate conversation. Agents should engage clients in a casual dialogue or conversation by explaining reason for calling, asking questions, and making relevant questions or information that is tailor fit to the needs of the client.

Ask questions.├é┬áRefrain from deceiving or pretending of knowing things. Agents should ask questions for clarifications if they don’t understand. It is important to ask questions so that everything is clear.

Do not surrender on the first objection. Objections do not necessarily mean that a client is not interested. Client may just be not in the right mood or have no time to listen at the moment. Hence, first objections should not be a signal for one to yield into rejection immediately but should be taken as an indication of making a better offer.

Be assertive. Agents should clarify appointment time and date with the customer and be assertive forward firm and confident in meeting before thanking the potential customer.

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