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Tips to Boost Agent Productivity

Improving call center agent productivity is not only important for business but for the personal growth of an individual as well. Here are ways to enhance productivity of employees.

Involve agents in the decision-making process. Include agents in meetings for decision making along side higher level employees. In this way, they will feel valued, needed, appreciated and important that in turn keep them motivated, engaged and effective.

Acknowledge achievements. Another way to make agents feel valued is by acknowledging and rewarding their achievements with incentives or a simple praise like a verbal compliment or congratulatory note.

Assign them to small work-related ‘off-phone’ tasks. Selected agents can be assigned to do other simple tasks like preparing, filing/collating things, or editing some reports especially during their idle time to boost productivity. Make sure that these tasks however are short and easy and will not get in the way of their main duties.

Provide short breaks and time to relax. Agents are not robots who can work nonstop. They get tired, feel exhausted and get bored. Agents should be give brief periods to take a breather and shake things off before proceeding to work again.

Host parties and birthdays. Employees spend the most productive time of their daily lives at work. Companies should therefore make the work place and culture an opportunity for people to have fun in the lives as well. This can be achieved by allowing agents to have parties with co employees and their families by hosting occasions like birthdays, holidays and other occasions. This will help staff appreciate their organization better will increasing overall employee morale at the same time.

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