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Tips to Building Rapport

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Your work as a call center representative or customer care specialist does not begin and end in taking the call, listening and solving your customer’s concern. Real customer care can be defined in the way you handle each and every call, making sure that your customer hangs up the phone quite satisfied with the service. You don’t just follow the company’s SOP in solving the customer’s issue though. You must incorporate it with what they call TLC (tender loving care). How do you do it? Building rapport and making the customer comfortable talking to you is one example.

Building rapport or personal connection to your customer over the phone might be challenging for starters. People coming from different places accustomed with different culture might misunderstand your simple “how are you doing?” Most of the time, it can damage your average call handling time. Besides, “how are you doing?” is already cliched that some of the customers already know what you’re up to, and might give them the impression that you are fishing for sale or commendation. Try learning some facts about your customer by doing a quick read on to his or her account. You might be able to ask about the current happenings in the city where your customer is located.

Tip: Watch foreign news on TV or read global current events online to keep yourself posted. If it’s not about politics, it could be something that’s worth talking about.

Some campaigns require customers to put passwords in their accounts. If the password refers to a hobby or sports e.g. crocheting, football, then it could be an awesome subject for small talk. You can ask the customer if it is something that he or she does, or if your customer has kids, then you can talk about that too.

Tip: Some customers find it invasive if you ask for personal information right up, so you also have to master the art of timing when trying to build connection with them using the above mentioned technique.

Building personal connection to your customers would not just lead you to possible commendation, but also a perfect CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) survey. What’s more, your sales quota, if your campaign has any, would also boost up simply because you took the effort of going an extra mile of taking care of your customers. Remember, customer service is not all about meeting the customer’s needs. it is also about overall customer satisfaction.

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