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Tips for Exceptional Customer Service

Learn from unhappy customers. Call center companies should learn the common issues that customers usually raise and create a ready response or plan to deal with such issues so that customer’s problems are immediately solved.

Learn from customers. To know what the customer wants or needs to be happy, ask them and address. Customer satisfaction surveys are not meant to evaluate customer satisfaction but are primarily meant to identify flaws or weaknesses that companies neglect or miss in their services.

Increase emotional quotient (EQ) of agents. EQ pertains to the ability of a person to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to expedite collaboration and productivity, which is important in establishing trust and rapport with irate and passive customers.

Promote taking ownership. Agents should be taught to own a problem in dealing with customer problems. In this way, agents will become more committed and focused in resolving customer problems instead of being indifferent to their real needs.

Evaluate agents according to what is important to customers. Customers are the real measure of customer service. Management should use customer standards in evaluating employees and use this to improve each agent.

Empower employees with knowledge. Agents should be sufficiently provided with the right information and knowledge about everything from simple SOPs to promotions so that they can empower to deal with the different needs of customers.

Keep customers informed. Keep customer abreast of what’s happening in the company including technical upgrades so that they are always aware and are not left clueless of what’s going on.

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