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Tips to Improve Call Center Agent Scheduling

Scheduling is a critical component in any call center operation to ensure that it is able to handle as many calls as needed or flexibly adjust to its service demands appropriately. Here are ways to optimize agent scheduling in a call center.

Recruit agents willing to work on night shifts. Since most call centers in the Philippines operate at night to serve markets half way across the world, agents that are hired should be willing and happy to work on night shifts as well as weekends.

Take note of regular shifts in service demands. By knowing peak and short demands for services, management can correctly schedule the number of agents needed for a given time and date.

Recruit agents near office. Considering the work schedule of call center companies, agents to be hired should lived proximate to the office so that their travel to and from the office is not sensitively affected by fortuitous events such as calamities, traffic, demonstrations, transport problems and other things.

Reward agents who stick to their given schedule. Agents who religiously follow their assigned scheduled should be rewarded for their effort with incentives such as additional pay, commissions, or gift items.

Let employees decide who takes holiday. Not all agents are the same. Some want to work during holidays while others don’t. To match those who want and those who does not want, let agents decide who takes holiday and who does not. Of course, corresponding compensation is awarded to agents who work during holidays.

Hire part-time agents. Hiring part time agents allow companies to fill gaps in schedule which are left by regular full time agents.

Allow or enjoin agents to choose and schedule their rest days. Since people have different schedule preferences, allowing agents to select their rest days would help match the needs of the company with those of the agents.

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