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Tips to Improve Employee Engagement

Engaging employees to a company is important for them to be productive and increase their sense of belongingness to the company. Here are ways to improve employee engagement.

Participative management. Engaging employees can only be facilitated if management employs a participative approach to management. This means providing opportunities for employees to directly and indirectly influence and contribute to the company.

Measure it. In order to promote employee engagement, management should actively measure it and use it as criteria for evaluating promotions and other provision of incentives. Employee engagement is a gauge of employee commitment hence, should be taken into consideration in evaluating employee performance.

Study it. Management should identify factors which prevent some employees from engaging. In most instances, the engagement of employees differs because of the nature of their job. While sales people embrace open communication and employee engagement very well, staff of top management prefer not to maintain confidentiality of critical management issues. Management should study issues, topics or matters that can require important employee engagement.

Consult employees. The best way to improve employee engagement is through consultation. Consulting employees in decision making issues which are especially critical to company operations is one of the best means to engage employees. In this way, they would feel more valued because they have a voice in management. This can be achieved by enjoining employees in strategic planning and other mission critical meetings.

Solicit opinions. Toyota company has establish a suggestion system where in all employees are invited to contribute their opinion or recommendations on how to improve operations and services of the company. Outsourcing companies can adopt the same technique. However, employees who have provided substantial and important contributions should be fairly if not generously rewarded.

Assign employees. One obvious way to engage employees is to assign them in certain duties. For instance, management can assign employees in coordinating and planning activities in the office or simple tasks such as collating, writing minutes in a meeting and other tasks. Make sure though that these additional assignments will not get in the way of the employee’s primary duties.

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